BS Rookie Review Round 7

Written by Big Sexy on May 11 2011

My Top Five Rookie’s (<$200k) of the week:

1)    I Smith (Mid/Fwd 103k) I rarely give top billing to a first-gamer…. And before I go on, I still recommend waiting until he’s played his second game and is named in his third before you trade him in, but Smith may be one of those ‘special’ rookies that everyone should have, here’s why:

a.    He’s a Mid/Fwd DPP which we all need, even if he’s only on your bench for flexibility, even better if you find them worthy to start on the field.
b.    He scored 102 SC Points on debut, exceptional!
c.    He moves well, uses the ball well and will score the odd goal.
d.    He’s 20yo, so has an extra couple of years on the kids and was the Hawks highest draft choice taken at pick 19.
e.    In his first match he had 12 kicks, 9 handballs (21 possies), took 6 grabs, kicked 1.1 and layed 2 tackles….  Not bad for a first up run.

2)    L Patrick (Mid 110k) Patrick is cousin of Liam Jarrah and had a stinker first up score wise (maybe the Sub), but in his second game took it to another level scoring 100 SC points.  He had 10 disposals took 6 marks, kicked 2 goals and layed 5 big tackles which all coaches love…. And the fact the Suns won their second game for the season and Patrick played well, pretty-much guarantees him another run.

3)    C Pederson (Def 109k) A lot of you will already know Pederson, and a lot traded him in after round 1 when he scored a massive 114, and tongue were wagging.  Well, unfortunately with the return of Petrie and Goldstein, Pederson was relegated to the two’s….. However, he does have a lot of potential, and with a second up score of 61 he if guaranteed a big price hike if he gets another run.  He’s pretty big at 193cm and solid at 100kg’s, and in his second run he picked up 10 disposals and I think he did enough to get another run to prove himself and build confidence…. Does his coach?  I’m not sure!

4)    S Iles (Mid 159k) Iles is Mr Consistent with essentially three straight 60’s.  I don’t really need to state the obvious, but again, he plays for the Suns, so opportunity is rife for anyone who shows a bit.  He won the GC best and fairest in 2010 (which doesn’t mean much), and picked up 17, 15 & 16 disposals in his first three games respectively.

5)    T Lynch (Fwd 138k) Big Lynchy is a huge unit who plays up forward.  He’s 199cm and 91kg’s, and whilst young tall forward a recipe for disaster when it comes to SC, Lynchy is fairly mobile for a big man.  He did way better than expected in his first game scoring a massive 95 SC points.  Lynch had 17 disposals, took 9 marks (amazing) and kicked 2 goals… so fairly impressed.  That said, there is no way in the world I would trade him into my team until I see him back it up.


First special mentions for the season go to Retzlaff (61) and Puopolo (57) in their first games.  Not sure Puopolo is the real-deal based on his first run, but we’ll have another look this week.

 Here is the rookie data for you to analyse in your spare time, and form your own opinions:

R7 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
102 102 1 I Smith Mid/Fwd 103k Haw
100 59 2 L Patrick Fwd 110k GC
98 56 6 J Batchelor Def 205k RICH
95 95 1 T Lynch Fwd 138k GC
83 59 5 D Grimes Def 196k RICH
61 61 1 B Retzlaff Def/Fwd 110k BRIS
61 87 2 C Pedesen Def 109k NM
60 66 2 B Spleight Mid 161k NM
58 59 3 S Iles Mid 159k GC
57 57 1 P Puopolo Def 103k Haw
56 51 6 S Atley Mid 206k NM
54 82 4 L Thompson Def 236k ADEL
54 55 3 M Wright Mid 141k ADEL
54 61 2 J MacMillan Mid 198k NM
52 41 3 M Shaw Def 129k GC
49 37 5 C Beams Mid 137k BRIS
47 47 1 N Gordon Mid 110k SYD
46 53 6 L Markovic Def/Fwd 203k WBD
41 41 1 S Day Fwd 178k GC
40 60 6 S McKernan Def/Fwd 210k ADEL
38 48 5 J Pitt Fwd 175k FREO
38 56 5 J Toy Def 206k GC
36 36 1 A Siposs Fwd 103k STK
33 33 1 J Daye Def 110k GC
33 36 3 M Wallis Mid 118k WBD
31 44 2 K Harper Fwd 103k NM
28 34 2 J Cripps Def 103k STK
26 35 3 J Hutchins Def 121k GC
26 26 1 S Phillips Mid 110k PORT
25 27 6 K Hunt Def 121k GC
24 35 4 A Christensen Mid 137k GEEL
5 5 1 G Weddon Fwd 110k WCE
4 28 4 D Gorringe Ruck 134k GC
4 4 1 Z Skinner Fwd 103k WBD
  61 3 B McCauley Ruck 138k BRIS
  50 3 J Polec Mid 182k BRIS
  38 4 R Bewick Mid 138k BRIS
  51 3 R Lester Def 137k BRIS
  64 2 M Watson Def 103k CARL
  52 3 S Buckley Def/Mid 141k COLL
  68 1 M Hibberd Def/Mid 103k ESS
  44 3 M Weller Mid 133k GC
  60 1 S May Fwd 110k GC
  46 5 S Tape Def 182k GC
  43 3 L Russell Mid 131k GC
  39 5 C Dixon Fwd 159k GC
  82 2 M Coad Def 123k GC
  57 3 D Prestia Mid/Fwd 176k GC
  26 3 A Magin Def 107k GC
  24 1 M Lock Mid 110k GC
  34 2 C Gutherie Def 103k GEEL
  44 4 C Richardson Fwd 149k NM
  43 3 J Irons Mid 118k PORT
  28 4 B Helbig Mid 124k RICH
  40 3 A Smith Mid 127k STK
  14 1 W Johnson Def 110k STK
  41 3 R Gamble Fwd 184k STK
  52 1 D Archer Fwd 103k STK
 89 60 3 A Johnson Def/Fwd 147k SYD
  44 1 B Sumner Fwd 110k SYD
  40 2 N Djerrkura Mid 184k WBD



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34 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 7”

  1. What’s happened to Prestia over the last couple of weeks?? From my vantage point (which is pretty far away) he showed a bit, particularly in round 3, but can’t get a sniff.


  2. Amazed that the tribunal used the phrase “This was a tackle that was simply too forceful” to describe Trengove’s tackle. Isn’t maximum force the exact point of a tackle??

    As a North supporter i’m rather happy to see one of our next opponents main ball winners sidelined but in all reality he should not be suspended for a good tackle.

    Would love to see a poll on Joey and Jack’s tribunal cases. Maybe a ‘how many would you give them’.


  3. Is Isaac Smith going to keep his spot in the Hawks’ line up? They’re not short on mids with Savage and Shiels also stepping up this season.


  4. okay, I know that everyone has been saying upgrade mids over backs, but in my situation, I think j might be different.

    Back – Gibbs, Goddard, Grimes (!!!), Hurley, Heppell, Toy, Pederson, Otten, A.Johnson

    Midfield – Swan, Pendlebury, Boyd, Selwood, Harris, Liberatore, Curnow (!!!), D.Swallow, Pittard

    My options are

    Grimes —> Shaw
    leaves me with about $72,200

    Grimes —> Puopolo
    Curnow —> Mundy/Priddis
    leaves me with about $205,000

    If I do the second one, the week after I can trade a defender cash cow out and use extra money to buy shaw after he has gone down in price a bit.


  5. yeah that’s what I was thinking with option one, but even if I do it next week it still kind of leaves me with the same thing, a star in backline and one in mid. so I think I am going to do 2 because then I can get a bigger score this week. who do you think I should get. I was thinking priddis or Mundy?



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