BS Rookie Review Round 9

Written by Big Sexy on May 24 2011

My Top Five Rookie’s (<$200k) of the week:
1) T Lynch (Fwd 138k) This is the first time I’ve given top billing to someone who didn’t play. Well that is what the bye does for you. Lynchy played his two games leading into the GC bye. He’s 199cm and 91kg’s, fairly mobile for a big man. He did way better than expected in his first game scoring a massive 95 SC points and backed it up again with another 82 SC Points. Lynch had 19 disposals, took 10 marks (amazing… and 9 marks in his first game) and kicked 2 goals… so fairly impressed.
2) B Jacobs (Mid/Def 113k) Jacobs was Ports first choice in last years draft and I believe would have been set to play round 1, if it wasn’t for a bout of glandular fever. Jacobs starred for Vic Metro last year averaging 29 possies a game. Anyway, Jacobs is back now and had a quiet first up run getting 14 touches and 38 SC points, and this week Jacobs went to another level with 22 disposals took 5 marks, kicked 1.1 and layed 3 tackles and finished up with 75 SC points. Oh, and Jacobs has great Job Security with Port having nothing but the future to focus on.
3) M Hibberd (Mid/Def 154k) Hibberds third run on the rookie review, but still great value at 154k. I’m still a little concerned he hasn’t had more opportunity since two permanent spots opened for the Bombers with Dempsey and Winderlich’s ACL’s. However, Hocking being suspended for 3 weeks will help, so hopefully wont be forced out when Hurley returns. This was the best of his three games racked up a lazy 75 points.
4) P Puopolo (Def 154k) Puopolo’s job security got a big boost when Gillham went down for the season, as I was quite concerned about his job security…. And with opportunity, comes confidence. Puopolo is still great value at 154k, but this is your last real chance to pick him up. He racked up with 71 SC Points this week and picked up 14 disposals, 1 mark and 5 tackles.
5) M Evans (Mid 91k) or L Delaney (Def 103k) These two boys are both actual “Rookie listed” and have both played a single game and both bargain basement prices. They picked up 74 and 76 SC points respectively. Evans had 27 disposals, 9 marks and 6 tackles, yet efficiency must have been low for that score, whilst Delaney had 9 disposals, 2 marks and 3 tackles. If your considering either of these two, do yourself a favor and wait till next week.

Here is the rookie data for you to analyse in your spare time, and form your own opinions:

R9 SC SC Average Games Player Pos Price Team
85 67 5 S Buckley Def/Mid 219k COLL
83 83 1 J McCarthy Mid 171k COLL
76 76 1 L Delaney Def 103k NM
75 66 3 M Hibberd Def/Mid 154k ESS
75 56 2 B Jacobs Def/Mid 113k PORT
74 74 1 M Evans Mid 91k MELB
71 66 3 P Puopolo Def 154k Haw
67 49 3 S Phillips Mid 139k PORT
65 54 4 B Spleight Mid 186k NM
58 58 1 A Browne Ruck 160k RICH
53 53 1 J Post Def/Fwd 178k RICH
53 55 5 A Johnson Def/Fwd 200k SYD
52 52 1 M Bailey Ruck 110k Haw
52 34 2 A Moore Fwd/Def 171k PORT
48 51 2 J Stellar Def/Fwd 194k ADEL
45 36 6 A Christensen Mid 146k GEEL
40 40 1 J Green Mid 103k BRIS
38 38 3 B Retzlaff Def/Fwd 126k BRIS
36 60 2 J Gunston Fwd 190k ADEL
35 38 6 R Bewick Mid 141k BRIS
33 32 5 B Helbig Mid 132k RICH
31 31 1 N Vardy Ruck 110k GEEL
31 43 4 K Harper Fwd 141k NM
31 48 3 A Siposs Fwd 133k STK
30 30 3 J Cripps Def 112k STK
26 26 1 N Winmar Mid/Fwd 110k STK
18 44 2 L Breust Fwd 103k Haw
14 14 1 T Mzungzu Fwd/Mid 110k FREO
11 13 2 L Parker Mid 103k SYD
  37 5 C Beams Mid 137k BRIS
  61 3 B McCauley Ruck 138k BRIS
  50 3 J Polec Mid 182k BRIS
  51 3 R Lester Def 137k BRIS
  64 2 M Watson Def 103k CARL
  42 6 J Pitt Fwd 162k FREO
  88 2 T Lynch Fwd 138k GC
  64 4 S Iles Mid 197k GC
  59 2 S May Fwd 110k GC
  46 5 S Tape Def 181k GC
  42 4 M Shaw Def 146k GC
  29 7 K Hunt Def 121k GC
  44 1 T Nichols Ruck 110k GC
  42 2 S Day Fwd 178k GC
  29 2 J Daye Def 110k GC
  41 3 L Patrick Fwd 128k GC
  35 3 J Hutchins Def 121k GC
  28 4 D Gorringe Ruck 134k GC
  44 3 M Weller Mid 133k GC
  43 3 L Russell Mid 131k GC
  39 5 C Dixon Fwd 159k GC
  82 2 M Coad Def 123k GC
  57 3 D Prestia Mid/Fwd 176k GC
  26 3 A Magin Def 107k GC
  24 1 M Lock Mid 110k GC
  34 2 C Gutherie Def 103k GEEL
  79 2 I Smith Mid/Fwd 103k Haw
  87 2 C Pedesen Def 109k NM
  44 4 C Richardson Fwd 149k NM
  43 3 J Irons Mid 118k PORT
  40 3 A Smith Mid 127k STK
  14 1 W Johnson Def 110k STK
  41 3 R Gamble Fwd 184k STK
  52 1 D Archer Fwd 103k STK
  38 2 N Gordon Mid 110k SYD
  44 1 B Sumner Fwd 110k SYD
  36 3 M Wallis Mid 118k WBD
  4 1 Z Skinner Fwd 103k WBD
  40 2 N Djerrkura Mid 184k WBD
  5 1 G Weddon Fwd 110k WCE

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64 thoughts on “BS Rookie Review Round 9”

  1. jacobs looks very handy. Great effort to come in after Glandular Fever and have an immediate impact. Port have some good small players but if they don’t find 3-4 key position players soon they could be fighting GWS for the spoon for 3 years


  2. Another fine read, well done Big Sexy! Young Ben Jacobs at the Power was the only shining light I saw last Saturday at AAMI, pick him up this week if you do not already have him. I think his job security is pretty good and imo will play the rest of the season barring injury. For those of you interested in Mzungu, was quiet on the day, but given 1st up from a spell will be better for the run and will be letting him have another run this week before recruiting him into my side. Stating the obvious with Fyfe and Nick Lower but fair dinkum neither of them had an opponent and was surprised that Fyfe’s score wasn’t bigger than Lower’s. Fyfe was playing the loose man across half back and did as he pleased. Oh well on to round 10 – all the best supercoachers.


  3. Thanks BS! Great Analysis.
    After cashing in on two cash cows last week (for Hibberd and Puopolo, I need to decide if I:
    a) go again for Lynch, Jacobs or both
    b) upgrade to GAJ, Montagna or both
    c) some combo of a & b
    d) save the trades
    got $500k in the bank and 16 trades up my sleeve.
    Tough decisions, but not a bad posi to be in.

    I do have Tappy and Higgins so i’m leaning towards at least one trade this week, if not two. And with one of my biggest league matches this round, at least one upgrade.
    From there barring LTIs I reckon the team is stable enough for a couple of weeks.
    Man I love supercoach!


  4. Tapscott – Lynch is a lock

    Not sure whether to downgrade to Jacobs or upgrade Hodge/Montagna/GAJ

    Toy/Stanley/Swallow for Jacobs thumbs up
    Swallow for Hodge/Montagna/GAJ


  5. Just alerting those that are interested:

    Cam Pederson:
    Def – $109,700
    Rnd 1: 114 (close loss to WC in WC playing as lone ruck)
    Rnd 7: 61 (thrashed by Gee in Gee playing as defender)
    Kicked 8 for Werribee vs Northern Bullants on the weekend and likely to be considered for senior selection. Massive BE at -100 with a predicted rise of ~$70K.

    Not going near him myself due to JS issues but, just alerting people to the facts. If i was Brad Scott i’d be playing him ahead of Scotty McMahon and to a lesser extent Daniel Pratt and Lachie Hansen.


  6. Oh and ‘Car Keys’ Delaney looks a real find. Played on Jono Brown for much of the night and although Brown kicked four two of these were from 50m penalties, neither of which were Delaney’s fault.

    JS may be an issue with Grima set to return soon and Tarrant and Pederson on the sidelines. Too many good talls at North, plenty of inside ball winners, not enough outside runners. Sack Scott and install Roo Bloke as coach!!


  7. Last 2 weeks Issac Smith was the most loved rookie, this week he doesn’t even get a mention!


  8. This weeks question. I want both lynch and Jacobs. I’m going Jacobs for libba and thumbs up lynch for matera and down for lynch for richardson.


  9. Buckley from Collingwood or Stanley from Gold Coast. Just after people’s thoughts on who to trade out first. Both their prices are still rising, but I need to trade one out this week for Jacobs.


  10. Two downgrades again this week – want to sure up the second wave of quality rookies before I start upgrading

    Most likely trades:

    Batchelor -> Jacobs
    Tappy -> Lynch (tossing up between Lynch and I Smith like most – feel that Lynch has better JS than Smith and no byes – although the rotation policy could get him at some point)

    Mzungu in next week for Swallow will have me down to 14 trades with about $900K in the bank, and the commencement of upgrade season will be upon us!


  11. What does everyone think about bringing in Ablett?
    I’m starting to get worried about his consistency. Will he be in the top 6 mids by end of season? Also are there better options because some others don’t have question marks like Garry.

    Thumbs up- Bring him in
    Thumbs down- Better options

    Help would be great.

    And one thing, Thanks everyone for helping me with my team this year this has really helped me, Mott’s, Duck and BS thanks heaps. Keep it up!



  12. Fellas, I am picking up Pendles and Jacobs, need help who to trade for (already got Lynch and Smith).

    BACKS: Deledio, Shaw, Fisher, Heppell, Gibbs, Broughton, Lower, Stanley, Batchelor, Hibberd

    MIDS: Swan, Selwood, Boyd, Goddard, Goodes, Libba, Swallow, Harris, Prestia

    I am thinking Jacobs should come in for a MID, to give me more D/M flexibility. Probably Prestia and also Libba, as he’s inconsistent wheras Swallow and Harris rack up their 80-90 most games.

    Good idea?



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