Bubble Busters – Rd11

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 30 2017

Huttabito produced the goods in his weekly Rookie Review.  Chillo continues to shine a light on the most popular trade-ins for us in Flavour Of The Week……..so who are the most solid downgrade options ‘on the bubble’ this week?


Ideally we need our rookies to score well and also have decent job security in order to string together plenty of games.  So who are the best Bubble Busters for Rd11?  Is it all about Greenwood this week?  Did you move early on that one?  Are you going with a double downgrade?  Can Bolton hold his spot at Punt Rd?  Does O’Conner work his way back into that Cats line-up?


Assuming they’re all named for Rd11, then this weeks Bubble Busters, in no particular order, are (Name, Club, Price, Position, Average, BreakEven):


* Ben McNiece (ESS $102 400 DEF) 54, -49


* Ben Ainsworth (GCS $198 300 MID) 71, -27


* Sam Durdin (NTH $123 900 FWD) 46, -19


* Fraser McInnes (WCE $155 100 DEF/FWD) 66, -42


* Mark O’Connor (GEE $102 400 DEF) 31, -3


* Harry Perryman (GWS $153 300 DEF/MID) 39, 11


* Hugh Greenwood (ADE $117 300 FWD/MID) 88, -107


* Shai Bolton (RIC $117 399 FWD/MID) 55, -41


Who are the best downgrade options 'on the bubble' ahead of Rd11? (two choices)

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1 thought on “Bubble Busters – Rd11”

  1. Feel as though Bolton could be a trap like Parsons. Pumps out a nice 60 to start with, then has a ok second game (Bolton 36 HT). Promises a lot… then becomes Parson 2.0 or Fisher 2.0 Myer… the list goes on.

    That being said… I’ll probably trade him in for cash gen and that juicy FWD/MID DPP.

    On the other hand, get on the Greenwood train. -107 BE, Good JS, strong mature body and plays as midfielder that kicks goals.



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