Bubble Busters Rd3

Written by Huttabito on April 2 2019

Player (other position), Team, Price, Average, Breakeven

Note: Players listed lowest to highest breakeven.


Duursma (MID), PTA, $130.8k, 72.5, -69
Clark, GEE, $144.3k, 67.5, -51
Scrimshaw, HAW, $149.8k, 67.5, -48
Rozee (FWD), PTA, $189.3k, 76, -42
Wilkie, STK, $124.9k, 38, -32
Burgess (FWD), GCS, $123.9k, 44.5, -17
McKay, NTH, $123.9k, 42.5, -13
Keeffe, GWS, $190.5k, 60, -9
Collins, GCS, $188.9k, 56.5, -3


Constable, GEE, $123.9k, 84.5, -97
Davies-Uniacke, NTH, $197.5k, 99, -83
Butters, PTA, $157.8k, 77.5, -63
Scott, NTH, $117.3k, 63.5, -59
Atkins, GEE, $112.9k, 56, -47
Gibbons, CAR, $102.4k, 45.5, -32
Walsh, CAR, $207.3k, 75.5, -31
Sparrow, MEL, $117.3k, 48, -28
B.Smith, WBD, $180.3k, 49.5, 6
Jones, ADE, $171.3k, 48.5, 2


Drew (MID), PTA, $123.9k, 96.5, -121
Parker, STK, $117.3k, 88, -108
Miers, GEE, $123.9k, 60, -48
Setterfield (MID), CAR, $144.9k, 59.5, -35
Petrucelle, WCE, $123.9k, 50, -28
Schultz, FRE, $117.3k, 44, -20
Blakely, SYD, $166.8k, 41, 15
Lukosius, GCS, $202.8k, 29, 60


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15 thoughts on “Bubble Busters Rd3”

  1. I most of the good rookies but I have Hore on the bench with 29 trades left. Should I be trading a rookie (hore) to another rookie (eg. Scrimshaw) to generate instant cash or is sitting tight Ok?
    T/U must trade to keep up
    T/D no hurry


  2. For the most part Ive got the good rookies but if Hore isnt named this week im tossing between
    T/u hore to rozee (opens up swing with Moore) and yeo to neale
    Or t/d hore to jake lloyd and yeo to LDU

    LDU looks the better cow and jake lloyd looks a must have defender but that leaves me with 4 rookies on field in mids (ldu, walsh, constable and butters/scott) and only one rookie in def which seems a waste considering how well scrimshaw, clarke and duursma are going.


    1. Yeo will be in the mix for top 10 midfielders by seasons end. Attending centre bounces , number two for contested possessions and clearances at the Eagles, and is just being held back by clangers and free kicks against in the first two games. Has kicked goals both games. Looks a great upgrade following the round six clash with the Cats who he has a poor record against. Played a more accountable role once Gaff was suspended against the Dockers last year and his scoring was same.

      Will be in my side once his price bottoms out around round 7 to 8.

      Just got to hold should you have him now.


      1. I agree with this reasoning. Yes, it sucks that I paid more for him than other coaches will but you picked him for a reason. No role change, no injury = no premium trade.


  3. Did collins and burgess show enough to warrant holding them? Or should they be swapped out for another rookie. Only missed duursma im defence and miers in the forward line (also have hore who ill keep if named this week)


    1. Am in a similar position in that I have collins and burgess on bench in def but Ridley at D4
      Clarke & Duursma at D5 & D6
      Collins got me through last Rd so will hold him.
      Burgess has good JS so decided to hold as well but expect him to be a slow burn. Don’t see it worth a trade to scrimshaw, Wilkie.
      If Ridley isn’t named then I’ll switch to Moore.
      If Ridley is named then only 1 trade this week Balta – Parker


      1. Yeah at this point leaning towards holding both. Burgess dpp with moore is handy and i think his js is safer than duursmas. Hore not getting named will be a different story though


        1. I’d hold Burgess. He will eventually make 150k. Maybe not as quick as Duursma, but as others have said, you don’t need all your rookies peaking by round 7-8. Not worth a trade.


  4. Is it worth trading Collins to LDU via swings. This would shift Drew to fwd (good) but Burgess to def losing swing with Moore (bad)?


  5. On 30 trades still and have got all of the fire rookies except Matthew Parker.
    Should I trade in Parker for Balta?
    TU: Yes
    TD: No

    Thank you kindly


    1. This year I’m just going for the league win, and I’ve started off 3rd on the ladder. I want to be as efficient with my trades as possible, so that by finals time i have a full premium team with 1 or 2 premiums on the bench for loopholes. I value this over achieving a full premium side slightly earlier.
      The past two years I traded too much early on for shorter value gains achieved a full premium side quite early, but ran out of trades come finals time and lost the granny/prelim as a result.
      I arbitrarily put the value of a trade at around about 150k.
      So for the trade to be equitable, Parker would need to earn 150k more than Balta, at their peak values. Could this happen?



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