Bubble Busters – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 4 2017

Huttabito has given us the good oil in his Rookie Review, Chillo’s Flavour Of The Week has shown us the popular rookie trade-ins……….so who are the most solid downgrade options ‘on the bubble’ ahead of the first price fluctuations?

All Supercoaches need their rookies to score well and also have decent  job security to string together plenty of games.  So who are the best Bubble Busters for Rd3?  Is Hoskin-Elliott a must in the FWD line?  Did you trade him in early?  Will Mitchell Hibberd get another call-up this week?  Can Jarrod Pickett hold his spot in the Blues line-up?  Will Powell-Pepper continue his impressive start to the season?  Are you looking at a cheap Ruck back-up in Wills?  Will Eddy get another crack at it?

If they were all named for Rd3, then this weeks Bubble Busters, in no particular order, are (Name, Club, Price, Position, Average, BreakEven):

* Andy Otten (ADE $123 900 DEF) 76, -82

* Tom Stewart (GEE $117 300 DEF) 58, -50

* Caleb Marchbank (CAR $236 100 DEF) 89, -43

* Harrison Macreadie (CAR $117 300 DEF) 45, -24

* Curtly Hampton (ADE $160 000 DEF) 57, -22

* Andrew McGrath (ESS $211 800 DEF/MID) 69, -17

* Jackson Thurlow (GEE $267 600 DEF) 50, 54

* Sam Powell-Pepper (PTA $135 300 MID) 84, -90

* Ben Ainsworth (GCS $198 300 MID) 71, -29

* Jake Barrett (BRL $127 900 MID) 48, -22

* George Horlin-Smith (GEE $234 000 MID) 70, -6

* Sam Petrevski-Seton (CAR $189 300 MID) 55, -1

* Braydon Preuss (NTH $123 900 RUCK) 77, -84

* Jarrod Witts (GCS $217 600 RUCK) 90, -56

* Dan Butler (RIC $123 900 FWD) 80, -90

* Dan Houston (PTA $117 300 FWD) 76, -86

* Will Hoskin-Elliott (COL $213 300 FWD) 104, -85

* Mitch Hannan (MEL $117 300 FWD) 63, -60

* Brett Eddy (PTA $102 400 FWD) 53, -47

* Kayne Turner (NTH $171 400 FWD) 63, -28

* Brandan Parfitt (GEE $117 300 FWD/MID) 40, -13

* Tim Taranto (GWS $207 300 FWD/MID) 59, 0

* Oliver Florent (SYD $166 800 FWD/MID) 44, 8

* Jarrod Pickett (CAR $123 900 FWD/MID) 31, 8

* Jack Bowes (GCS $171 300 FWD/MID) 45, 9

* Jy Simpkin (NTH $162 300 FWD) 41, 11

* Billie Smedts (CAR $217 100 FWD/MID) 51, 23

* Cam McCarthy (FRE $203 600 FWD) 32, 53


Whether you have these players in your team or not, which SEVEN rookies do you rate as the best options ahead of Rd3?  Which rookies would you ideally like to have in your team right now?


Which SEVEN rookies should every team have in their side ahead of Rd3?

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18 thoughts on “Bubble Busters – Rd3”

  1. I have alot of rookies in my side & just brought in WHE this week. Only one I’m missing is Houston. Should I trade out another rookie in Pickett to get Houston or just let it ride?


    1. Kennedy – g’day!!

      Be interesting to see if Houston retains his spot this week if Jasper Pittard is named.

      I reckon Eddy will definitely go out of the side for Hartlett (despite playing OK on the weekend), and then maybe either Houston or Impey will go out for Pittard if he is ready to go.

      Bit of a shame as Houston has shown he can score pretty well (and score pretty consistently) in that role off half back.

      Having said that, I voted thumbs down – as I will be keeping Pickett and hoping for one good score to get his price moving along.

      Unless Pickett is dropped and Houston retains his spot even with Pittard back!!!


      1. Impey played incredibly well on the weekend. Cant see him getting dropped after that game.

        Houston will likely lose his spot this week especially since its a showdown where older players will be prioritised. However Houston will be back at some point in the season so not a bad pick, but no rush to get him in. Watch the teams first.


    1. Catta – I just can’t bring myself to go Taranto to WHE. Although clearly WHE has better JS – especially when Coniglio returns.

      I’m tossing up whether to get rid of Roughead (Aver = 77, BE = 56) or Steele (Aver = 89, BE = 22) for WHE?

      Just doesn’t feel right though – even though it looks like we might need to “go a little left field” for cash generation this year.

      Be interested to get peoples thoughts on either of these trades to get WHE in this week?

      PS The other person I could trade out would be Hanners – but having watched him on the weekend, I reckon he will come good in the next few weeks FWIW.


      1. its simple game play
        your reason to chase WHE is ????
        value generation
        your reason to get rid of Roughy is?????
        value generation
        Trade losers for gainers
        not gainer for gainer and still lose FFS


  2. Is Butler worth a trade? Big score first round which will only factor in to price rises once, he came back with a 65 which I anticipate will be around his average…

    Smells of Menadue from last year

    T/U Use a trade to bring him in, he’ll make enough money to be worth it

    T/D Trades are gold


    1. Struggletown

      I think the answer to this depends on whether you have used any trades yet, and also if you have nailed at least 5 – 6 of the other good rookies (ie SPP, Otten, Marchbank, WHE, Stewart, Hampton, Houston)?

      FWIW – I like Butler. He works hard to get to contests, he is neat with his disposal, and he suits Richmonds new “move the ball quickly” game plan.


  3. Would anyone consider going Strnadica to Preuss this week – if Preuss and Goldy are both named?

    Preuss has a break even of – 84, and his 111 points from the weekend will crank his price increases for another 2 weeks, but I would lose Strnadica’s RUCK / FWD swing with this trade (and I have Nank in the FWD’S).



    1. It depends on who you have at R1 and R2. If you have Sandilands, for example, then you really need backup. Don’t forget it will also cost you a trade, and a floating doughnut. That said, if Preuss can string some games together, he will make a lot of cash.


  4. Like most of you I am pretty keen to get WHE into my team this week. I don’t see any point sideways trading Taranto if he is named this week so my two options are:

    TU – swap Nankervis into my rucks and downgrade Sandi to WHE. Sandi was likely to be a stepping stone to Gawn, but on early season form S. Martin and Nankervis could be solid ruck duo long-term (I know its hard to judge after 2 rounds). I am concerned about Sandi’s limited influence around the ground which I believe will impact his score, particularly seeing how Ryder nullified his influence in ruck contests by just jumping into him repeatedly.

    TD – Straight Roughy to WHE. I personally think Roughy will work towards a 90 point average by seasons end.



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