Bubble Busters Rd5

Written by Huttabito on April 16 2019

Player (other position), Team, Price, Average, Breakeven

Note: Players listed lowest to highest breakeven.


Rotham, WCE, $123.9k, 77, -82
Hore, MEL, $117.3k, 72, -75
Lockhart (MID), MEL $102.4k, 44.5, -29
Keeffe, GWS, $190.5k, 60, -9
Markov, RIC, $158.0k, 48.5, -5


Stack, RIC, $102.4k, 74, -88
Sparrow, MEL, $117.3k, 48, -27


O’Brien, ADE, $136.8k, 84.5, -89
Clarke, ESS, $142.6k, 56.5, -30


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20 thoughts on “Bubble Busters Rd5”

  1. I dont want or need to trade this week, but in a season of what looks like few downgrade opportunities, there are some mighty appealing neg breakevens this week.


  2. To trade or not to trade.
    Tempted to bring in Stack for Butters however it could play out in two ways..
    Butters gets back to his best and Stack posts another sub score stunting cash generation or stack at budget price scores well and Butters/Stack another sub score and missed opportunity.
    Trades around bye rounds will be invaluable however good rookies could also be scarce
    Setters loop hole at least gives me option to place Atkins on field if Butters underperforms
    T/u Stack
    T/d Butters


  3. Just remember coaches, Rotham was a late in so how is his JS?
    Stacks tonne will only be in his price cycle for 1 round so cash growth could be stunted quickly if he doesn’t produce something similar to round 1
    Lastly, Jacobs is out this week so O’Brien should play, but if Jacobs comes back round 6, what happens to O’Brien? Has Adelaide ever played a dual ruck set-up?


  4. Thinking of O’Brien for wife’s team.
    Rather then Parker on field , can swing Lycet into forward line and O’Brien on field + handy dpp with Bines and if Parker scores well as Emeg can use loop hole there as well
    Trading out Balta


  5. I’m surprised there was not more love for Zac Clarke preseason, purely from an ‘asset value’ point of view. I really think he can get to $300K and be valuable in helping upgrade another position late in the season when rookies become more scarce. Especially when R3 is virtually a none existent position other than captains loop hole.

    I’m an Essendon supporter and was / am confident he would play 6-10 games this year.


    1. Not sure why you’re getting thumbs-down on this – nothing you said is wrong, other than supporting Essendon 😉

      I have him and while I was expecting him to play, I didn’t know when it would be (I was hoping he could at least provide cover for the Gawn-Grundy bye. If he makes cash, fantastic because it looks like cash may be harder to come by this year with the way most rookies are scoring.


  6. With the news that Sam Jacobs is out, getting O’brien in for Parker via Bines DPP seems a no brainer at this point. Over 100k to be made in the next couple weeks, maybe more if Big Sauce can’t get right.


    1. I’d go Parker to O’Brien if you can handle having setterfield on the bench a few weeks, he still has money to be made.


  7. Something I don’t think people are taking into consideration,is that this week is 5 days long of games.
    I’d strongly suggest holding all trades till after this week, there could be a lot of late outs between now and Monday.
    I really really want to trade in Whitfield this week, but I also really really don’t want a donut.


    1. Very good point TOF. I’ve already wasted my only trade made so far because I went too early (Ridley).
      Reverse those trades and make them when it is safe/wise to make them. eg, Darcy Moore/Jamie Elliot may be rested given the short turnaround to Anzac Day!


  8. Markov is now injured I believe? Which is a slight plus for Stack’s job security.

    Tigers run with their 7th defender rotating off the bench. Which *probably* now will be Stack, even if Houli returns.
    (Short is out also for an extended period)


    1. A lot of talk about parkers scoring falling off a cliff, but he was clearly hampered by an injury after about the second qr on the weekend. Hadn’t started too badly until he went off with an ankle and was off for an extended period of time, then didn’t get near it after that. Provided he’s fit and playing you’d expect him to get back up a little.


  9. Hi Coaches
    Trading out someone for stack this wk (1st trade). My question is this…
    TU Trade Parker and bank the 95K he has made as he will take weeks to make another 30-50k
    TD Trade Balta as he will struggle to make anything. (this feels like a waste of a trade though), no cash generation.



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