Burning Question #2 – Rd3

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 6 2017

The 2nd Burning Question for the day……..What on Earth is wrong with Hanners?

After spending the last two seasons amongst the elite MIDs of the competition, Hanners was expected to continue on his merry way in 2017.  He’d seemingly recovered well from the knee injury that hampered him in the Grand Final and had even given up the booze (dedication!) 😉  After the first two Rounds, Hanners has managed just 52 & 71 and has a BreakEven of 232……..his price is about to plummet!

What would you recommend to the owners of Hannebery?  Hold steady and ride it out?  Or sell him while he still has some sort of value?

Should Dan Hannebery be considered as trade bait?

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7 thoughts on “Burning Question #2 – Rd3”

  1. A joke’s a joke, but do people really think that alcohol somehow makes you better at football? Did Ben Cousins make a mistake by going to rehab?
    He had the knee injury in the GF, and it obviously put his pre-season back more than most people thought. He’ll be back, not sure the grog would help him though.


    1. Yep – it sounds strange that grog could actually help a footballer.

      But it is a really high pressure environment, it is a long season, and a beer or two enables them to relax.

      Too much grog though is clearly no good for a footballer!!


  2. I think he is still injured.

    He played as much or more in the pre-season as Beams and O’Meara yet they are both doing better with an extra year or two of rust to shake off.

    I don’t care about the price drop; I’m not willing to risk a long period of bad scoring from him. I care about overall rank and while I don’t think starting with him is enough to doom my season, this point difference between him and The Bont from here on out could. Worst case is I get The Bont.


    1. I agree FD, I had enough to change him to pendles as a straight swap, missed I guess 120 points already, have the bont already



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