Burning Question – Rd11

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 1 2017

Matt requested a poll on Nat Fyfe in our new Polling Station thread and Burning Question seems the perfect fit for this conundrum.

Without bringing in any monster numbers, Nat Fyfe started the year quite consistently, cracking the ton in each of the first five games.ย  He’s been off the mark over the last five however with scores of 62, 99, 99, 98 & 78.ย  While not completely off the boil (13 clangers last week slowed him right down), Fyfe is costing us valuable pts in the highest scoring position on the ground.

So the Burning Question here is: Should we give Fyfe more time?ย  Are we reading too much into this?ย  How are you dealing with Fyfe over the coming weeks?


What are you planning to do with Nat Fyfe?

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14 thoughts on “Burning Question – Rd11”

  1. I’ve learnt my lesson on Treloar gate from a few weeks ago, Fyfe is a firm hold for me.. to muster 78 with 13 clangers?? that’s impressive in a unimpressive kinda way.. I’m expecting a big bounce back against the Pies.. he’s average is still a tick over 100.. I will be holding till at least he’s bye in round 13 then I’ll reassess..


  2. Good burning question will be more interesting leading into R13.

    Burning question I have is given most SCT coaches will field a minimum of 18 players per bye round I’d be interested to know:

    Q) How many premiums will you be fielding R11, R12 & R13?

    (rule of thumb being premium ruc, def & fwd = +90pt ave and a mid = +100pt ave).


  3. Fyfe is still averaging more than a rookie. Going sideways a week to sort him out when I could be upgrading instead is pointless.

    Until my team is complete and he’s a liability, he stays.


    1. Basically i am holding him to his bye at least. If Scooter is still performing at the same level he is now, Fyfe is probably no longer in my top 8 mids and is a liability.


  4. I was thinking of sideways trading him to Bont / neale once they bottom out but I just saw he is still in the top 20 or so total scores for the year.
    I will be holding him for now but its definitley something to consider at pointier end of season if his form continues, he is owned by 60 odd percent of teams so getting rid of an underperforming fyfe could be a handy POD.

    Im definitley getting rid of Shaw though!


  5. #fyfe4lyf

    Shaw is the real trouble, hopefully he finds some form before his bye or he might be a tempting switch to Jake Lloyd at his to be discounted price.


    1. I had been planning to ditch Newman or Otten for Lloyd. There is merit in what you say, but if you wait to Shaw’s byes they will all be the same price anyway.



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