Burning Question – Rd12

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 7 2017

Alex A (and many other Forum members) would like to know your thoughts on Aaron Sandilands ahead of Rd12 (Polling Station).  The big fella has been missing for the past two weeks with ‘hamstring tightness’ and is no certainty to line up in Rd12.  Fremantle then have their Bye in Rd13, meaning Sandi is missing from our teams for four weeks in total.

With the Rucks extremely erratic this season, it’s quite a conundrum to be facing beford Rd12.  So the Burning Question is: Should we hold onto Aaron Sandilands for the moment?  Should we be looking elsewhere?  Should we just cover with Nank/Ryder for now?  Give us your Ruck strategy in the Forum below………


Are you holding onto Sandilands?

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12 thoughts on “Burning Question – Rd12”

    1. expected to hear that…..

      carefully crafted rd 12 bye plan with 21 playing has turned into 19 thanks to Sandi & “Had just a couple night before” Harbrow.




  1. Have 22 playing this round even with him missing and already prepared for him missing next week with his bye.

    Will possibly look at luxury trading him for Gawn when/if Gawn returns to his 2016 form.


  2. Agree. If you have enough fire power then you’ll be fine. The Rucks are tricky business this season..


  3. When he was named out for the first week i predicted this would happen that 1 week would turn into 2 then be rested until after the bye. Should of followed my gut and traded him then.


  4. Keeping him hasn’t cost me anything so far, won most of my head to heads, and those I lost he wouldn’t have made enough of a difference in anyway.

    As it stands, I’ve got 20 available players on-field this week without him, so this week isn’t an issue. He would have missed Round 13 with his bye anyway, so that was planned for. Happy to hold for another fortnight and see where things sit after that. He could come back refreshed and smash out a 100+ average for the rest of the year (especially if Freo are fighting for a spot in the 8), and if he doesn’t then Max Gawn looms as an easy swap after his first few weeks back.


  5. At first I was in the hold camp. As other guys have mentioned most will have a full team this week, he has the bye next week and there arent any rucks really screaming “pick me”

    But I have changed my mimd now as when I first selected sandy at start of year the plan was to use him as a stepping stone.
    In addition as it stands I only have 17 available rd 13 and have no rd 13 bye rookies to cull (plus no downgrade options playing rd 13). Moving sandy on for lynch gets me to 18 and also puts a bit extra cash in bank for my final two upgrades.


  6. T/U – Sandi to Lynch, but lose swing cos Nank goes to ruck

    T/D – Sandi to Kreuzer and keep swing with Nank staying fwd



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