Burning Question – Rd14

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 22 2017

He’s been the most successful rookie of 2017 (for those that held onto him after Rd7)……..Nic Newman.ย  In the space of nine games, Newman has taken his price from $123k to $428k, averaging 91.78 along the way (including that massive 151 against North).

He’s become so reliable over the last five weeks that Coaches are beginning to ask the Burning Question: Is Newman a viable option at D6 for the remainder of the year?ย  Let us know in the Poll & Comments below………


Should we consider Nic Newman at D6 for the remainder of the season?

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Hopefully we can milk these Newman GIFs for a few more years ๐Ÿ˜‰

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11 thoughts on “Burning Question – Rd14”

    1. Same here, but have to chose between offloading Shaw or Scooter this week to get in Doc and (via adams or Lloyd) fill my mid doughnut for the week.

      ie. TU Option 1) Shaw — > Doc & Fisher —> Lloyd or;
      TD Option 2) Scooter —> Lloyd, Stewart —> Doc

      Would love to play Newman off against Shaw for a few more weeks before using the cash from the weaker option to fill my last mid spot. Otherwise its sit on Scooter as a stepping stone.

      Option 3 i suppose is wait for Doc another time but gee i hate not having him right now haha


  1. Average of 84 without his 151. I don’t see him in my best 22.
    Lloyd on the other hand averages 99 without his 4.

    You can downgrade Newman to Lloyd and make 15 points per game excluding exceptional circumstances. that’s 150 over the remaining games plus $15k in the bank, not bad for an “Upgrade”


    1. I just want to see how Newman performs with McVeigh, while another 151 is unlikely I think it would be a risk to get rid while he still in form.


  2. Two word answer to this burning question. Dayne Zorko !! Best rookie season ever and Newman is challenging for the title.


      1. Your right Hutta , forgot about Barlow. Wondering whether Hugh Greenwood will be the next burning question? Gee he looked good last night.


  3. I’d be surprised if he keeps up his average from here. Although, I’m happy to wait and find out.

    I have Shaw and Newman as d5 and d6 and within the next three rounds one of them will become Docherty as my final trade.



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