Burning Question – Rd4

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 12 2017

This one’s been bobbing up a bit in the Trade Talk thread………should we consider trading in David Swallow (GCS) before his price rises next week?

Swallow has been plagued by injury over the last few years but there’s no denying his talent.  During his last full season of football (2014), he managed a 103 SC avg from all 22 games played.  Having missed the entire 2016 season, Swallow re-appeared at the affordable price of $280k for 2017.  He ‘pulled a Copperfield’ before Rd1 however (late withdrawal) and subsequently vanished from many SC line-ups.

Upon his return, Swallow has produced an 88 & a 117 that was made up of 34 disposals & six tackles.  Does he become a must-have MID at this point in time?  Before his price rise?  We’re quite certain that he won’t be an elite MID, so is it worth burning a trade to get in a ‘stepping stone’ option?


Is it worth trading in David Swallow (GCS) before his price rise?

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As good as Swallow has been in his first two games, Jaeger O’Meara has been at the other end of the spectrum.  After missing two years of footy, O’Meara re-emerged from the Rehab Group at the tempting price of $318k to start the 2017 season.  Many have been uninspired with his three performances to date (71, 89 & 44), especially considering he had 36 touches against the Crows in Rd2.  Six kicks, 30 handballs……..kick:handball ratio……terrible for Supercoach scoring!

The question has been floating around a lot on social media if a trade of O’Meara –> Swallow is justified.  For what it’s worth (and I missed the cut for SCT Cup……so not a lot), I don’t see much merit to such a move…….

1. You’re ‘only’ generating $47k in cash through that downgrade on current prices.

2. As explained in Hello GoodBye(Rounds), the Suns have their Bye in Rd9 & the Hawks in Rd13.  So Swallow is already guaranteed to play one game less than O’Meara up until Rd13 (provided they both stay fit).  Of course, you can cover him for that week but that brings us to………..

3. What avg can you expect from Swallow & O’Meara over the next nine weeks (till that Rd13 Bye)?  Does that difference in pts justify burning a trade?

4. Both players won’t feature in the Top10 MIDs for the season so they’re basically ‘stepping stone’ options (to one of the elite MIDs).  Is it worth burning one trade for Swallow when you’ll inevitably have to burn a 2nd in a few weeks?

5. A week can be a long time in football.  This time last week, we all thought the Hawks would have a comfortable trip to the Gold Coast and come away with an easy victory.  O’Meara & the Hawks are sure to come out pumped on Easter Monday……..

If I were to make such a trade then it’d have to be with a view to keeping Swallow at M8/M9 for the remainder of the year.  Especially if I’ve already burned a few trades up until this point.


Should Coaches consider trading Jaeger O'Meara (HAW) to David Swallow (GCS)?

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What’s your assessment of David Swallow?  Is there room for him in your team?


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23 thoughts on “Burning Question – Rd4”

      1. All depends who you pick! I went Roo to Nankervis and haven’t regretted it for a moment (well maybe for a moment on the weekend when he went huge).


  1. Irrelevant, but is it worth trading in witts in place for gawn given his good form and ability to spend leftover cash elsewhere or trade in another premo such as stef martin?
    TU: Get witts
    TD: S. Martin


    1. Paul.

      Getting Witts will cost you more trades. R9 Bye. But make you more $.

      Really depends on how many trades you have already used?

      If you have 29/30 trades left, I would go Witts.

      If you have already burned a few trades, Martin seems a better option.


      1. Thanks for your feedback! I’ve still got 29 trades left so witts looks like the best option so I can then upgrade omeara next week to hannebery


  2. My thoughts on bringing Swallow in:

    I can’t justify playing Taranto if he’s going to go under 50 points here and there. Swallow will at least score 80+ on a weekly basis. The trade is not about cash generation it’s about points and Swallow can easily settle as a M9 come season end.

    TU: is my reasoning crazy?
    TD: get the big Swallower in


  3. I started with both (JOM and Swallow), and because I’m only going for league wins I knew JOM would take a few rounds to get going. I don’t expect big scores from him just yet, but am confident he will build up over the next few weeks, get some confidence in his body, start kicking again and become a good scorer.

    If everyone gives him the flick, then hopefully he becomes a nice scoring POD for me later in the season (if he stays fit)


  4. I am caught between a quandary and a dilemma this week with no real answers so here are my thoughts
    Is Newman really a must have this week? I don’t really see the point if he is just sitting on your bench. If he is a must have do I trade Smith or perhaps an underwhelming McMillan
    Is now the time to get Murphy? If I trade McMillan I can then trade Florent to Murphy. He would be a pretty good M8 by seasons end.
    Do I trade Gawn this week or perhaps wait the week before getting either Martin/Grundy. I can flick Nankervis in to the ruck for a week. Tempted by Witts but Hickey is almost fit again. Pruess looks great but Wood and Waite will be back in a couple of weeks so hows his JS. Not great me thinks.
    Like to get peoples thoughts


      1. If you have ruck cover then you can look at holding Gawn for a week

        I do think Newman is a must have he is ranked 2nd at swans for longest kicks and is playing a good role, plus has potential to make heaps of cash


  5. On this whole general topic I am also interested in what everyone’s thoughts are on is it too late to pick up WHE or is he still worth it?
    T/U – trade him in for Taranto orFlorent
    T/D – he’s not worth it only scored late points the last two weeks

    Would love some thoughts / discussion around this one but Florent and Taranto are both pretty poor rookies it seems


  6. I won’t be doing it myself (although I am weighing up my options with regards to O’Meara), but I certainly wouldn’t think anything less of somebody who does do this.


  7. This might not be seen by anyone but I thought i would share my Gawn plan.

    I am torn between Nank, Grundy and Stef. in that order of priority.
    I have sandi at r2 and pruess on the bench.

    Having a look at the fixture though, Melbourne play before all of them and after north. this means i can loophole pruess if he tons up and put gawn on the bench giving me another week to look at the 3 alternatives. Given goldy is carrying some sort of niggling injury and pruess is starting ruckman, there is every chance pruess pumps out 100+

    if it fails, I trade Gawn out on friday night/saturday morning for nank/grundy/martin.

    In fact, I could also do this in round 5, 6 and 7. Although round 5 i would have to take grundy, round 6 would be nank or grundy and round 7 would be nank.

    I dont expect Pruess to ton up for the next 4 games however I will take any advantage i can get. If pruess tons up this week, It is only about 10 points less than a nank/grundy/stef is going to give me but i get an extra week to make my decision.

    If pruess tons up the next 4 weeks, i only lose perhaps 40 points but it is worth it if i see an injury to nank, a return of archie smith or mason cox.


    1. Nankervis is not a viable option to bring in as R2 due to his astronomical Hitout to Advantage rate of 43.9%. Averages 22 hitouts in the first 3 rounds with 9.66 hitouts to advantage per game which is unsustainable for the next 19 rounds.

      An option could be to bring in J Witts who faces M Kreuzer, S Jacobs, T Goldstein/B Preuss, Z Smith and P Ryder before the RD 9 bye. If he sustains his current from he should be worth in excess of 400,000 allowing an upgrade to a premium ruckman.

      I like your current strategy of holding Gawn for the next 1-4 weeks as you will be able to assess the best ruck option to bring in eg. S Martin, B Grundy, S Mumford, etc or grab Goldstein if he dips below 500,000.


    2. Kid81

      I like your thinking in theory.

      Just remember having $600K sitting on your bench doesn’t just loose you a few points in your rucks.

      Nank could rise $80-100K in 3-4 weeks, cash you will be missing out on.

      Also if you sell Gawn now you can upgrade another player, potentially scoring 30-40 points more per week.

      Probably best to bite the bullet now and sell Gawn.

      If you go Nank, you can move him forward later.

      Happy Coaching.


      1. thanks for your thoughts guys.

        Obviously i have been thinking about this all week. I have another train of thought that has popped up.
        I can drop gawn to witts. i know this will cost me another trade however i have only made one so far, i can handle another at round 9. Witts goes up by around $200k and along with powll-pepper, i can pick up any other ruck at that time.

        meanwhile, right now i could turn hampton into adams and enjoy those sweet sweet extra points whilst still considering my final ruck set up.

        actually, when i think about it more and more, I could probably get just about anyone given i am pissed off with JOM and happy to move him on too!

        ahh, the possibilities!


    3. Thinking something similar, mate!

      I’ve got the E on Preuss at R3, and if he can spit out 80+, I’ll hold Gawn. I’d like two weeks to see how $236k Jake Spencer goes as the Dees #1 ruck. If he flops or Preuss gets dropped, a cheap Goldy would be great.


  8. I would looking at moving JOM first.

    His B/E is 58.

    Hampton is slowly improving and has more cash to make B/E -27

    Gawn/ Witts.

    JOM/ any Premo Mid. Dusty, Bont, Sloane.

    If you really want Adams you can bring him in as a Mid , Then swing him back later.

    Happy Coaching.



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