Burning Question – Rd5

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 20 2017

Making his 2nd appearance on the Burning Question this year (not a good sign!) is Jarryd Roughead.  He’s in so many teams that it affects many of our Coaches (including the TEAM).

The new Hawthorn Captain hasn’t produced the numbers we’d hoped for at this stage, just the one score over 85 till now.  As for the team itself, their best days appear to be behind them for the time being.  So where does that leave Roughead in terms of Supercoach?  Time to cut our losses?  Or should we wait on Roughy and look elsewhere to upgrade/downgrade?  Tell us your plans below……….


Should Jarryd Roughead be used as trade bait?

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18 thoughts on “Burning Question – Rd5”

  1. I am a massive advocate for holding and trusting your pre-season decisions however i think that roughy just will not see enough of the ball in the forward half of the ground. I am a hawk supporter too and have always had roughy so this is a painful comment.


    1. No doubt the hawks are bad this year… but surely…. they can’t be this putrid all year, right? Right ???


  2. Roughead is presenting quite a dilemma as he was averaging 84.67 before the 53 which has distorted his average. Willing to hold and reassess next week as he averages 111.14 from 14 games against West Coast since 2008 with 8/14 100+ and 35.71% of 120+ (5/14).


  3. I think i will hold for 1 more round before he probably has to go if he doesnt produce. Hawks have West Coast at the MCG, and with the Eagles poor record if the Hawks can’t produce anything i don’t see Roughy getting anywhere near as much ball as we anticipated for the rest of the season.


    1. hypothetical for you.

      Roughy to balic who scores 50 and makes $50,000 (plus the $260,000 from the trade down)
      next week, invest $260,000 to turn a rookies into a fallen premium. Say Taranto, Pickett, Hampton or whoever is peaking. A rance or Treloar spring to mind. Even a witts or sandi to goldy if you are that way inclined.

      Alternatively, Roughy scores 80 and holds his price. you miss balic and have no money to trade a peaking rookie. you now want to trade roughy but where do you go? No standout rookies available. Even if you want to hold Roughy after this week and he somehow averages 85 from here, he will make you $20,000 in the next 3 weeks and score maybe 20 points more than a rookie.

      personally, i think the first option brings points into the team faster using a trade you were always going to use at some point as roughy was never a top 8 mid keeper.


      1. I feel he can put in some scores, but i just don’t know if i can keep my faith in him, because that balic option is very tempting.
        I have also noticed i could take a massive punt on going sideways to matera 330k with avg of 128.5 from 2 games with a BE of -62
        I just can’t lock down a decision :/


        1. matera has benefited from two massive wins, weak opposition, a few key players missing and requires goals to score well. he is the epitome of a mid pricer. there is no way he even averages 90 for the season. you are trading roughy to someone who you will need to trade again. Say he scores 80 for the next 2 weeks, his breakeven is back to 90. you would only be doing it if you were hoping for another huge score this week and he is ripe to trade out on his round 9 bye and that is a huge gamble considering the above. Put your (Easter) eggs in the balic basket as he only needs to score 60s to make the same money just as fast. plus the biggest point of all, you have an extra $200,000 in the bank.


          1. That was what i was thinking, i have always hated mid pricers in my team because i never seem to find the right ones. Balic seems like the best option i am just hoping this is the best way to go because i will be furious if this goes pear shaped.
            Thanks for the help!!


      2. Kid81.

        What about?

        Keep Roughie I think he is still good for 80 this week.

        If you want Balic? trade a non playing/under performing Rookie.

        Roughie won’t loose money. He will score better than a Parfitt/ Eddy at F5/F6.

        Next week if you want too, trade him out.

        Why have $250K just sitting on your bench for a week?

        Just another way of looking at it.


        1. Freo Tragic,

          valid point. it is all about what you do with the money and your current situation.

          As father dougal points out, it only takes one large score for a rookie to get three weeks of increases. roughy on the other hand needs to keep his average above 80. Keeping the rookie is more likely to make you more money

          trading roughy to balic gives you $260,000. You can use it immediately if you have a bank already. turn a florent type into a buddy, dahl, macrea, fallen premo etc.

          I however am only doing one trade. Roughy to balic. i am prepared to lose perhaps 20-30 points in doing so and leaving the $260,000 in the bank. next week, i think there will be a great chance that Hampton or SPP is ripe to trade. there is a plethora of fallen premiums i can target.
          Heath shaw or Buddy franklin are my main aim at the moment.

          Now that i write this, i think i need buddy or heater in this week. I will study the cash generation and potential losses of heater/franklin. if the cash generation/losses difference of SPP or Hampton looks less than the value of the point difference of heater/lance on field for me, i will pull the trigger this week.
          Looks like i might be making 2 trades.


  4. Part of me wants to give rough another chance but I think it’s time to say goodbye…

    TU: Roughie to Balic & Swallow to Zerrett
    TD: Downgrade SPP/Eddy to Balic


  5. Finding a reliable replacement for Roughy in the forward line isn’t easy! My best option as far as I can see is (with about $100k in the bank already):
    Florent to Balic, Roughy to Macrae

    I could bring in a fallen premium mid, but my forward line is already only Dahl, Nank, Roughy and rookies!

    T/U Good trades
    T/D Bad trades
    Comment: Better ideas. Maybe Buddy and save some cash for a mid upgrade later.


    1. Given Buddy plays carlton, brisbane, north, saints and hawks after GWS this week, i would lean towards roughy to buddy and florent to balic.
      macrea has GWS, richmond, eagles and cats after the lions this week.

      macrea might out score buddy this week but over the next 5 weeks, I would expect at least 2 massive bags from buddy.

      given buddy has a breakeven of over 130, perhaps florent to balic, hold roughy and pick up franklin when his price drops as at least roughy should hold his price. the gamble here is if buddy performs against GWS. is the potential saving of trading him next week for $15,000 less worth perhaps 20-40 points? maybe not. i would be making the double trade this week


  6. I am holding Roughy. His next 5 weeks are either at the MCG or Tassie against West Coast, St Kilda, Melbourne, Brisbane and Collingwood. That is a block of games where I think Hawks could win a couple of games and he can have a few good scores. He improved from Round 1 to Round 2 to Round 3, then just had a poor game in Round 4 (like most of his teammates). Hawks won’t get beaten by 86 points every week and I still think he can average 85 – 90 for the season. He won’t be a keeper for the season, but I’ll stick to my plan of trading him in Round 13 bye.



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