Burning Question – Rd6

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 28 2017

We all know what Lance Franklin is capable of when he’s in form.  He’s averaged 100+ during five seasons in a career that has spanned 250+ games (including his monster 116avg in 2012!).

His form in 2017 has been like that of the Swans in general……..promising yet underwhelming.  Perhaps the Sydney weather hasn’t helped his cause but we’re always expecting more of the big fella.  His first five weeks have produced 125, 103, 74, 77 & 70.  As a result his price has dropped about $50k and is looking quite tempting at $464k .

Much has been made of his upcoming draw before Sydney’s Bye in Rd11 and the expectations on the Swans to turn things around.  The following are Buddy’s Supercoach numbers against his upcoming opponents (last five times they met):

Carlton – 86, 102, 149, 104 & 124

Brisbane – 106, 90, 100, 118 & 132

North – 34 (injury), 102, 111, 29 & 116

StKilda – 141, 66, 168, 131 & 122

Hawthorn – 75, 102, 72, 47 & 111


So the Burning Question for Rd6 is…….Is now the time to trade in Buddy Franklin?  Or take the chance and back against him as a Top6 FWD in 2017?  Let us know your thoughts below……….


Is now the best time to bring in Lance Franklin?

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19 thoughts on “Burning Question – Rd6”

    1. If he can’t score this week, then he’s cooked. Waiting a week has is merits. The last thing i need is another dud in my team.


    1. Personally i wanted option 4 – will be a top 6 fwd but there’s finally rookies on the bubble and he’s got a high BE.


  1. top of the morning lads..

    Pickett Out – Balic In
    Petracca Out – Cameron In

    T/U Yes
    T/D No

    eyeing of Buddy as well in coming weeks..
    really appreciate any input as always..


  2. My Burning question is, with 1 DG and 1 UG for the Burblers this week, is it best to DG to

    TU: Fisher
    TD: Balic

    You may include your reasoning 🙂


    1. If you don’t need the DPP of Balic, Fisher looks good. Bolton is playing the kids and Pickett played for 5 rounds being utterly useless out there. Fisher actually looks like a decent player.


    2. Fisher for job security, especially if Murphy is struggling with a knee injury.

      Ross seems to have turned over a new leaf regarding rookies but it will take more than 5 rounds for us to learm to trust again!


      1. Thanks Hutta/Tash,

        I was thinking the same thing but scrolling through the SC boards this week, it seems most people were jumping on Balic first.


        1. Not sure why people are grabbing Balic first unless they’re considering he is a second year player. I’m grabbing Balic because I went early on Fisher last week and I need cash.


          1. Likewise, I’m getting Balic as I got Fisher last week. Still would be prioritising Fisher if I had neither unless you needed the DPP.


  3. Trading OUT Watson & Roughead

    TU) Balic+ Fisher IN with $584k left in the bank for upgrades next week (Swallow + WHE to leave my team next week – both upgrade to premos)

    TD) Balic + Selwood/Treloar $77-140k in the bank (possible downgrades Black, Parsons, McNiece, Melican next week)


  4. Who to start on field provided both games are dry weather
    T/u Butler
    T/d whe

    I know whe scored poorly because of the wet but he also seemed to have a new role (more in the back half with elliot up forward)



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