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Written by Schwarzwalder on May 4 2017

I’ll admit that I didn’t hide my enthusiasm for Dayne Beams over the pre-season.  The last three times he’d managed 16+ games in a season, Beams had averaged 123, 116 & 113……elite numbers!  In the back of my mind, I kinda knew he’d be injured again this year.  But I was hoping like hell it wouldn’t be before the Bye Rounds (at least).

So here we are now………After his 66pts on the weekend, Beams has a 96 avg after the first six Rounds.  He’s collected 25+ possessions in each game but hasn’t had as much of an impact with Champion Data as Zorko or Rockliff.  Initial reports indicate that Beams is out for two weeks with a quad injury (struggled with quad injury in 2013).  While he lost some value after the performance against Port, Beams has still increased by $40k in value from Rd1 (so the Beams experiment wasn’t a total disaster like say, O’Meara).

He’s in 45% of teams so there are many Coaches who have to ask the Burning Question this week:  Do I trade out Beams now or give him one more chance in a couple of weeks?


How would you handle the Dayne Beams experiment?

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For those that want to trade Beams out, we held our ‘Ideal Team’ polls recently and the results for MIDs can be found here.  How are you handling the Dayne Beams situation?


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14 thoughts on “Burning Question – Rd7”

  1. I’m considering upgrading Beams to Hanneberry for the following reasons:
    – both share the round 11 bye
    – Hannez has a manageable BE of 101
    – Hannez has dropped -79k from his initial price to $537k
    – Aside from Hannez first 2 games of of 52 and 71 his average is actually quite decent
    – Unlike Freo last year I do expect Sydney to pick up their game


      1. Upon 2nd thoughts a better upgrade may be to Rockliff next week
        Rocky has a super high BE this week and the same round 11 bye and will very likely score more than Hannez for the rest of the season


        1. I like your thinking Oliir……..’Friends With Benefits’. With Beams out, Rocky & Zorko are the two main beneficiaries at Brisbane. Not many other MIDs taking pts off those boys at Bris………


          1. Not a lot of data on these 3 to be honest.

            Take last year which is a prime example as Beams only played 2 games. Beams played Rd7&8 and Rockliff only played R7 and got injured in the first quarter and didn’t play Rd8. Rocky average 111 last year and currently going at 115 this season, so not to different.

            Zorko averaged 121 however over these two rounds however this included a 130 in R8 when Rockliff was out so he was the main man. Ended up average 109 for the season and currently going at 107.

            One could argue that Beams actually helps these two…


        2. Im thinking similar about rocky. Will moved beams out for adams this week and then in a week or two when rocky drops will shift adams to D and upgrade ottens or Mbank for either rocky, dusty or robbie gray pending price, and bye structure.


  2. 2 week injury so best case scenario:
    R7 & 8 – Miss
    R9 & 10 – Play
    R11 – Bye

    Means best case scenario is that he plays 2 of the next 5. But he’s got priors when it comes to injuries so they may play conservative.

    To me we should move on him. Whether you upgrade or downgrade from Beams is a personal call. Immediate point injection or fresh cows to generate some coin.

    My thoughts are that i’ll downgrade Beams to a rookie to let some of the slow burning rookies moo for another week but culling them.

    Will mean it’ll be double upgrade week next week though 🙂


  3. Pretty straight forward for myself, I will be trading Beams to Champion data darling the Bont. Bont will average 112-118 this year. Bont will debut with the C against the tiges

    Butler > Parsons
    Beams > Bont

    Leaves me with 330K for next weeks trades

    Houston > Franklin
    Hampton/Marchbank/Otten > Shaw


  4. I can still manage a team on the field by benching the suspended Nankervis, and the injured Fisher & Parfitt for this week. I will be trading out JOM & Beams. The choice for me is the following:

    TU: Trade in Pendles & T Adams (who I will move to DEF in another week or two to join my other Premiums of Laird, Doc & Shaw, when I trade out one of my fattened cows) OR

    TD: Trade in Pendles & Hannebury to join my other Premium MIDS of Danger, Selwood, Fyfe, Bont & Treloar.


    1. Or my other thought is to trade out Beams & JOM for Pendles and either Parsons/ Black via DPP which gives me some cash for future trades and gives me more options with the MID-FWD DPP


  5. I got burnt by hastily trading out NRoo so I’ll give Beams his 2 weeks and concentrate on culling cows this week.


    1. I’m leaning towards this too – its not like Beams will change in price this week, but it is a bit of money sitting on the bench. Best to get out the players who are expected to drop in price before they do!


    2. One big difference to me for this one compared to Roo – there’s fallen premiums available and Beams hasn’t been scoring like a top 8 mid.

      Beams out allows you to get one of Pendles, Shaw, Simpson hanners etc. That’s a timely upgrade – not just a sideways trade.


    3. I think I’ll need to rethink me keeping Beams after seeing the team announcements. Looking like best option might be turning Beams into Macrae to help cover donuts.



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