Burning Question – Rd9

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 18 2017

With cash generation being such a profound problem in 2017, Supercoaches are on the hunt for some decent value premiums (especially in the MIDs).  We can’t afford to fork out top dollar for the elite players as in years gone by.  Many of us are unsure of our upcoming downgrade targets, making the whole process even more complicated.

So the Burning Question ahead of Rd9 is:  With cash being so scarce, who are the best value premiums (under $550k) in the midfield?  Which MIDs are most capable of scoring maximum points for your team (from this point onwards)?  Let us know in the poll and comments below…………


Who are the best value MID premiums ahead of Rd9? (max. four choices)

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16 thoughts on “Burning Question – Rd9”

  1. Surprised there isn’t more love for Parker. Averaged 112 last year, and had 36 touches last week. His current price tag will not last long


  2. Tossing up between dusty and jpk this week. Dusty suits byes better but jpk has lower ownership and I think he’ll be more reliable from here on.


    1. I’d been planning on Ablett after the R9 bye all season, but his mega score has kind of mucked that up. Leaves him with a BE of 197 in R10 so he will lose a fair bit of cash straight away if you bring him in. Hadn’t even considered Ebert, didn’t realise he was averaging so high???


          1. So as a Port supporter I feel I have a duty to point out that his role has actually changed this year. He’s now playing as much more of an inside midfielder than previously with Boak and Gray playing more time forward.

            If you look at that 2015 season, even when he was smashing out huge scores (rounds 1-12) he still averaged 2 less contested possessions and 1.5 less clearances a game.

            Note that I’m not saying that he will not burn you as he has history, but there is some reasoning for why he’s scoring more.


  3. Pendles is in a similar boat, has been dependlebury for so long it’s almost unfathomable to look at his BE and Ave.


  4. Balic Anyone? What should I do? Myers looks was named in an extended bench so may still miss out

    TU: Bring in Myers
    TD: Balic can still come good. keep him for loophole he is Lyon’s secret weapon



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