Captain Selection Critical – R14

Written by Duck on July 2 2009

Let`s face it, if you have Gary Ablett Jnr your captain selection is pretty much a no brainer, but what if you don`t?

Round 13 saw some massive scores with these blokes taking out the top 10.

1.ABLETT,Gary 206
2.SWAN,Dane 167
3.MATTNER,Martin 163
4.DIDAK,Alan 163
5.MITCHELL,Sam 160
6.CHAPMAN,Paul 155
7.BRUCE,Cameron 150
8.TUCK,Shane 149
9.DAL SANTO,Nick 147
10.PORPLYZIA,Jason 145

So who do you back in with the top job for R14?

Prior to having Ablett i used to flip between Chad Cornes and Chris Judd, neither of them (injured or not) have been getting a whole lot more than 100 on a regular basis. Both not in the running for captaincy.

I then went with Cox, who when uninjured is a good choice averaging 120`s, is he due back this week? Solid V.C when playing.

Gibbs is a good fall back captain, scoring 122 last week and consistantly getting a score over 100. Always to be considered if Ablett misses a game.

If i didn`t have Ablett  i`d lean towards Dane Swan for this weeks battle on Friday night against the Dogs, he`s bound to get plenty of it.

No matter which way you go, there`s one thing for sure, CSC “Captain Selection Critical” and can make the difference between winning and losing.


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3 thoughts on “Captain Selection Critical – R14”

  1. I don’t have GAJ mate. Have been switching it between Riewoldt, Goddard, and Cox ever since trading him out. Thinking about trading him back in again this week – know I’m paying top dollar but after getting beaten by 20 odd on the back of Junior’s 400 for the other bloke I’m missing him in the midfield.


  2. I had a good look today as I too don’t have the Gablett , Swan looks like the best option and I keep avoiding him , thinking surely someone will tag this bloke eventually , he has averaged 140 in the last 5 weeks , maybe its time to give Swan the Captaincy



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