Captains Table – Rd 11

Written by Thommo on June 1 2018

Last week all five of Schwarzy’s captain selections went over 100, with Dangerfield the pick of the bunch with a healthy 133 points. His precautionary message about Fyfe being tagged by Jacobs was surprisingly incorrect with Fyfe being the first player to smash the Jacobs tag with his amazing 163 points. In his time matched up with Jacobs he gathered 24 possessions and he appears to be close to untaggable again, much like in his Brownlow season.

Anyway, on to Round 11: Who’s feasting at the Captain’s Table this week? As usual, all times are in AEST.

Lance Franklin (SYD) Friday night 7:30pm (vs Car) – Yes he was ordinary in the wet weather against the Lions last week but Buddy has a special place in his heart for the Blues. In his 6 matches against the Blues since moving to Sydney, Buddy has averaged 117.6 SC points and 5.3 goals per match with a high of 183 points in Round 23 of last season (In the Supercoach final!). Placing the VC on Buddy is fraught with risk given his recent injury and his tendency to disappoint when you need a bit score, but if he goes large… Yippee ki yay!

Max Gawn (MEL) Saturday 1:45pm (vs WB) – This week Maxy comes with a large question mark next to his name. In case you were unaware, the Doggies are the team that Maxy has historically struggled against. Since 2013 he has scored 92, 76, 74 and 49 points against the Bulldogs with the 49 points scored in 2016 when he averaged 118ppg across the season. To be fair to Gawn, most ruckmen struggled to face the Dogs in 2016 who were sharking every ruck tap-out on their way to the premiership.

But this season, Maxy is a different man. In the past 6 matches Gawn has high scores of 148, 151 and 168,  his team are flying and they play the first match on Saturday suiting the VC. And perhaps the Doggies are not the team they were in 2016!

Jackson Macrae (WB)  Saturday 1:45pm (vs Mel)Like Gawn, Macrae doesn’t have a great Supercoach history against this week’s opponent. Since 2014 Macrae has averaged 100ppg across all regular season matches, but against the Dees he has only averaged 81ppg including 70 points in Round 13 of last season.

However, should we really pay attention to Macrae’s past form? This season he has lifted his 2017 average of 107ppg to 136ppg and few taggers have managed to impact his fantasy scoring. Melbourne has sent taggers to certain midfield guns this season (remember Nathan Jones tagging Tom Mitchell) but will they bother to tag Macrae? And if they do, can a tagger even stop him this season?

 Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) Saturday twilight 4:35pm (vs GC)Since moving to Geelong, Danger’s two scores against Gold Coast have been strong (110 and 132) and he is back in form with a three week average of 128ppg. I’m not sure we can say he is fully back to his old self but he is worth a VC especially with the Suns preferring to tag Selwood last season (not that they have the same coach!). At some stage this season Dangerfield will take hold off a match and really go to town and nobody wants to miss out on those juicy double points!

Dustin Martin (RIC) Saturday night 7:25pm (vs Ess)Dusty has copped a bit of flack lately for his mid-season lull but signs were good last week that he is about to turn the corner. In the last two seasons he has averaged 129 points in his 3 matches against the Bombers and the Bombers have rarely tagged anyone – at least not successfully – in 2018, so Dusty could go large. The only concern is that you’d want to be able to loop hole his score in case he flops again and that might be a bit difficult as he plays on Saturday night.

Brodie Grundy (COL) Sunday afternoon 3:20pm (vs Fre) – King Kong Grundy has been in seriously great form this season and he now finds himself up against a Fremantle team missing Aaron Sandilands. Grundy has scored 9 straight tonnes after a shocking 95 points in Round 1 and he knows how to punish sides with weak ruckman with 152, 139 and 152 against the Bulldogs, GWS and Carlton (Kreuzer was carrying a groin injury) this season. He makes the perfect Captain candidate because you know he will give you a tonne at the least and a monster score at the best. I am so confident of his magnificence that I will guarantee that if he scores less than 120 points I will quit writing the Captain’s Table in Round 13!

Nat Fyfe (FRE) Sunday afternoon 3:20pm (vs Col) – While he will miss big Sandi, who is injured this week, Fyfe has to receive a mention because he has rediscovered his beast mode. He has a five week average of 129.2 points per week and is coming off 162 points while wearing a Ben Jacobs tag. Like Grundy, his worst is probably going to be at least 100 points and his best could be massive. The Pies are sending run-with players to the best mids in the league but if Jacobs couldn’t stop him, who can?

Thommo’s Top Tips 

(Disclaimer: I’m terrible at captain selections!)

  1. Brodie Grundy
  2. Patrick Dangerfield
  3. Nat Fyfe
  4. Max Gawn
  5. Dustin Martin

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27 thoughts on “Captains Table – Rd 11”

  1. Rucks all the way baby. While it’s hard not to choose Fyfe, the reality is both Big Maxy and Brodie are against third string rucks at best.


    1. Despite my own advice I stuffed this up. Hadn’t checked my team by the time of the bounce, had only changed dad’s team and not my own.

      Ouch. Thst’s a 139 vc missed and a roll of the dice.

      Took the VC punt on danger over selwood too.

      Cmon Brodie Grundy. You gotta do me proud this week.


    1. Sorry, I probably should have added Mitchell to the poll. I reckon he goes ok but not large against Port as they send Ebert to run with him. Same with Cripps having to fight off Hewitt against Sydney.


  2. Tried to get funky with the captaincy last week and it bit me right in the buttocks. Never again.

    Gawn into Fyfe.


  3. Strange game this SuperCoach. Last week I copped a Seedsman donut. This week everyone in my squad is playing so no captain loophole.

    T/u – Gawn

    T/d – Fyfe


    1. Im keeping olango and o’connor just for c loop….apart from r23 lottery, i have at least a partial loop every round. Got all other 28 playing this round barring FURL and Geelong playing games.


  4. I had Gawn into Fyfe but how much will Sandi being out effect him,
    I have danger aswell so who would be safer
    Gawn into Danger
    Gawn into Fyfe
    I also have Mitchell, Cripps and Macrae


  5. Gawn/Macrae into Fyfe for me

    I feel Grundy smashed the dogs last week because he’s a big time rover ruckman that gets a lot of contested marks and disposals around the ground. Gawn relies a lot on HTA. Most other ruckmen this year haven’t gone as huge against the dogs. If the dogs shark his taps or bottle it up he might not go as huge.

    Then again I’m probably over thinking it and should just trust big Max! Dogs are pretty terrible at the moment and Gawn is a beast


  6. Top 8 Highest Averages VS Round 11 Opponent:
    P Dangerfield: 121.88 from 8
    J Selwood: 120 from 8
    A Treloar: 119.33 from 3
    N Fyfe: 117 from 4
    L Franklin: 112.67 from 12
    T Mitchell: 111 from 3
    J Kelly: 110.67 from 3
    P Cripps: 108 from 4

    Percentage of 120+ games:
    P Dangerfield: 50% (4/8)
    N Fyfe: 50% (2/4)
    J Selwood: 50% (4/8)
    L Franklin: 41.67% (5/12)
    J Kelly: 33.33% (1/3)
    T Mitchell: 33.33% (1/3)
    A Treloar: 33.33% (1/3)
    P Cripps: 25% (1/4)

    Top 8 Highest Averages in last 3 games VS Round 11 opponent:
    D Martin: 129.33 from 3
    K Simpson: 129.33 from 3
    J Selwood: 129 from 3
    P Dangerfield: 127.67 from 3
    N Fyfe: 121.33 from 3
    A Treloar: 119.33 from 3
    D Zorko: 118 from 3
    L Franklin: 117 from 3

    Percentage of 120+ games:
    P Dangerfield: 66.67% (2/3)
    N Fyfe: 66.67% (2/3)
    D Martin: 66.67% (2/3)
    J Selwood: 66.67% (2/3)
    K Simpson: 66.67% (2/3)
    L Franklin: 33.33% (1/3)
    A Treloar: 33.33% (1/3)
    D Zorko: 33.33% (1/3)


  7. Players averaging 120+ in Wins in 2018 (minimum 3 wins):
    J Macrae: 154.25 from 4
    N Fyfe: 139.25 from 4
    T Mitchell: 131.6 from 5
    M Bontempelli: 131 from 3
    B Grundy: 129.83 from 6
    M Gawn: 127.43 from 7
    P Dangerfield: 123.2 from 5
    T McLean: 121.75 from 4

    Percentage of 120+ games:
    N Fyfe: 100% (4/4)
    J Macrae: 100% (4/4)
    T Mitchell: 80% (4/5)
    M Bontempelli: 66.67% (2/3)
    P Dangerfield: 60% (3/5)
    M Gawn: 57.14% (4/7)
    B Grundy: 50% (3/6)
    T McLean: 25% (1/4)


  8. Here are the 6 captaincy options from Rd10 and their result:
    Cosmo Kramer: J Kelly=99
    Mr Burns: M Gawn=114
    Billy Ocean: N Fyfe=163
    Rodney Dangerfield: B Grundy=152
    Cher: L Franklin=60
    Tom Petty: P Cripps=97

    Season Avg:
    Cosmo Kramer: 96.1 from 10 (low of 57 and a high of 164, 2/10 120+)
    Mr Burns: 114.6 from 10 (low of 75 and a high of 167, 3/10 120+)
    Billy Ocean: 127.3 from 10 (low of 90 and a high of 177, 5/10 120+) (Fortnight avg of 170= rd9= J Macrae 177, rd10= N Fyfe 163)
    Rodney Dangerfield: 117.6 from 10 (low of 75 and a high of 189, 4/10 120+)
    Cher: 93.1 from 10 (low of 55 and a high of 144, 4/10 120+)
    Tom Petty: 93.9 from 10 (low of 64 and a high of 114)

    This weeks 6 captaincy options are:
    Cosmo Kramer: S Menegola
    Mr Burns: P Dangerfield
    Billy Ocean: T Mitchell
    Rodney Dangerfield: J Lloyd
    Cher: K Simpson
    Tom Petty: J Macrae


      1. It’s an addition I made to the Captaincy Candidates article early to mid last year and the primary use is to highlight some great options, players to avoid or pod options using tv/music references.

        For example:
        Great options: Mr Burns, Billy Ocean
        POD Options: Cosmo Kramer, Rodney Dangerfield, Cher
        Avoid: Tom Petty


  9. What about a cheeky Parker VC?

    I have a gut feeling he will rack up 30 and kick 3 against Carlton at home.

    T/U Just play it safe and VC Gawn

    T/D Go with the risk and if it doesn’t work you’ve got Gawn to Cappy



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