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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 27 2018

Things got a little tricky in Rd5 with the loophole option (well done if you took Cripps or Fyfe last week!)……no such problems in Rd6 with ‘Captain’ Olango of the West Coast ‘playing’ in the last game of the Round.  You literally have a free shot at every game before that.  Let’s see who receives an invite to the Captains Table this week………….(All times shown are in AEST!)

Jack Macrae (WDB) Friday Night 7.50pm (Vs Carlton)– Has had the makings of a Supercoach elite for a few years now and has certainly stepped it up a notch in 2018.  Four big tons and a 98 to start the year have seen him rocket into calculations of many Coaches.  If you have him, why not use him against the ‘Owen-Five’ Blues on Friday night?   Last four against Carlton: 124,  95, 104 & 104.


Patrick Dangerfield (GEE) Saturday Afternoon 1.45pm (Vs Syd)– Has played four games after injuring his hammy in the pre-season and has hit the ton each time.  Sydney are looking depleted here without Buddy Hanners among others.  Looks like a game that Danger will dominate down at Kardinia Park.  Last two against the Swans:  135 & 135.

Tom Mitchell (HAW) Saturday Night 7.25 pm (Vs StK) – After averaging 155 pts over the first three weeks, it’s almost hard to believe that the tag has worked so well on Mitch over the last two weeks (90 & 75).  Will the Saints run with a tag or let Mitch run free?  Hard to discount him from calculations either way.  Last three against StKilda: 117, 78 & 116.

Bryce Gibbs (ADE) Saturday Night 7.40pm (Vs Suns) – Has had a strong start with his new club, averaging 28 touches and a goal over the first five Rounds.  Copped a heavy tag in Sydney from Hewett which saw his efficiency take a hit.  Will appreciate the return of Matt Crouch into the side and let’s not forget his last game against the Suns as a Carlton player: 208 pts!! (43 disposals, ten marks & two goals).

Nat Fyfe (FRE) Sunday Twilight 4.40pm (Vs Eagles) – In devastating form of late with a 160 & 151 in recent weeks and with any luck, might just win another Ross Glendinning Medal 😉  Dare I say it?…….Brownlow form??   Plays the last game of the Round in the WA Derby and is the Hail Mary option for Rd6.  Last eight against the Eagles: 126, 62, 115, 119, 107, 158, 112 & 108.


Do you agree/disagree with my invitations to the Captains Table?  Who do you expect to take as VC/C in Rd6?


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36 thoughts on “Captains Table – Rd6”

  1. Thinking Macrae into Gawn this week? Something a bit different although may end up with fyfe or mitchell as C


  2. Well done to everyone at SCT!

    Considering the short turn around between round 5 & 6, what an amazing effort by you all informing us coaches with the best in the business SC intel.

    Thanks SCT 🙂


    1. It’s a bloody great team we’ve assembled at SCT, Catta. Thankful to have them all on-board. Thanks very much!


        1. Couldn’t agree more lads – stumbled across the site this year as I was struggling for info on rookies to put together a half-way decent side.

          Really appreciate all the time and effort you all put in!


  3. well said Catta.. Catta or 1 of the other many helpful lads.. this is the wrong place I do apologise.. coming from a NRL background my third season AFL SC I’m still wondering what exactly the emergency players mean?? I mean can the coach make wholesale changes if he wanted to even after the teams are named??

    say said coach wakes up morning of game and decides 2 starters and 2 bench players out, 4 emergency players in?? could he do that if he saw fit for whatever reason?? thanks anyone in advance..


    1. Theoretically yes, but that many changes doesn’t happen too often. The coach might take out a tall player if it’s raining heavily and start with another ‘small’…..something like that…….or just simple injury concerns…….


      1. thanks a million Schwarz you legend.. always wondered mate.. most AFL coaches don’t seem to play to many funny buggers.. thanks again..


  4. Having a little bit of a concern but what is happening about The TEAM this week? Not long until partial lockout begins and I feel Garlett will be on the top of peoples lists to remove from the team.

    I know this has been a really short week because of Anzac day I just want to make sure you haven’t forgotten


    1. TEAM will be up at 2pm, apologies for the delay! Garlett is the only Blues/Dogs player I can foresee playing a role in trading this week. If that’s the case, I’ll get polls organised after final teams are named around 5.30pm (Melb time) this evening. Captains poll is already available with the TEAM write-up. It’s good to see Coaches so concerned about our TEAM 😉


      1. I understand it has been a really short week and you have been trying real hard to fix your team for you clash against me this week 😉


  5. I am thinking of a big roll of the dice with the VC on Goldstein, with Dusty/Titch to fall back on if/when he fails. Thinking there is a chance of a good score against Port who have no ruck.


  6. Surely Titch Bounces back this week. Max Gawn’s match up with Leuenberger at Essendon looks pretty inviting too


  7. I was thinking Macrae as VC and Danger is C
    but it seems to risky,
    The other option I have is Danger as VC
    then one of Coniglio, Fyfe, Mitchell or Gawn as C
    what should I do


    1. Having Danger as your back-up plan to taking the risk on Macrae doesn’t seem risky at all to me.

      If I had Danger then would happily take a punt on a VC in the mould of a Macrae.


      1. I would any other week
        but with the GOAT Tony Olango I can have anyone as vice to loophole especially this week with all the good options like Coniglio, Fyfe, Gawn and Mitchell I thought it would be a bit of a waste limiting my self to Macrae
        That’s my dilemma but ive had it on Macrae this whole time I may aswell keep it


  8. TU: vc Cripps, C danger, allows me to loop Naught and have him as cover in case of a late out

    TD: Vc Danger, C Titch, can’t have naught as emg and have no Cover for a late out


  9. Would think Grundy should be part of any of these discussions given he is the overall top point scorer so far this season.


  10. Top 10 Highest Averages VS Round 6 Opponent
    S Coniglio: 130.5 from 2
    R Laird: 122.33 from 3
    M Gawn: 117.5 from 2
    M Hurley: 116 from 2
    B Gibbs: 113.86 from 7
    T Goldstein: 112.38 from 8
    L Neale: 112.33 from 6
    N Fyfe: 112.25 from 12
    L Parker: 110.6 from 5
    Z Merrett: 110 from 2

    Percentage of 120+ games:
    S Coniglio: 100% (2/2)
    R Laird: 100% (3/3)
    M Gawn: 50% (1/2)
    M Hurley: 50% (1/2)
    Z Merrett: 50% (1/2)
    L Parker: 40% (2/5)
    T Goldstein: 37.5% (3/8)
    L Neale: 33.33% (2/6)
    B Gibbs: 28.57% (2/7)
    N Fyfe: 25% (3/12)

    Top 8 Highest Averages in last 3 games VS Round 6 opponent:
    B Gibbs: 132.33 from 3
    D Martin: 125 from 3
    R Laird: 122.33 from 3
    L Neale: 110.33 from 3
    M Duncan: 109.67 from 3
    J Selwood: 109.67 from 3
    T Lynch: 109 from 3
    J Macrae: 107.67 from 3

    Percentage of 120+ games:
    R Laird: 100% (3/3)
    D Martin: 66.67% (2/3)
    M Duncan: 33.33% (1/3)
    B Gibbs: 33.33% (1/3)
    T Lynch: 33.33% (1/3)
    J Macrae: 33.33% (1/3)
    L Neale: 33.33% (1/3)
    J Selwood: 33.33% (1/3)

    Top 4 Highest Averages at RD 6 Venue since 2017:
    P Dangerfield: 145 from 7
    D Martin: 124 from 15
    T Mitchell: 122 from 4
    R Laird: 111.21 from 14

    Percentage of 120+ games:
    P Dangerfield: 85.71% (6/7)
    D Martin: 53.33% (8/15)
    R Laird: 50% (7/14)
    T Mitchell: 50% (2/4)

    Top 5 Highest Averages in Wins since 2017:
    P Dangerfield: 137.35 from 17
    D Martin: 124.84 from 19
    N Fyfe: 122.91 from 11
    S Pendlebury: 119.89 from 9
    T Mitchell: 119.23 from 13

    Percentage of 120+ games:
    P Dangerfield: 82.35% (14/17)
    D Martin: 63.16% (12/19)
    S Pendlebury: 55.56 % (5/9)
    N Fyfe: 54.55% (6/11)
    T Mitchell: 46.15% (6/13)



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