Who Should 4s Get?

Written by Motts on 6:40 pm, May 11 2010

ssss has a problem. No, not that kind of problem. He has Liam Anthony and is looking for a replacement for him after his nasty injury on the weekend. He has $79,200 in bank Anthony is worth $421,500 so he’s got about $500k to spend and already has M.Barlow, D.Swan, R.Oโ€™Keefe, J.Selwood, J.Watson and on bench B.Moles and R.Bastinac. Who would you recommend for him?

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Coaches have given 17 responses.

Thursday Arvo Poll

Written by Motts on 1:17 pm, May 6 2010

Just something to fill in the time this afternoon. This is not really SC related – other than you’re probably not that likely to have these guys in your team regardless of how well they do – but who is your most hated AFL player? I’ll allow up to 3 answers.

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Your Favourite DPP

Written by Motts on 3:00 pm, April 28 2010

I’ve purposely made this a subjective assessment because on average alone it would be Goddard with 124 PPG. It could be for any number of reasons. Right now, who is your favourite Dual Position Player?

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Coaches have given 10 responses.