Who's Better?

Written by Motts on 3:00 pm, May 13 2010

This isn’t just about SC scores. Imagine you’re Kevin Sheedy at GWS and the AFL has allowed you to have one but not both. Which one would you pick?

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Coaches have given 41 responses.

Most Underrated

Written by Motts on 12:42 pm, May 13 2010

Yesterday we had the Most Overrated poll, today we’re going the other way. I’ve named one player from every club which seriously limited me (because believe me I would’ve loved to have named about 4 from The Blues) so don’t go posting cranky comments because I’ve missed out one of your guys. Just add his name below. 3 votes allowed.

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Coaches have given 52 responses.

Motts Movers R7 – The Rucks

Written by Motts on 6:38 am, May 13 2010

Tall Timber

OK so clearly the 2 standouts this week were Sandi and Nic Nat. These blokes were lurking in the shadows:

I Maric ($374,600, $+22,500 ($+86,000), 83.33) – Has averaged 88 over the last 5 games and scored 121 in R2 showing he has got potential. As the Crows get better so should he. Only has a 39 BE this week.

P Ryder ($407,600, $+4,200 ($-40,100), 78.57) – Starting to warm up with an 85 average over the last 5 rounds. Does a lot of tackling which as we all know is good for SC scores.

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Dobbo's Dilemma

Written by Motts on 10:30 am, May 12 2010

Had an email in the Inbox this morning from SCT’s good mate, Dobbo, all the way from the UK proposing a poll. Simple question with only 2 choices:

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Who Should 4s Get?

Written by Motts on 6:40 pm, May 11 2010

ssss has a problem. No, not that kind of problem. He has Liam Anthony and is looking for a replacement for him after his nasty injury on the weekend. He has $79,200 in bank Anthony is worth $421,500 so he’s got about $500k to spend and already has M.Barlow, D.Swan, R.O’Keefe, J.Selwood, J.Watson and on bench B.Moles and R.Bastinac. Who would you recommend for him?

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Coaches have given 17 responses.