The VC Query

Written by Motts on 10:47 am, June 18 2010

The split round opens up the possibility of taking full advantage of the rules by giving the vice captaincy to someone this week and then, if you’re happy with that individual’s score, captaining up a non-playing player next week so your VC gets the double score. Do you intend on cashing in on this flexibility? If so, who will get your VC vote this week?

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Gilbee v Gilbert

Written by Motts on 6:25 pm, June 10 2010

Unbelievably they’re both averaging 101.82. But Bert is a DPP while Bee is not. So is the DPP factor that important to you as we head into the pointy end of the season? If you didn’t have either of them, which one would you grab first?

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Didak v Pavlich

Written by Motts on 10:30 am, June 9 2010

On records to date you would have to give this one to Pav but it was about this time last year that Dids started to go berserk. Do you think he’ll do it again? Or do you think Pav will continue on his merry way?

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Cooney v Gibbs

Written by Motts on 7:34 am, June 8 2010

Was having a look over my midfield this morning and noticed that Cooney and Gibbs both have exactly the same average at the moment – 107.82. They’re both capable of massive scores (Cooney 171, 164 – Gibbs 192) but their worstย  is pretty ordinary (Cooney 64 – Gibbs 62). Right now, which one would you take?

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