Motts' Dilemma

Written by Motts on 1:29 pm, March 20 2010

I’ve been going round and round with this one. Do I downgrade a premium ruck (in this case Aaron Sandilands) to David Hille to free up $220k which can then be used to upgrade my 4th midfield spot from a mid-priced midfielder to a premium (in this case Jack Ziebell to Jobe Watson) or do I leave it as is?

Looking at it on averages:
Sandy: 101.4
Hille: 73.25 (but we know he’s capable of much more)
Difference: -28

Ziebell: 60.4 (but I’m expecting this to go up this year)
Watson: 101.86
Difference: 41

Overall gain based on last year’s average: 13 pts.

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The League of Extraordinary Coaches

Written by Motts on 6:53 pm, March 17 2010

I’ve left SuperCoach League 1 in the more than capable hands of Duck and have created a new league: SuperCoach League 3 or as I like to call it The League of Extraordinary Coaches.

My goal for this league is for it to be in the Top 10 leagues in the comp so before you go jumping in you need to meet some prerequisites:

1) You must be an avid SCT reader (which, if you’re reading this then clearly you are) and preferably a frequent commenter.

2) You must have played SuperCoach before and averaged around 2100 or higher by the end of the season.

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