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Written by Schwarzwalder on April 28 2016

Champion Data have continued their in-depth look at the Supercoach scoring system with a look at contested possessions.  Enjoy! (originally appeared in the Herald Sun on 27.4.16)



We know contested footy is where the big points are scored in SuperCoach.  “Extractors” like Sam Mitchell, Matthew Priddis, Patrick Cripps and Patrick Dangerfield are perennially top point-scorers.  Champion Data lifts the veil on SuperCoach scoring every week with a focus on contested possessions and winning the ball from the opposition this week.


Currently the team that wins the contested possession count goes on to win the match 73% of the time.  It’s why players who win their own footy are highly rewarded when it comes to SuperCoach.  Contested possessions are made up of multiple stats, but can be generically defined as winning possession when the ball is in dispute.

Each different type of contested possession is rewarded with a different value.

Hardball-gets and looseball-gets are won when the ball is in dispute at ground level, and each of these possessions is worth 4.5 points.

A contested mark off the opposition is extremely valuable to a team and hence why it is rewarded with eight SuperCoach points (the equal most along with a goal).

A contested mark from your teammates’ kick is reward with 6 SuperCoach points.

Winning a free kick also gets recognised as a contested possession, but its value is slightly lower with a value of four SuperCoach points.

Contested Mark from Opposition 8
Contested Mark 6
Hardball Get 4.5
Looseball Get 4.5
Free Kick 4


With all this in mind, picking players who win a large majority of their possessions in a contested situation is only going to benefit your side.

If we look at the top 100 ranked possession players in the competition, Patrick Cripps’ contested possession rate of 67.2% is clearly the highest, with Ben Cunnington (61.1%) next highest.

Patrick Cripps 67.2%
Ben Cunnington 61.1%
Will Langford 60.8%
Matt Priddis 58.4%
Rory Sloane 56.6%
Robbie Gray 55.7%
Callan Ward 54.9%
Josh P. Kennedy 53.2%
Mitch Robinson 52.4%
Jack Viney 52.4%


On the flip side, James Gwilt’s contested possession rate of 13.6% is the lowest of the top 100. Isaac Smith is next lowest with a rate of 18.6%.

Popular SuperCoach players such as Kade Simpson, Grant Birchall and Brodie Smith are more outside and as a result rank higher than the ‘inside players’ for their overall disposal efficiency, as they have a lot more time and space to dispose of the ball.

James Gwilt 13.6%
Isaac Smith 18.6%
Jack Billings 18.8%
Kade Simpson 20.2%
Brodie Smith 20.4%
Grant Birchall 20.5%
Leigh Montagna 20.9%
Shane Biggs 21.1%
Brent Harvey 21.4%
Matthew Boyd 22.0%


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