Chino’s Champions

Written by Duck on February 14 2011

We’ve had a call to arms from avid reader Chino asking us to assist him with his final selections. These are the last few guys he’s considering in his line-up …… let him know your thoughts on them or any possible replacements.


With some good wraps from respected Super Coaches like yourselves, these boys may just win the last few spots on his list.


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9 thoughts on “Chino’s Champions”

  1. As an Essendon supporter, I am a big fan of HEPPELL’s. Hird seems to be as well, which is a big plus. He is listed as a DPP, which is another tick. He is playing for a side that is poor, meaning that the youth get decent game time, another plus. He was tipped to go very highly in the draft and only dropped down due to an incorrect injury rumor. Overall, I don’t think that you can go wrong with him.

    BEAMS is another who excites me. With Risky-telly leaving the club, there is room in the middle. I haven’t heard a lot about how he is going, but I would be very interested if anyone else has heard how he has been progressing.

    CARRAZZO’s average has dropped from 102.5, to 97.4, to 85.2, to 78.3. He is able to do a number of jobs well, including tagging, which is never good. The rest of the midfield is just getting better and better, and the more out of the engine room he is, the worse his scoring. Overall, he will probably increase in price a bit, but not enough to be worth getting as a keeper.

    My theory with mature aged recruits like CALLINAN is this: Why draft a 28y/o unless you are planning to play him? For this reason, as well as a solid, if unspectacular debut in the NAB cup, he must be seriously considered.

    CAMPBELL, on the other hand, I think is there for any possible injury to Jamar. I think Melbourne have really enjoyed the idea of putting the ruck duties squarely on his shoulders, and he has responded well. That said, if Jamar was to go down, pounce.

    I keep hearing great things about DARLING, but unfortunately, the only ‘game’ that I missed this weekend was WCE/FREM and that was his only game time. I am looking forward to a better look at him in round 2 of the NAB cup before seriously considering him.

    Hope that helps…


  2. Cheers don, after your wise words carrazzo and campbell have been sent back to the VFL! Im still undecided on the others though


  3. I’ve copied this verbatim from a fan forum (which has far more credibility than bigfooty but is still a fan forum) so take it or leave it. Apologies also to the poster I stole it from.

    Talking about an unnamed Essendon assistant coach:
    “they are amazed at what Heppell can do (said they were laughing in a coaches meeting that hes playing for us-reckon the other players taken before him must be very very good!).. D Hep is the best talent he has seen come out of under age footy for years… “


  4. So we now have three must have’s, once in a generation, better than Barlow type cheapies:

    For reasons mentioned in the previous post

    “There’s not much missing from him. His work rate is massive, he plays with great physicality, he loves winning contested footy and he’s got super endurance. He’s certainly the all-round package. He’s very similar to his brother but probably a bit more polished with his skills.” former AIS-AFL Academy coach Jason McCartney

    “Had Josh Toy been in this draft pool, it would have been hard to let him go, but Swallow is the best, most complete player on offer.” Emma Quayle
    plus we’ve all heard that Swallow ranks Toy as a better player than him .. scary really!!


  5. i’ve played with heppell during juniors and he was a superstar then and will be in the future. had a good chat to him friday night as well. he is primed as mustard to be playing this week. will be at the game cheering from the bleaches. go d-man



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