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Written by Schwarzwalder on August 26 2016

If you are reading this then you are part of the TEAM!  It’s been one hell of a journey with you all………but it’s not over yet!  I need you to dig deep one more time as we endeavour to win four Premierships (two major & two minor)!


Rd22 Score – 2404

Overall Ranking – 7250

League Wins –4/6

Remaining Trades – 0

Remaining Cash – $36 900

Trade History

Rd2: Tom Rockliff to Luke Parker & Michael Barlow to Jason Johannisen (via DPP)

Rd4: Jason Johannisen to Darcy Byrne-Jones & Jade Gresham to Callan Ward

Rd5: Nat Fyfe to Dan Hannebery

Rd6: Jesse Lonergan to Josh Smith (via DPP) & Matt Dea to Kade Simpson

Rd7: Callum Mills to Christian Petracca & Lincoln McCarthy to Sam Docherty

Rd8: Daniel Wells to Darcy MacPherson & Tom Papley to Dayne Zorko

Rd10: Mitch Brown to Sam Collins & Ben Kennedy to Luke Dahlhaus

Rd12: Josh Smith to Jack Trengove, Connor Menadue to James Rose & Luke Dahlhaus to Jimmy Bartel (via DPP)

Rd13: Josh Dunkley to Tom Phillips, Darcy Byrne-Jones to  Leigh Montagna (via DPP) & Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti to Brett Deledio

Rd14: Jacob Weitering to Nathan Broad & Ryan Davis to Rory Sloane

Rd15: Marcus Adams to Matthew Boyd & Sam Kerridge to Jack Silvagni

Rd16: Gary Ablett to Scott Pendlebury & Tom Liberatore to Lachie Neale

Rd17: James Rose to Sam Naismith & Aaron Hall to Zach Merrett

Rd18: Brett Deledio to Luke Dahlhaus

Rd22: Christian Petracca to Jake Long & Jack Silvagni to Lance Franklin


TEAM Rd22-1


A solid score of 2404 saw the TEAM make it through to four Grand Finals (two major – THE TEAM@SCT 3 & 7 + two minor – THE TEAM@SCT 1 & 6) and rise a touch in the rankings.

With the suspension of Rory Sloane (& our lack of trades now), we’re going to have to be creative with the Dual Position players.  So who gets on the field for the GFs?  Who should be loopholed as a precaution?

Let us know your ideas and our Coaching Staff will give their approval (Thumbs UP) or disapproval (Thumbs DOWN) as always.  Captains Poll will follow on Friday morning.  Good luck to us all!


** UPDATE at 5.50am on 26.8.16 – Vote now on choice of Captain! **


As per Deuce’s instructions, Phillips has been swapped with Long and has replaced Sloane in the MIDs.  Grimley and Naismith have been swapped over and Big Sammy is Emergency just in case Buddy doesn’t get up for the Tigers game.  With Sam Collins out, we have a loophole option late in the Round so who will be our VC / C combo for GF week?  Get your votes in now……..thanks Coaches and good luck!!


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2 thoughts on “Community TEAM – Rd22”

  1. Phillips in the Mid to replace Sloane. Long as Emergency.
    Swap Grimley with Naismith as Fwd Emergency in case Buddy doesn’t get up. I worry about Bartel, Ward & Buddy.



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