Community Team Structure #1

Written by Schwarzwalder on February 26 2016

If you‘re reading this then you are already part of our TEAM. A casual gathering of the greatest SC minds in the football world to form the ultimate Supercoach team. Make no mistake, this is the largest democratically-elected Supercoach side on the Net! Everyone & anyone on the site can cast a vote!


Decisions till now:
Team Name – GarryWhyULyon?@SCT

Ruck Structure – ‘Set & Forget’, without Todd Goldstein

Walk-Up Starts – Gary Ablett Jnr, Tom Rockliff & Tom Liberatore (these guys are LOCKED in!)


The first three players for our Community Team have already been selected! All three of Ablett, Rocky & Libba had such huge support (each over 85%) that an extension of the poll simply wasn’t necessary. Welcome to the TEAM, fellas!!

Today we turn our attention to TEAM Structure.  Once again, we’re setting more parameters for our TEAM that will be implemented when our final/favorite players have been decided upon (about a week before Rd1). I need you to answer three questions for me:


1. What sort of Structure should our TEAM be starting the season with?
– ‘Guns N Rookies’…… least 13 ‘Keepers’ in our starting line-up. Minimal contact with mid-pricers ($250 – $450k) and higher-priced rookies ($200k+) OR

– ‘Mid-Price Madness’………about 10-11 ‘Keepers’ in our starting line-up. More mid-price selections with breakout potential ($250 – $450k) with a couple of higher-priced rookies ($200k+).

From my observations, these are the most popular structures on our Rate My Team thread. And for the record I’m counting Libba as a mid-pricer. Of course he has the potential to be a keeper at M8, but realistically I’d be happy with a 95-100avg coming back from a knee reco (anything higher is a bonus).


2. Should the TEAM start with a permanent loophole option or maximize every position with a playing rookie?


3. IF the majority votes for a loophole option, which position should we use?
Where should we use the loophole option? DEF? FWD? I’m aware of the suggestion that Petracca or Trengove could be used early before making an appearance………..we might still re-visit that one with a poll closer to the season. For now, please answer the question as if those Melbourne boys will line up for Rd1.

We’ll keep this running over the weekend. Be sure to vote on all three polls (even if you disagree with a loophole option). We’ll continue on with TEAM Structure next week. Once again, thank you for being part of the TEAM!!


Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.


Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.


Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.




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10 thoughts on “Community Team Structure #1”

  1. I’ve chosen mid-price madness as there are quite a few potential goldmines in the midfield and to be honest, I don’t like any defenders over $450,000 this year anyway.


  2. I’d only have the loophole option at R3 as I had it at M11 last season and I struggled to upgrade my side when doing my final upgrades

    Would also try to make the person a dpp rookie



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