Cow Talk – Round 12

Written by Father Dougal on June 6 2018

Small or Far Away” Father Dougal on Cows

This week we start spending trades in a big way. Hard not to, and likely the way to go. But, just a reminder that I reminded myself to say this year after last year – Every season there is “unprecedented” carnage post byes. Our players go down like Italian forwards, and managers who already blew their trades start wailing like Norwegian fishermen. It happens every freaking year, and it isn’t unprecedented; it is just what happens. My theory is that our brains repress the memories as just too painful, which sets us up to be surprised again and again. But not this season! This season, you know its coming! Well, assuming you don’t repress it all again over the next few weeks. I wouldn’t blame you……


Tom Doedee should be ripe at his bye. I don’t think you will want to hold him, unless you are really short trades, but he sure did well and those who still have him should be pleased.

Ed Richards can be traded if you need the cash and like the defense downgrade options, but he will make some more cash if you keep him and use him on field.

Lachlan Murphy finally played again, but then went for 26, which leaves his BE just 2 under his average. I really want to get his cash now if I feel I can bring in one of the 102k defenders who get named this week. Which I am not sure I can. With his spot in the team unsure, this may be the time to trade him out.

Tom Cole:  Also added by request. He’s….a guy who plays defense, and at least one person owns him.


Tim Kelly  I have no idea what will happen with him now.  Well, that was a safe and accurate prediction wasn’t it?  Quite the taunter he is. Farts in our general direction, scores go 91, 48, 57, 130, my father was a hamster, etc. Of course that would mean we could replace the parochial house with a Habitrail, which would save us a lot on rent…..

Nick Holman played again and did well with an 88, and will play for the next three rounds! Whoo Hoo! Don’t freaking get hurt!

Lachlan Fogarty played again, did well, should make money up to his bye.

Bailey Banfield  finally scored an 80 long after most of his owners sold him. He’ll make cash up to his bye, the bastard.

Jaidyn Stephenson had another low score and so I hope you cashed out early. Very likely to go down again, but of course if he plays you sort of need to risk him, because bye.

Andrew Brayshaw went back to his normal 60ish and should make a bit of cash until he is sold at his bye. Boring, boring, boring.

Paddy Dow made it to the byes without a price drop. He is so ready to be traded out. Should be safeish if you need to hold and play.

Cameron Rayner What was I thinking wasting part of my life writing about this bloke? He is worth $34,100 more than when he started after ten weeks. He’s dropped.  Apparently he didn’t much like getting sent to Mooron pasture, because he put up a shock 89! So, un-dropped. I’d say “risen” but priests have to take care when using the phrase “he has risen” for some reason, and I’m tired of Ted yelling at me for it.


Oscar McInerny still beat crickets. That’s what’s called “Damning with faint praise” and for some reason I don’t get in trouble for that sort of damning.


Jake Waterman is likely to lose cash now with his 94 out of his system. And he did, and probably will again. Well, not this week, but after he plays again.

Bayley Fritsch was tied with Laird for 3rd highest score in my team last week. This is good in the sense of “wow he scored well”, and not so good as far as the rest of my team went. (Expletives!)  Of all the players I thought might just end up season keepers, well, he wasn’t one of them. But I am not sure it is worth the trade to upgrade him. Not sure it isn’t, but wow, he is really doing well right now. Not too hard a draw for a while too.

Daniel Lloyd: Well, the blade is still stuck, but seems to be getting loose…..  It’s loose, and he is about to get the chop, at least I would expect so. If he hasn’t already.

Billy Gowers  He started losing money. He looks likely to lose more.  Nope, he went up $100! Nice 71. Makes holding him over the byes not so bad if you need to do that.

Jack Henry: Well, he scores like a KPP, and so who knows? I pretty much say that every week, because he scores like a KPP and who knows?

Ben Ronke is doing well, even if he has not set the world on fire after his big match. Hold until bye. And I can’t really complain about the world not being set on fire; most of my stuff is there…..

Charlie Spargo seemed sort of out of it in his last match, and that 31 will hurt his growth. Could even trade him out early if you need to. If you are not happy with his price at his bye, well, if he does ok next round you could hold and hope he does better later on. Not sure on that though, as a good plan I mean.

Matt Guelfi is now much less like Spargo because he scored well and has more cash to make.

Jack Higgins still seems safe enough until his bye. Seems rather a wash between him and whoever we all agonized about picking him over, or not picking him over. One of the above guys as I recall.

Tim Smith got hurt two or three (!) times in his third match. No way we saw that coming. Really hope he plays this week because of trying to field 18. Won’t make money as fast as hoped, but should still make a lot eventually. Or be a backup. Should. Injuries, bah! Included even though he only has three weeks data, might be a first. I am impressed that he scored at all, all thing considered.

Zac Langdon got left out again, but is finally here.

Non-Cow Stuff

Happy not yet Queen’s Birthday!

Final thoughts

Feel free to ask questions in the comments; you never know what might happen.

Please let me know if I forgot someone. I usually wait for 5 weeks data but can make exceptions.

Now that I’m sorta kinda making predictions, remember the Craggy Island guarantee – all predictions wrong or triple your money back!

Thanks for reading.




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22 thoughts on “Cow Talk – Round 12”

  1. Thanks again Father and for the useful heads-up about post-bye carnage. Does it never cease?!?
    *potters off to press reverse trades button and wait for this week’s teams to drop.


      1. Can confirm this to be true.

        I can also tell you from experience that if you have run out of trades by the time the aforementioned carnage starts happening, you’re in big trouble.


        1. Yeah right. So the only trade I’m thinking this week is if someone isn’t named, eg MurphyL, Spargo, SmithT and bringing in Ahern early. Looks great, love his DPP and sh1t I hope he doesn’t go down, but if he does, he will be a great loophole option given NTH have more Sunday games than anyone else, post byes (I think that’s right anyway).
          Again, thanks for the heads up


  2. Ok Father, I’m wondering if you can comment on my Cow strategy for this week. Given the byes players missing, and the unprecedented carnage (there I said it) with Fyffe suspended, Laird maybe injured, perhaps a few general soreness issues to come, I’m thinking to use 2 or 3 trades to downgrade non playing rookies this week (think Barry, Murphy, Spargo, Higgins) and get in a few playing rookies (Mihocek, Austin, Ahern) – subject to Thursday teams.
    This breaks 2 of your golden rules :
    Don’t get rookies on 1 game
    Always trade rookies up if possible
    Is it perhaps ok this week to go down, down, down and cash up for next week?
    Keeping as many of my high scoring rookies (Fritsch, Doedee, Ronke, Guelfi) as I can to help my score this week.


    1. Actually I get in rookies after one match all the time. I feel like all the supercoach rules are more like guidelines….

      I think your plan is good. I may have to do something similar.

      Whatever you want to do in theory, you have to deal with how things are and what cows are ripe and what the downgrade options are each week. That can have you do stuff that in theory you would not, but in reality you need to.


    1. He has been added!

      I was indeed asleep / away from Mr. Computer. Cow Talk goes up at 1:00 am my time, so my responding can be pretty slow. With luck I finish early and am asleep, although sometimes I’m writing rather close to the deadline……


  3. Not quite cows as yet, but if you had the choice of 1 x 1 played game rookie to bring in this week FD

    T/U … Ahern
    T/D … Mihocek

    One will come in this round, the other after the bye

    Cheers Catta


    1. Ahern has dpp and that is useful. Don’t think Mihocek will get 4 every week. Look at Ronke…


    2. Agree with HH Catta, Ahern is the better option for first pick. DPP is gold, been on the radar all season.


      1. Yep. All pre-season too.
        I just hope for his, North’s and footy in general’s sake, he gets a decent run and can show us all what he’s made of. Exciting time for him.


  4. Brody Mihocek looks very handy with no friday night games & only 3 sat arvo games to come , if he gets dropped will be a handy loophole option ..



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