Cow Talk – Round 15

Written by Father Dougal on June 27 2018

Small or Far Away” Father Dougal on Cows

Hey Round 14 actually happened!

Nice change there, after the last two that didn’t!”

Yes, indeed, although I’m a bit miffed at you and Cuddly To Mini Therion for making stuff up while I was off.

Yes, well, better than a blank where Cow Talk should be ‘eh? 

I suppose. I’m more annoyed at CTMT for drinking my best beer! Little bloke should not be able to imbibe so much without toppling over.

Apparently Plush Stuffed Hamsters are tougher than you would think”

Yeah. So, well, let’s see. Byes are done, thank God, which I can do as a priest.

“Er, you know that anyone can, in fact, thank God for things…?”

Really? What am I good for then? Wait, do NOT answer that!


Yeah. Anyways, I want to try and write something useful

“For a change”

Guilfi! Heh heh. So, I wrote earlier this season about the value of points now v points later. Early in the season that is a small difference. With just nine matches left, it is more and more important to make upgrades sooner rather than later. If you upgrade a 60 scoring guy to a 100 scoring guy this week, you are making an 840 point improvement over the rest of the season. If you wait a week, you need to bring in a 105 scoring guy to get that 840 points over the remaining eight weeks.

Incremental improvements also because less valuable. If you have someone scoring 90 and replace them with someone scoring 100, you will get 90 points over the rest of the season. That may not be worth the trade, since replacing an injured premium for a week could be worth that, certainly for two weeks. (Fritsch?)

What’s that mean in practice? Figure out how many trades you want to save for injuries, and use all you have over that number ASAP to make meaningful upgrades. If you can’t make a big upgrade, you may be better off holding the trade for use in an emergency.

“Anything else useful?”

Yeah, if you need to bring in a loophole, GWS has an amazing run of late game for the rest of the season.

On to the players!


Tom Doedee  would be someone I would upgrade ASAP if there is anyone you think will average 15-ish points more than him to the end of the season. If you are really low on trades, then holding becomes an option.

Jeremy Finlayson: My, look who’s back! And, well, so what? Anyone who still has him must have given up and won’t be reading this. Wish I though of that before I took the time to run his numbers!

Aaron Naughton may be the answer to the Dogs key forward problem. He sure looked at home there. Again though, does anyone still trying even own him? If so he should make some cash since he will probably score over his current average. Spherical cow and all that.

Ed Richards should go up a bit more, but I’d harvest and use the cash rather than wait if he is the guy on the chopping block. True for most cows at this point.


Tom Cole is another player who you should get the cash out of soon if you are going to.



Tim Kelly  Had his bye

Nick Holman  let his owners down with a big price drop. Almost certainly should be upgraded into someone better this week if you still own him.


Lachlan Fogarty  Had his bye

Bailey Banfield  Had his bye

Andrew Brayshaw Had his bye

Jaidyn Stephenson has that 93 in his three round average for one more round. Looking at his Extracted time/cash value; he should still be cashed in if you can use the money.

Paddy Dow  is also a bit of a spherical cow now. How now blue cow? Seems to be a 70ish dude and not a 55ish dude finally. Still, lots of cash there for harvesting.

Cameron Rayner  continues to be the cow pat in Cow Talk.


Oscar McInerny is still playing, which for his owners is a win.


Jake Waterman:  I sure hope you cashed him in a few weeks ago.


Bayley Fritsch has probably peaked, so if you are going to upgrade him, now is the time. I plan to keep him barring a huge form drop, no jinx.

Daniel Lloyd: did not play.

Billy Gowers   went mad, wow what a game from him. His high value for the season will be at the start of R17 when that 126 has worked it’s way through his..system? Ew. Worked its way out of his three round average.


Jack Henry:  Had his bye

Ben Ronke  Had his bye

Charlie Spargo was dopped

Matt Guelfi  may make more, but broken record time, cash in as soon as you can use the money.

Jack Higgins  Had his bye

Tim Smith  came back from his injury and put up a decent score. Sorry for mis-numbers his weeks, but it is easier to write an apology than to go back and fix it. Does not affect the projections. No, I’m wrong, it will mess up the value stuff stuff that needs to use weeks left in the calculations. So fine, I fixed it. Not that you can tell since I fixed it….umm…..worth holding a while it looks like since he should rise in value, and be a good backup.

Zac Langdon was someone I was so hopeful for at the beginning of the season, and yet now I think of him as a pox upon the butt of Cow Talk, who is boring and takes my time and of course I got rid of him a long time ago. He is better that that, but I feel that way for irrational reasons. May be close to or at peak price. I have no clue if he can score well finally; poor bloke had a rough start to his career.


Other Cow Stuff

Soon I will start dropping players who are just floating around and have mostly been traded out. There are new players who will need to be added and I want to keep this relevant.


For some value of relevant.


Non-Cow Stuff

After careful consideration and a unanimous vote of the Cow Talk advisory panel, the traditional, ritual, and previously well deserved mocking of Shawn Higgins and his owners will be suspended for the rest of the season. Shawn Higgins is currently a viable Supercoach option. (Ominous rumbling thunder.) May god have mercy on our souls.

Final thoughts

Please let me know if I missed anyone!

Thanks for reading!


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6 thoughts on “Cow Talk – Round 15”

  1. Thanks Father. Was considering holding the Nank/Grundy trade for another week as both to fall by similar amounts. Have 9 trades and only need this one to complete, so your advice makes sense. Mind you..a couple of “premos”are maybe a tad lucky to have that label….but can I really justify a heater/lloyd or cogs/kelly trade until the eve of the finals…sitting two games clear on top.


    1. No doubt that he was brought back too early, but I guess when your two best forwards go down you have to find ways to score somehow.
      No doubt he will come good eventually, but will it be too late?


  2. HIGGINS? You’re recommending HIGGINS! Sacrilege! Somebody start the bonfire!

    Seriously though, I got the guy at pick 127 in the SCT draft and he’s been close to my best. Will I pick him in Classic though? Hmmm…..


    1. I’m not recommending him. I’m just saying there will be no excommunications as a result of bringing him in! 🙂


  3. So,

    Our Father, who art in a paddock
    Respected be thy views
    My trades nearly done,
    To your kingdom I come,
    For some ken and latest news

    With six trades left
    I feel bereft, but two
    This week will do
    Say yay or nay
    I’ll ignore you anyway
    And be that thing on the bottom of my shoe!

    Left with four trades, contented (FULL even) until fate strikes another cruel blow .

    TU: do it
    TD: save the trades

    Staring at a wall in a hotel in Canberra. Sh1t it’s cold!



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