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Written by Father Dougal on July 10 2019

Small or Far Away, Father Dougal on Cows

Hi Everybody!

A lot earlier in the season I talked about how we all forget the carnage at the end of the season, probably for our mental health, and end up surprised by how much we covet each and every trade over the back third. So, here we are, at the beginning of the last third, and already it’s been painful. So, I have a cunning plan!

Nothing good ever come from cunning plans!

Ah, but I am not looking for something good.

That sounds ominous. Please tell me that is not ominous.

Well…I don’t think it is ominous. Of course my project does have a name.


Oh look, you scared the hamster! You can’t have a project named “Project X” or whatever and not have it be all ominous. that’s Bond villain territory! You’re not gonna replace the Hamster with a Persian cat are you?


Now who is scaring the hamster? And no cats, I’m allergic to cats. Also, anyone who is scared of Project Whinge really needs to get out more.

Project Whinge??

Right! I want to document what it is like right now for everyone. How many trades we have, how far from full premium, cash in the bank, and how we feel about it all.

Oh, I get the name now. 

Indeed. I’ll ask again after three weeks and then once more three weeks after that. Then at the beginning of next season, it will be something I can write about and maybe we can all remember just how bad it gets when we still have time to avoid suffering in 2020.

So, I’d appreciate anyone and everyone commenting with what I said above. Number of trades left, cash, non-premiums starting, and how you are feeling about your situation. Plus anything else you feel might be interesting or worth recording for analysis and/or discussion next season.

You gonna go first?

Yup, I’m going first:

I have 6 trades left. I have $752,300 in the bank, which means I have completely stuffed up my upgrades. Thank you injuries and forced sideways trades. I have four cows still starting, Hore, Logue, Walsh, and Hately. I also have Jeremy “Only technically a premium” Cameron, so more like 4.5 missing premiums.  Once I get to full, assuming I do, which I am not, I will have 2 trades left.  I feel glad I tried to be careful with trades early, since I’d be completely hosed now if I had not. I wish I had somehow had fewer cows with bad job security, but I don’t think there were that many with good job security. I did not leave enough cushion for the byes, and paid for that when the early carnage started. I don’t have very good cover which worries me, related to the no longer playing cows.




Hore – Damn! Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn bugger damn damn.

Duursma – Probably his last week. At this point he has probably been sold or is cover.

Answerth– Hey, he scored better again! In a few weeks he could be worth harvesting. DPP is nice for that, like a Duursma mini-me

Logue– Intercept defenders do not do so well in the wet. I expect him to come back. I could be wrong. His owners could use his having some good games, real soon now.


Walsh – His price seems to have stabilized. Not much apparent effect on him from Cripps being out. By now we all know what he is and can do.

Stack– If I had to play him at M8, it would  not be the end of the world. I’d rather not, but still, wow.


Hately – If you own him and not Kelly, good news, he may get a better scoring role for 3+ weeks!

D. Clarke– Still slowly growing. Slowly. Cover he is.


O’Brian – If Gawn is back it is time for him to go. He made over 400k. Wow again.


Setterfield – Doing as well as his owners could hope as a backup.

Remember, all predictions wrong or triple your money back!

Apologies in advance for delays in responding to comments, ’cause sleep and work. Stupid time zones.

Please let me know what I missed and messed up in the comments. I’ll try and fix and add tomorrow afternoon.

Join Project Whinge by commenting in the comments! Don’t be shy, we have all been there.  A lot.

Thanks for Reading!




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30 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 16 –> 17”

  1. 7 trades left
    1 rookie on field – Logue
    $37,700 cash left
    D5 – Sicily, D6 Logue, Cover – 0
    M8 – M. Crouch, Cover – Clarke
    F6 – Heeney, Cover – Chol

    Will need 2 but maybe 3 trades to get a premo at D6 and will need to trade Logue to do this losing any cover in DEF. Naish and Gardner my other DEF, not likely to play again so hoping a good DEF rookie can come along.


  2. After making 2 trades this week I have;
    5 trades left
    $107K in bank
    Dylan Clarke my last upgrade (M8)
    B Smith as D6 (Logue at 7)
    Heeney as F6 (Hanrahan at 7)
    Bewley & Hind as M9 & 10
    Plan to use 2 trades next week, Bewley & Clark out, 1 Premo & rook in


  3. I traded Setterfield early when he got suspended… in hindsight he would have been great cover for round 13 and round 16.


  4. After trading out Hore and JKelly this will I will have:

    4 trades left and $235 300 ITB. No ROOKIES on field, but …

    D6: D Moore, D7/8: Logue and Naish (loophole)

    M8: Heeney, M9-11: Setterfield, DClarke and Bewley

    R3: ZClarke 🙁

    F6: Greene, F7/8: Bines and Gardner (swing with Moore option)

    May sit tight for a while, but if no injuries hit for a couple of weeks I’d like to go Greene to a gun MID premo (via Heeney)


  5. Hahaha ! Good write up Father !
    Sitting here pulling my hair out , jiggling players about, & coming up with Squat.!!
    Have $200k ITB ..looking at Sicily for D6 ( leaves Logue & Naish for cover.
    Not so bad you think , But ! Have had ROB pretty well all season as R2 & planned to bring in Gawn at round 20 using only One trade. (Note: have only 5 left )
    As Answerth is at D6 covering for Whitfield, I can easily One trade him to Sicily.
    This leaves me with NO KIDS ( other than Worpel )on the Park & 4 trades.. Beauty !!! But ! That would use all my bank.
    If use Worpel to Sicily, via Answerth to Mid. (pine = Clarke, Hind & Bewley)
    still have Bank of $197k for Gawn.. Sounds Good !!! .. but NO ! … Loose Dpp Cover & need a kid (ie: Clarke ) on the Park to fill the gap. Playing for League & Good $$$$$. 2nd so will play finals . Still got Chol at F6 Covering for Daniels & very little hair left.
    What Masochists we are !!!!


  6. Hello Father
    7 trades left, $379K, Hore, Logue and Parker.
    Have Kelly and Hore to worry about this week.


  7. Awesome write up Father! I’m a fan.

    This week I’m looking at (technically not a cow just yet)……K Dunkley or something something Smith.

    7 trades, 178k in the bank. Onfield rooks are Logue (D6) with Answerth at D7 amd Clarke at M8. Undecided on who to field out of Logue and Answerth this week. I’ll decide that on a flip of a coin.

    Trades……Baker into Dunkley for Clarke into Bont ($500 short for Neale)


    Answerth into something something Smith and Clarke into Neale.

    Mid bench is Bewley, Baker, Cameron (dpp is a bonus, so we’re the 80 points for the Boak cover last round!)

    Def bench is Answerth and Naish. Naish won’t play again, hesitant in trading out Answerth, but that’s the only way to bring in Neale.

    TU: Baker to Dunkley – Clarke to Bont
    TD: Answerth to Smith – Clarke to Neale


  8. After 2 trades this week I have 5 trades left and $400 (no I didn’t forget the k) in the bank.
    D6 – Ryan, D7 – Logue
    M8 – Brayshaw, M9 – Clarke
    R – Gawn, Grundy (Sweet)
    F6/7 – Greene/Simpkin
    Not too bad if they all stay on the park.


  9. 7 trades and 4k in the bank. One on-field rookie in the mids. Got good DPPs with Answerth-Weller, Lycett-Bines and F2,3,5,6-Setterfield. Pretty happy with where I sit but cash generation for the final upgrade is gonna be a real prick and may require three trades.

    D6: Sicily
    M7/8: Weller and D Clarke (final upgrade)
    R: Gawndy and Bines
    F6: Heeney


  10. Looking at the above tables with regard to midfielders I think that we held onto Walsh and Stack too long.

    Without going into an analysis the obvious transgression should have been Walsh to Stack to Hately even if for going a little bit late on Stack. Maybe jumping ship early pays off?

    Currently have 8 trades after being very conservative until the bye rounds with Blakely D6 and Logue as cover. $240,000 in the bank.

    Curnow is M8 with Clarke and Hind as cover

    Forward line has been decimated with Parker F6, Franklin and Hogan as non entities as cover.


    1. Agreed that if your only consideration was cash generation, Stack and Walsh should have been gone long ago (at least at, if not before, their byes). However, if memory serves me correctly, I had about 34 other things to worry about at that time that were a bigger priority. It happens most years, you have to hang on to a rookie or two longer than you would like because they all ripen within 2-3 rounds of each other (at least the starting ones).


  11. Coming into this round I have 8 trades left, 2 starting non-premos and 110k in the bank. Cover at both FWD and MID but none down back, hoping to have enough trades to sort DEF cover.
    I missed on the Richmond rooks (Stack & Baker) as well as Hore. Did get lucky with O’Brien though so win some lose some, but what could have been…


  12. 5 trades left
    Full premo
    D7/8 Logue & Answerth
    M9/10 McLean & Duursma
    R3 Fort
    F7/8 Bines/Young
    Will now trade only when necessary. If I can make it through this week without carnage, it’ll give me a chance to look at Hill M/F who is debuting this week.


  13. Love your work father!
    After this week, 8 trades left, 1 premo short, $180k in bank. Logue cover at d7, Clarke or Hately at m8 and Chol at f7. Will trade for mid next week and then goldy for Gawn when price drops nicely. Should leave me 4 or 5 trades for injury cover in finals or indulgent trades!


  14. 9 trades left.
    $37,600 left in back.
    Logue & D.Clarke still left to upgrade.
    Also playing Hately & Setterfield on field to cover J.Kelly & C.Daniel who im currently holding.

    [D5]B.Smith [D6]Logue
    Bench – (Burgess,Gardner)

    [M6]M.Crouch [M7]D.Clarke [M8]Hately
    Bench – (J.Kelly,B.Bewley,B.Scott)

    [R1]Grundy [R2]Gawn
    Bench – (Sweet)

    [F5]Heeney [F6]Setterfield
    Bench – (Daniel,Young)


  15. 7 trades left (prior to doing anything this week).
    $100 in the bank.
    Rookies and sub-premiums on field:

    D4 – Milera, Logue, Quaynor // Hore, Duursma
    M7 – Stack, Hately // Cripps, ClarkeD, Bewley (any news on Cripps?)
    F6 – Cameron // Chol, Cavarra (0)

    Not feeling the best, to be honest but considering the start I had, I’ll take it.

    If Cripps is in soon, this team is 4 upgrades away from full premium (2.5 in defense, 1 in mids, 0.5 in forwards). That would take multiple miracles, so I am planning to run with Cameron at F6, Stack at M8, and Milera at D6. Which leaves two upgrades in defense (plus Cripps -> someone if he is out again). Current plan is to do a 1-up, 1-down (Hore and Duursma) to get in Lloyd (or could settle for a cheaper option around 425k (e.g., Crisp) and get Whitfield in later).


  16. 4 trades left and wondering if I should trade Kelly. Clarke and hind for backup looping. He sounds like missing 4 weeks to me, normally that’s a trade.
    I don’t have forward bench cover. Late outs are going to happen from now on so bench cover is fairly crucial


  17. Seven trades left
    $116K in the bank
    Have Logue at D6, Walsh at M8 and Hawkins at F6, with Ellis (urgh), Clarke and Chol as cover.
    Thinking of a one up one down trade to get another premo at D6, just can’t quite reach Lloyd though and the other options are less satisfactory.
    Walsh will probably play out the season at M8.
    Gotta do something about the Tomahawk. Brought him in because Geelong doing well and he was available at a discount. Turns out his price drop is a trend, not a blip. Maybe he’s the trade up target this week and D6 waits until next week.

    This game is hard.


    1. I’d hold Tomahawk. If they introduce another tall forward (Rats is mooted this weekend) that’ll free him to push up the ground a bit and get more of the pill.

      If I had him or Cameron (I have both in my TECHTeam!) I’d be holding both. Only upwards from here and neither are injured. Best case would be if you can loophole them in case they go LARGE!


      1. With Logue out the Tomahawk gets a reprieve this week. He’s only one ordinary score away from a rage trade though.


  18. 2 trades left
    103,500 remaining salary
    No rookies on-field before injuries (Clarke/Hately now J Kelly is out)
    Weakest links are H Andrews at D6 and R Gray,D Mundy and J Westhoff from F3-F6.

    Remaining trades will be used to grab a F7 to loop with the Hoff and help switch Setterfield to the mids to cover multiple lines and likely the new recruit will be a fwd/mid which will also help with coverage in conjunction with the Hoff for fwd and ruck and Logue for the backline.

    Whilst I’m not left with many trades and some undesirable picks in comparison to the alternative options, I’m very happy with my team considering I had a lot of poor rookies (B Scott, W Hayes, L Stocker, N Answerth, R Young, R Gardner, J Clark, O Baker) and missed out on the likes of C Rozee, C Wilkie, G Miers and S Stack. Also started Goldy, Darling, Whitfield who were all traded along with spending 3 trades on M Hore (Out, In, Out).


    1. Let’s hope Rocky goes down in a heap again so Gray and Westhoff keep firing for you.
      Mundy finished last year real strong and I held him thanks to your statistically sage advice! 😉

      Let’s hope he does again. Good luck Adam


      1. Thank you and good luck to you too for the remainder of the season.

        Grabbed D Mundy last week replacing C Daniel to avoid a donut and free up some cash to help grab cover later down the track (eg Hawkins, Menegola, etc).

        Wish I would have kept Goldy rather than trade him to Gawn in RD14 in conjunction with faring better with rookies this season as I would have been able to have the likes of Dunkley, Marshall instead of Westhoff and Mundy. Hopefully J Kelly returns soon and I avoid other mid injuries as I’ve yet to wheel out my completed midfield (finished in RD12) of J Macrae, P Cripps, L Neale, J Kelly, N Fyfe, C Oliver, R Sloane and Z Merrett.


            1. Please don’t wish on Rocky going down again…
              I’m already nervous as hell having to hold him for the season!


  19. Happy with my position right now.
    Rank 1541.
    5 trades remaining.
    $102,200 in the bank.
    Am currently technically fielding a full premo side +1 (w/ Robbie Gray and swing between MID & FWD).

    My dodgier ‘premos’ and cover are as follows:
    D5: H.Andrews, D6: B.Smith, D7/8: G. Logue & R.Gardner
    M8: B.Crouch, M9/10/11: D.Clarke, B.Bewley, M.Owies (for swing w/ Robbie Gray)
    R3: P.Bines
    F5: R.Gray, F6/7: J.Cameron/J.Darling, F8: R.Young

    As for trades going forward, I am looking to upgrade Brodie Smith after the Crows’ softer draw comes to an end and am considering 2 main options:
    1. Upgrade to J.Crisp (has improved after bye like he typically does and was given significant midfield minutes against WCE last night!) in 1 trade next week after Brodie Smith plays the suns leaving me with 4 injury trades
    2. Upgrade to Whitfield in 2 weeks, however this would most likely require 2 trades and leave me with 3 injury trades


    1. Crisp should be $491 300 next week. Noticed he was in the guts a fair bit too. With Adams back soon, will that effect his role??
      He’s still nicely priced and isn’t brittle like Whitfield. Am considering him as my likely Moore replacement.



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