Cow Talk – Round 18

Written by Father Dougal on July 18 2018

Small or Far Away” Father Dougal on Cows

This is a week when I pump out the numbers but have nothing interesting to talk about. Really. The theme for this week is “Oh the humanity” or something like that, and the cows are doing their jobs of backing up the premiums. Mostly. But the decisions are all about the expensive guys.


Tom Doedee reminds me why rookies are risky to play on field. Owch.

Logan Austin did not play


Ed Phillips scored a 64, which is ok. I will not be leaving him and I still need him. Now, where’s my cottage on the Isle of Wight?

Cameron Rayner did so play, no idea what I was thinking. Working too much….


Stephan Giro  really stepped up and wow, another score in the 80 by a backup. That should help his price go up for a few weeks. (No curse!)


This space intentionally left blank


Jack Higgins  is doing well enough to deserve to stay around a bit. I forgot to say “No Curse.” Dang, a 36? His price just peaked. That ton leaves his three round average next week and with the 36, well, gonna go down some.

Paul Ahern looks like an amazing backup, who if you had to play might do as well as many so called premiums. Yes, I’m bitter. Not about Ahern, about my so called premiums he is outscoring.

Brody Mihocek looks like he has a good chance of breaking $300,000 if you want to get cash from him. I am annoyed because not bringing him in looked like the safe move, well, it was the safe move, but then injuries gave him the chance he needed. A fine backup.

Micheal Apeness did not play


Non Cow Stuff

 Having googled “Isle of Wight” to see if I spelled it correctly, I am now sure to get annoying vacation adds online. How I suffer for your benefit!


Final thoughts

Please let me know if I missed adding anyone!

Thanks for reading!


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7 thoughts on “Cow Talk – Round 18”

  1. Cameron Rayner did play against the Hawks.

    He finished with 19 disposals, 4 marks, 3 goals & 76 SC points.


  2. I’m not sure Ahern is averaging 11 and his price is about to plummet?!
    At least I hope not 😉
    Thanks FD.


    1. Yes very unFather like that mistake , but he must have hit his Boutique Beer supply before crunching Ahern’s numbers or I dare I say some of the wine used for sacrament..


  3. Thanks FD.

    Funny how my bench rookies all fire the week when none are required. Even McInerneys score would of been better than Nic Nats Injury affected 40.
    Ahern, Guelfi, Spargo and Giro all performed well and now have low BE’s and more cash to make.
    Unfortunately with so few trades left (3 after this week) I can’t see myself harvesting any of them.

    Lets hope they can hold their spots and some form. I’m sure they will be needed at some stage.

    You were not wrong a couple of weeks ago when you warned of the upcoming carnage.
    I’ve had to deal with four LTI’s in three weeks and now I have no defensive cover with Hibberd out this week too.

    Thanks again for all the work you do crunching the numbers. This is my first year I really feel I’ve nailed my timing when it comes to selling my cows. All thanks to you.



    1. You are very welcome!

      I wouldn’t have minded being wrong about the carnage, but it happens every year…..



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