Cow Talk – Round 19

Written by Father Dougal on July 24 2018

Small or Far Away” Father Dougal on Cows

It occurs to me that the using a trade to bring in a backup becomes a worse and worse strategy the closer you get to the end of the season. We have only five rounds left, and so for a backup to be better than a replacement, he would have to cover for two different players being out at different times. With ten rounds left that could certainly happen. With just five left how likely are you to have two different players out that one person can cover but at different times? It is certainly still possible, but it gets less and less probable each week.


Tom Doedee got concussed and only scored 24. If you own him and are going to trade him, do that this week. Scores of 75 over the next two weeks will see him lose $60k! From a Cow Talk perspective, he’s done after this week. Will we be defender free next week? I guess we’ll see what happens this round!



Ed Phillips scored a very unexciting 46, which is not very ok. I will not be leaving him because that would take a trade, but I’m not so sure I still need him. I may if enough mids get hurt. No Curse!

Cameron Rayner Put up another nice score, and has probably peaked in price, not that anyone cares at this point.


Stephan Giro  Dammit, I said “No Curse!” Bloody 30. Of course I did not have him on field, so it does not matter at all. Oh yeah.


This space intentionally left blank


Jack Higgins That ton leaves his three round average next week and with the 36, well, gonna go down some. Well, I did say “No Curse” last week and wow, Jack Higgins outscored Shawn Higgins! And his price did go up, again not like it matters.

Paul Ahern Put up an ok score in a match that went badly for the Roos.

Brody Mihocek looks like he has a good chance of breaking $300,000 if you want to get cash from him. And by good I meant 100%, because he tonned up. He could easily get up to where a decent bank turns him into a premium R22 or R23.


Non Cow Stuff


Final thoughts

Please let me know if I missed adding anyone or otherwise messed up!

Thanks for reading!


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10 thoughts on “Cow Talk – Round 19”

    1. Hmm, Different curse. I uploaded everything early and planned to check it before go live, but apparently scheduled this a day early! Fixed now, before the Cow Talk deadline at least! 🙂


  1. Agree with you oh wise father re not trading for backup. I am exposed up forward with only battle, but with four trades left, I’ll hold and if anyone goes down..I trade to another premo.


    1. Here is my conundrum. Re “Bringing in a back up”

      I have 3 trades and $55.300

      Doedee and Hibberd at D6/D7
      O Conner DPP at D8

      I would love to upgrade Doedee this week.

      But I only have $ 460K max.

      The only player that I don’t own or can afford with an 100+ ave is Tom MacDonald.
      Even if he holds his average (with a very tough draw) he will gain me 20 points a game for 5 games = 100 points.

      This will also leave me broke with 2 trades and no defensive cover.

      Is a trade worth ( maybe) 100 points?

      I can alternately keep Hibberd and Doedee at D6/D7.

      Then trade Tim Smith to O Roirdan or lienert, Moving Spargo to F8 and O’conner to M11.

      This would leave me with 2 trades and a bank of $155k.
      I should also have defensive cover over the next few weeks at least.

      The third option is to spend the extra $ for a DPP M/D with maybe? better JS like J Smith. $224.500.

      This would leave me a bank of $55K. But also the ability to swing O’Conner around so I can loophole D6 / D7.

      My other defenders are Yeo laird Simo Hurley Ryan.

      Sorry for the long explanation but this is doing my head in.


      1. Have been thinking about this one mate for a while. Saddo that I am. Anyway, I reckon I wouldn’t worry about the dpp so much and get WHAT IS GONNA GIVE ME MOST PTS EVERY WEEK FOR 5 WEEKS.
        I’d then go Hibberd OUT O’Riordan IN. Probably 65-90 pts this week and he might even become consistently that good (likely). You’ll have Doedee back as cover next week with loads in the bank and two trades left for ANY eventuality that pops up.
        Just my thoughts. Good luck FT, whatever you decide.


  2. Got four trades left and am 1 mid off full premo, dont need to win this week as already in finals,

    am i better off…

    A) Holding the trades to cover injuries
    B) using the trades to bring in 350-400k type players on my bench as covers




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