Cow Talk – Round 22

Written by Father Dougal on August 15 2018

โ€œSmall or Far Awayโ€ Father Dougal on Cows

OK, so cows, no long a thing. All you need to know about cow price changes is now contained in their breakevens. So, what the topic? That’s the topic!

You’re blithering

Right, sorry. The topic of this week’s Cow Talk, for those faithful readers who are reading, is what sort of things would you like to see in next season’s Cow Talk. The numbers are a given, for those weeks where there are numbers to crunch, but how about preseason and the first few rounds before we have numbers? I always have more I want to work on than I have time for, so knowing what people are interested in helps me know what to spend that time on.

The things I am better at are things that involve numbers and strategy. The things I am less good at include questions like who will have a good season, and the sorts of things that a lot of other people already are discussing.

I already expect to write about what I learned from this season. Updated Rules of Cowquisitoin for sure. Strength of Schedule is an every season thing.

Anyways, I’d like to know what you would like to know!

Non Cow Stuff

I think that was the above part.

Non Supercoach Stuff

So, the first week of the FPL was something! I am shocked and amazed that my advice and suggestions were not abject failures! Well, at least a little bit. I did well, as did many other people in theย SuperCoach Talk league! There are 62 people in it! Go us.

If you have no pressing issues, this is a good week to try and save your free transfer. I’m saving mine.

I still have hopes of keeping something in this time slot post the AFL season, very likely to be about FPL, although you never know, I might even manage a little preseason supercoach stuff.


Final thoughts

Thanks for reading!


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11 thoughts on “Cow Talk – Round 22”

  1. Thank you Father. Your Cow Talks have been my favourite weekly posts all season. But I must confess that I am a simple man, and the last four columns on your tables (Time/Cash Value, etc) were just a little beyond my comprehension.

    My only request for next season would be big bold instructions for simpletons like myself, regarding when those statistics max-out or become most relevant for a player, so that I can act on it accordingly!



  2. Great stuff FD.

    I have had a terrible SC season and have already moved on. Next season is “too soon” to even think about ,let alone start planning for. ๐Ÿ™

    To help me through it…….

    I too joined the FPL. I took some advice from your good self and allsaints and managed a 83 first up. Is that good?

    I really want to save my trade this week but I have Richarlison glowing yellow. Should I bench him and hope for the best?

    My other thought was to swap out Erikson 9.5m for Pereyra 6.1m and bank the cash for next week to upgrade a forward. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    My FPL team.

    GK : Allison
    Def : Mendy / Robertson / Wan-Bissaka / Van-Aanholt
    Mid : Salah / Erikson / Richarlison / Sessegnon
    For : Arnautovic / Aubaneyang.

    Bench : Ryan / Cedric / Wilshere / Kamara.


    1. I would be slow to transfer Ericson out before Fullham at home. Pereyra has Burnley away. I would see how they do this week and if you still want to do that make two trades next week. Pereyra is not going to do that well every week.

      Oh yes, 83 is good. Top 3%.

      Overall Points: 83
      Overall Rank: 174,246
      Total Players: 4,978,982

      Unlike Supercoach, there is not a fixed number of points, so what is good does change week by week. They show the average each week, and a rank for each week, so you can tell from those.

      I like your team, and don’t see any pressing issues.

      A player with a Yellow will very often play. Don’t panic too much from those, and read the news. Just put Richarlison on the field and if he does miss a week you get your first sub. That’s what I am doing with him. I don’t think he will miss, but of course can’t know for sure. Often Friday press conferences will help.


  3. Thanks for all the awesome cow talks throughout the year father! held me in great stead this supercoach season!

    Thanks for all your info on Fantasy Premier League too! I have never played before and found myself scoring 101 points and ranked 10,333 after week one and now I’m super into it!
    Although I didn’t realise I”d only get the one free transfer and traded earlier in the week which was probably silly ๐Ÿ™

    At this stage my team looks like this:

    Mendy, Robertson, Wan-Bissaka, Van Aanholt
    Salah, Mane, Perayra, Richarlson
    Aguero, Zaha
    Bench: Fabianski, Bellerin, Masuaku, Kamara

    Not sure how good that team will be just yet!


    1. You are very welcome!

      You have good players. Certainly nothing to worry about now. Awesome start!

      Unlike SuperCoach, in FPL it is normal to move players in and out some based on form and fixtures. Doing that without blowing a lot of points on extra transfers or chasing points can be hard.


  4. Thanks for your hard work throughout the season.

    I came across SCT when searching for which rookies I should select at the start of the year. Your article on how to pick a team in 5 minutes (or something along those lines) was what got me into using the site regularly, and I am on track to have my highest ever ranking in 10 years of SC (I’m currently in the 300’s).

    So big kudos to you and the rest of the contributors for making this a great place to get any and all SC knowledge!


  5. Hey FD – love your cowlumn…
    A suggestion could be 2 scales of cows based on
    1. Cows who were cows at start of this year but didn’t play this season?
    2. New cows into abbatoir at start of next season

    This may not make sense – I’ll try…
    Every team had new players this year who were either rookies / drafts / trades (Cows) that ended up playing 0,1, or 2 games in big league so their original SCT score should pretty much stay the same (not always I’m sure….but you get the gist). How would they be assessed now?
    Player young gun1 was listed with team A for $117k as a forward
    played all year in the magoos for team A.
    never tore it up, but averaged 22 disp a game and has ‘potential’, the club likes him etc, just wasn’t right for this year in the big league…
    In theory, his price would be same or similar to this year – but of course, he has now developed a year, trained with club, bulked up, learned plays – all the other standard stuff
    How would this player rate as a cow at end of this season / going into next season based on this years form….
    Then this gets confirmed in pre-season games – corroboration of the stats?
    So you have 2nd year cows on 1 scale?

    1st year cows (rookie drafts etc) on another scale? They may have only played TAC Cup (I say only…) or come from a country club etc – so form not really known and the assessment of these guys is less sure and pre-season doesn’t always tell us much

    So second year cows more valuable if at same price and more known about them?

    Just thinking out loud and prob not very well…


    1. That’s an interesting idea! I’ll have to think about it. Not sure off the top of my head but it is a good question. I’m not much for analysis with no numbers, but there is at least a history…..thanks!


  6. Point is well-taken and probably not a bad thought.

    Only thing I will mention is (and someone can correct me if I’m wrong) but any game-time (AFL) or even being listed tends to bump up a rookie’s price. For example, if a player was the 102k minimum this year but was listed or “in the system” (or even more if he played an AFL game), his price would go up to 117 / 123k next season.

    I do like your idea as I think it will help suss out which rookies could be better selections.



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