Cow Talk – Round 23

Written by Father Dougal on August 22 2018

Small or Far Away” Father Dougal on Cows


Last week, so no price changes. The long wait for a Cow Talk that can discuss price changes begins. Somehow we will endure.

I saw the first episode of Disenchantment today. I knew from the below scene that I was destined to like it.

The scene: Elfo looking at a beautiful city and castle

Says Elfo “Wow! It’s so small.
[chuckles] Oh, wait, I’m far away.”

So they are stealing from the best!


Non Cow Stuff

I think that was the above part again. No cow stuff week 23.

Non Supercoach Stuff

So, the second week of the FPL was also something! I am happy as an Aguero owner even though I did not captain him.

With two weeks of data, we have the very smallest of tends to look at. The main takeaway is own 3 each Man City and Liverpool.

Obi-Wan Bissaka is out for a week, but no need to trade him.

If you want to know about impending price changes, try googling “FPL Price Changes” and you should see FPL Statistics show up. They have great data on those. Not perfect, but very useful still.

Final thoughts

See you next year, or maybe even next week for the FPL stuff. No promises of content every week, but I’m a-gonna try

Thanks for reading!



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4 thoughts on “Cow Talk – Round 23”

  1. Great effort all season, Father Dougal

    Thank you for your amazing weekly posts, you surely are a one of a kind….well done mate.

    Cheers Catta


  2. Great job for another year, Father Dougal.

    I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for you (and Schwarz) dealing with the time-zone differences, yet you consistently pump out quality content.

    Enjoy a well earned break!



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