Cow Talk Round 8 –> 9

Written by Father Dougal on May 15 2019

Small or Far Away, Father Dougal on Cows


I’m thinking it’s about time for a song!

…Not the horse song….?

No, no, a new song!

By Howard Jones?

No, by me. Well, lyrics by me, music by some other un-credited band

Like the horse song!

Quiet and listen:


Where have all the rookies gone?

Long time passing.

Where have all the rookies gone?

Long time ago

Where have all the rookies gone?

Popped their bubbles every one.

When will they ever return?

When will we ever learn?


Yeah, lack of downgrade targets. 

I made a rule about not wasting them, and now I look back and wish I had not been timid about taking Stack and Lockheart. Now there are ripe cows, waiting for harvest, and I am off in Moo-ron Pastures, wishing I’d followed my own advice.

(Sad) Squeak

Indeed. Well, best thing to do go on and talk about something else. Like, for example, my new cunning plan for how to approach the early season.

Which is now past. Good timing!

Nah, well, mostly nah. I mean it would have been better to think of it sooner, but still time left.

Does this new cunning plan have a name?

Not yet. Some sort of cow related one eventually. For, I’m calling it “Go Cow or Go home, mostly.”

You’re mostly calling it that, or the mostly is part of the name?

Mostly is part of the name.  Lemme explain:

Until your team has no cows on the field, all trades should involve at least one cow.

That’s it?


Oh great, you baffled the hamster!

And that is hard….?


Right, of course it is. Sorry.

So, seriously. It distills all the advice about how not to mess up early into one simple idea. You downgrade fat cows to thin cows. You upgrade fat cows to keepers. And nothing else. Well, close to nothing else?

You had me at “distilled”

Wait what about injuries? 

That would be the “almost” part. If you have a non cow get hurt, you can certainly trade them if you want to.

But, what about the time honored tradition of correctional trades? 

Nope. I mean if you feel you must, fine, but really, try to have none. Throw off your mental chains! The more I think about it, the more I think correctional trades are high risk and not worth the reward. When they go wrong they really go wrong. And trades are useful, and not using them when you do not need to means you have them when you do need to.

I’d also note that any player scoring like a keeper should not be considered a cow, at least until their bye. The idea is to improve the part of the team where you get the most improvement, and that is low scoring cow to keepers, and only when that is all done go to high scoring cows to keepers. Or sideways trades. We really don’t know who we are going to want at the end of the season until at least 1/3 of the way through, and even then a lot of players are going to fall off, and not be worth bringing in, and a lot of players are going to step up and finish far better than they started. Schwarzwalder did a very clever trade talk review, and look at how so much of what people really wanted to do has turned out less then well.

Well, I will say one thing about that.

Which is?

Far more clear then whatever Zen stuff you were babbling about last week!



Collins – Pick any of his previous scores. He could score that again any week. So ready to be traded.

Scrimshaw – Came back, and manged a decent score before having to leave due to migraine. Darn. And wow that must have been seriously painful! Beats a lot of other things, but still. Owch. Keep hold, whatever.

Hore – Still growing. He is twenty three and may be able to keep this up. I mean, wow. So do not trade him out before his bye.

Clark – Nice time to put up his highest score so far. Holding for two weeks would be fine now, Not tragic if you need to cash him in , but there are a lot of other defenders who should go first.

Duursma – Sort of done, but he does play the Suns next. Best chance of a high score he will have all season. Wait a week and hope? I am.

Wilke – Could go, anytime

Moore – Well, his 66 was disappointing against the Blues. Numbers say he can go. I don’t feel like he is ready to though.

Ridley – Did not play

Rozee – Looks like he is done.



Walsh – Well, he has slowed down, but Tim Kelly slowed down last season and then punished those of us who traded him out. Of course Kelly was older. I am still planning to keep him to his bye. He can’t be the person most in need of replacing on most teams.


Constable – I’m not going to and do not need to discuss the “fun” involving him last week. (Mutters things not suitable for a family site) He scored well, and has more money to make.

Butters – Did not play

Atkins – Wow, that 12 pushes him to the front of the line, ready to go through the doors of the place of happy release. Sad after that nice 87!

Cousins – Came back and did well enough to make him worth keeping a bit longer. Not that there is anyone to downgrade him to anyways!

Bailey Smith – Blah score, time to go.

Gibbons –  He is still done barring another miracle, and there was none last week. Hold not your breath for one this week.

Stack– Happily he goes, not caring at all about the lack of downgrade options. Hold at least another week.

Ross – Oh, fiddlesticks! And other words that start with F.  I see I messed up his sheet, but really, it matters not. He will not be back until R15 or more and can be traded anytime. At least he won’t be a surprise in if you use him as a loophole.

Lockheart – Wow, two good scores in a row. Go him. I mean, keep him. Do not go him, hold him for at least another week and maybe more.

Hayes – So far he is exactly the slow but steady type we expected. I will be happy if he just keeps his job and averages 55.


O’Brian – Ruck Cow! Whoo hoo. Gonna make more cash, doing well. I’m just gonna say that every week until I don’t.


Drew – Also plays the Suns next week, like Duursma. I guessing it is because they are on the same team. Hold a week?

Parker – Stick a fork in him. That 25 will slow or stop his growth for too long to make him a good hold.

Setterfield – Do people still own him? If so I guess keep holding.

Miers – Man I am sad to have missed him. Was there anyone who saw this coming and said so?

Petruccelle – Again, I can just say “See Gibbons.”

Balta – He might end up the poster child for holing cows who start off badly. Would not have been worth a trade to get rid, so hold and hope. Rule about that somewhere…..

Baker – Somehow a mere 72 is disappointing. Still looks a hold to his bye.


Remember, all predictions wrong or triple your money back!

The Horse Song. Ted and I made a Video! (Apparently they are obligatory.)

Thanks for Reading!




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34 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 8 –> 9”

    1. if ppl are busting for a rook & prepared to go early
      i am expecting a 1st gamer to debut this week
      by all reports he’s a gun
      for those that dont know him

      Brett Bewley (Fremantle) $117,300, Mid

      24 yrs old , 186 cm , 86 kg , mature age recruit
      prefered position , inside mid
      lyon said preseason that he would start him as an outside mid
      ex Western Jets captain , played for Williamstown , VFL
      29 possessions on good friday’s game
      averaged 25 disposals a game in 2018 , and led the league for effective long kicks.
      2nd best distance runner @ freo behind brad hill
      ankle injury interrupted his start to the season
      tipped to be one of this year’s most popular cash cows


  1. Good work FD. The question is not who to trade but who to trade to? Hately is not getting a game nor Rotham and Stocker has not set the world on fire? Love to trade Parker and Atkins but I don’t have a replacement for them. Any suggestions? Tls M.


  2. Good work FD. The question is not who to trade but who to trade to? Hately is not getting a game nor Rotham and Stocker has not set the world on fire? Love to trade Parker and Atkins but I don’t have a replacement for them. Any suggestions? Tks.M


  3. Lack of new cows is worrying

    TU : Trade out Walsh & Atkins/Gibbons, Trade in Macrae & Stocker OR
    TD : Trade out Atkins & Gibbons, Trade in Dunkley & Stocker

    Can’t quite afford to get Macrae in without trading out Walsh.


  4. Love this, always a must read. Any chance of adding a couple of more recent likely cows, like answerth, moore (hawthorn), corbett etc in future weeks? would be highly useful 🙂


    1. FD has gone to bed.

      Cows need a few weeks 3 /4 of growing, before he can get enough data..

      Those names you mentioned, will start showing up in a few weeks time.

      How good is Cow talk !


      1. Thank you!

        I had indeed gone to bed. I should probably add a bit at the end about not being able to respond until tomorrow, because of sleep and work and such.


  5. Hey, FD. Cow Talk always the highlight of the week at SCT, just got a quick question for ya (and anyone else) about Drew.

    Planning to move him to Boak this week, who I think will throw down a big score against the Suns. While Drew might even put up good score against the Suns and make more cash with Wines out of the side, I think now is the time to strike on Boak- honestly think he can hit his BE.

    With that in mind, is it okay to offload Drew this week?


    1. It depends who else you have on field Gunboat. If you have someone like Parker/Petrucelle on field in the forward line you should not be upgrading your higher scoring rookie to a premo before the low scoring one. Look to capitalise on Drew’s scoring and upgrade a rookie at the same time while you can.

      If you have no other lower scoring rookies onfield in the forward line then that sounds like a solid trade to me.


      1. Point taken, Duffer.

        Only other FWD rookies on-field are Baker and Bolton, who will definitely make more cash. Got Setters and Corbett on the bench, but they’re slow burns who I don’t have any intentions of trading just yet.

        Will mull it over, ty.


    2. Hey GD
      Risky as Drew more likely to hit break even then Boak which will mean same trade will give you more value next week.
      Given your huge $ to spend this week could you keep Steele for another week and upgrade a Scott or Atkins to J Kelly.


      1. You make a brilliant point, PBuzz. Hmm.

        Just trying to get the premos I want in ASAP, might be too eager it seems.

        The Steele experiment appears to have failed, so I see no point to keeping him around.

        As for the issue of BEs with Drew and Boak, I have a feeling Boak will go 140+ this week. Might it be worth paying the price of whatever Drew goes up and Boak goes down by to get that 140+ into my total score? Hmm.

        Have had a DPP relevation on my commute home! Could trade out Duursma instead of Drew and get Boak. Will see if it’s feasible when I get home and I’ll get back to you all.

        Ty for the response, PBuzz


        1. Gunboat.

          Please read Cow Talk..

          HOLD STEELE.

          He could easily have a great back half of the season.

          Any Premo’s you own now, should only be on the trade table when all your on field rookies are upgraded.

          Don’t throw away trades now, trust me you will need them later.

          Boak has been a revelation so far.

          With Wines, Gray and Ebert out, he will cop more attention, and may even be used forward more.

          He may go alright this week but at his current price.. I don’t feel he is a great buy now, for the rest of the season.

          Hold Steele!


          1. He isn’t a premo, FT- nor has he ever been. That’s the problem. I listened to many on this site and rolled the dice with him and it didn’t work out. That’s fine. Plan is to bring in J. Kelly.


          2. It’s as if I’m luxury trading him now. Expect J. Kelly to avg waaaaaay more than him from here on out.


    1. bolton is catching my eye at the moment too ,
      goood JS
      anyone that costs 250k & can score 126 is worth look’n in to
      POD as well 2.9%


  6. I just had a light bulb moment.

    Thanks to you FD… I wasn’t scared to go Baker 1 week after his bubble. I could see a better F5/6 and I wanted in.

    Yes I missed his first price rise, but he is still growing nicely and I haven’t missed his points.

    Back to the light bulb thing.

    With Nank going down.. Could Balta be be worth a look ?

    At $198K and a B/E of -24

    He is expensive.. But could he ton up ( on field) in the next few weeks and really be a Balta ?

    I know you say to hold ROB.

    I know he will make more cash,but he is doing NOTHING for my on field points.
    I see a 66 in his cycle and a tough match up in Stef Martin this week.
    Add in the fact that Bines can’t be used even to loophole forwards, and it might be time for him to go.

    My planned trades for this week are..

    Ross for Macrea.

    ROB to Balta.

    Balta’s JS / R14 Bye forward and potential to go big in the ruck, sealed the deal.

    This is one of those calls that will make or break my season.

    At my rank I’m willing to take the risk..

    Thanks again FD.


    1. This made me consider balta for RoB, then I look at how much more money RoB could make and think against it- also RoB will be handy that bye week G&G are out too


    2. Thing is I reckon Richmond will just bring in Soldo to play Nank’s role so not sure it’s automatic that Balta gets more game time, let alone standalone ruck time.


      1. You could be right but I think he’ll get more opportunities in the ruck and particularly around the ground as Soldo is slow . I wouldn’t be trading out Rob as he has more money to make, need to find another option to bring him in. That’s assuming Hately or Stocker are not named.


    3. i toyed with balta/ruck scenario also
      apparently he is actually a ruckman ,
      unfourtunatly , the tigers have decided to use him as a fwd instead this year
      but balta wont play ruck unfortunately
      soldo was best on ground last week , they will give the ruck duties to him


  7. Bless me Father for I have sinned … started Hore, Balta, Collins and Yeo… none survived beyond R3… ignored Stack, Baker and Bolton yet I’m a Tiger… cruel penance..


    1. I’m a tiges man and also missed those 3. Didn’t think any of them would keep their spot. And then the injuries came. Rapt with how they are playing though


  8. with my danger downgrade to ainsworth last week ,
    i now have 8ook in the bank for upgrades
    constable to fyfe
    parker to dunkley
    probably bring danger back in when he bottoms out @ 44ok
    gotta find that cash generation where you can when rooks are scarce
    clarke & baker are getting midfield time now so no hurry to trade them
    maybe gibbons to boak next week depending on his price drop after this round


  9. The light bulb has blown,I will not be trading in Balta.

    If he was named solo ruck maybe. Soldo in, means I just can’t take the risk at his price.



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