Cow Talk Round 9 –> 10

Written by Father Dougal on May 22 2019

Small or Far Away, Father Dougal on Cows

Live from the Abattoir! Cows for slaughter and dying on their own to beat the rush!

Now, you know that is totally not true

What, the cows are dropping like they have Dangerfield’s ankles!

Not that. We are not in an abattoir.

Um. Well…

You are, in fact, just making that up.


You are, in fact, at your computer, like normal, at home, where we do not slaughter animals. 

…a few hamsters have passed here after living to a ripe old age. By hamster standards at least.

Not close to enough to qualify as an abattoir.

He still has poor Nymeria in the freezer! 

Right more of a Hamster funeral home with bad service. 


Well, it’s true. Now start again.

After a few thoughts for Nymeria

Right ok, a moment of silence. BLESSED silence.


Live from a hamster funeral home with bad service, no cows at all, just one much missed hamster now in icebox purgatory, Cow Talk!

Um, right…..I think I’m gonna skip intros in the future. Speaking of which, I’m going to predict the future! It isn’t hard because I am basing it on the past. Here we go:

Post byes, there will be carnage and between selection and injury we will often struggle to avoid donuts.

That was it?

Yup. See we forget. Last year I wrote about how every year we think, “Wow, the carnage is really bad this year” but forget the carnage is that bad every year. My theory being it is too painful to remember, and so we forget. The early season is a lot more fun, I feel, and the end more work. We recall the good time and forget the bad.

So, why bring this up now?

Because of my other prediction, and an observation.

Sigh. I’ll bite. What are they?

My prediction is that the byes are going to be rougher then usual.  My observation is that avoiding donuts is rougher than usual right now. I feel like it is going to keep up into the byes.

And having even a small increase in outs over the byes could really make things tough. 

Oh, well yes, exactly. Combine the injuries to popular players and all the cows who have lost their jobs and who are missing weeks, and you’re headed to the donut shop.

And since we are all living this now, we can all decide just how full of it you are in real time!


Yeah, well, anyways, What this has me thinking is that for once all the numbers below are less important than if a cow is going to play. I’m thinking I want players who I expect to play to stay even if they are ripe and ready to cash in. At least until I have gotten rid of the ones who I am nervous about being on the field over the byes. Or this week. I can’t even begin to decide who I might want to trade in and out without seeing the team this week, because I might end up forced to take what I need rather than what I want.

So don’t bother reading the player section?

Hey, now lets not start in with crazy talk!

Yeah, sorry. I was frightened by the idea of going into the byes with so many non-playing rookies and injured or dodgy keepers. Like you have. Wonder what made you start thinking about this…. 

Yeah, well, doesn’t make it not a thing still.




Collins – Sure hope you traded him out a while back. If not he is so ready to go.

Scrimshaw – Not likely to make much more money, not too likely to lose much. Another 96 about now would be nice

Hore – Mr Reliable. Until I said that. I beg the SC gods not be smite him.

Clark – That 81 is going to keep him from dropping a lot this week.  After that, not looking so good

Duursma – Quite done. Seems likely to go backwards.

Wilke – Also dropping in price.

Moore – Did not play. Please come back. I’m sorry for all those things I said.

Rozee – Last week I said “Looks like he is done.” I was wrong. What a well timed 116! Two more weeks. With his job security, maybe a lot more weeks



Walsh – Probably going to lose some cash, and I do do not car because of his high job security.


Constable – I hate that I pretty much need him to play this week. I expect I’m not alone.

Butters – Did not play

Atkins – Did not play

Cousins – Has some more cash to make, and plays in R13….

Bailey Smith – Wow, he has managed something I don’t recall seeing before. He just put up a season high score but is projected to lose cash next week anyways! Means he was near the top of his price range, the high score pushed him over, and is average scores won’t be enough to keep his price up. But, high JS, and plays in R13.

Gibbons –  Well, if you did hold your breath you didn’t have to smell his putrid 28. Looks likely to lose a lot of cash real soon now.

Stack– He has pretty much made his money, but has more upside them many of the older cows.

Lockheart – See Stack.

Hayes – I have so much confidence in him I traded M Crouch to Yeo in order to avoid playing Hayes on field. Swing of 105 points. His cash generation is gonna take a hit from that 31. Hope he keeps his job.


O’Brian – May not make more cash. No rush to trade out, but there is a lot of money to be extracted from him. Could be more, not likely to be less. Another ton would add some nice value, if you can afford to wait.


Drew – Did not play

Parker – Followed up his 25 with  a 30.  He seems to have high Job security though, and in theory you could him and wait for both those scores to leave his three round average.

Setterfield – A 29, wow, he sure stalled out in the growth department.

Miers – He has risen high – so much so his wings may melt and send him back down. But, maybe not. And he has a job….

Petruccelle – No longer can I  say “See Gibbons.” So, um, what do I say….Well, he has made his money, and has a job…..boy is that a theme this week!

Balta – Very much a circular cow now. Which means his average if used for a projection will probably be very misleading. For why I call ’em that, use the google. Anyways, he gets TWO projections. The top one with his season average and the bottom one with his three round average. I hope with great hope he play to R14 and keep scoring 80+ the whole time. Hope hope hope.

Baker – The 54 pretty much stopped his growth, but as an owner I am not even considering selling him. Play to 14 with Balta. Please. A lot please.


Remember, all predictions wrong or triple your money back!

Apologies in advance for delays in responding to comments, ’cause sleep and work. Stupid time zones.


Thanks for Reading!




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15 thoughts on “Cow Talk Round 9 –> 10”

  1. Methinks I have to leave Parker roaming the bare patch in the corner pocket of the paddock. Down there whence nobody goes. Please do something this week and next. Please!


  2. Just for your info.. Butters did play and had a nice 76..
    only nice cause he saved me from Hayes score and gave me a win 🙂
    Obviously most people got rid of him but didn’t lose cash


  3. Thank you Father, this is my must read weekly. My commet is that I have Collins & Corbert which I believe their JS for the remainder of the season is very good & am quite happy to sit them on the pine & whenever use them as loopholes.
    Realise their are a lot of rookies to play their 2nd game this week but cant see any of them holding their place for the remainder of the year.


    1. Don’t need them to play out the year though, 6-8 rounds is usually enough for rookies to go up $150k.


  4. Well said once again father , correct on most points as per usual.
    What i think you also wanted to say , but lack out data would go as follows,
    Hayes-out of his league, watched him closely-yes i have him
    Answerth- as above
    Add Moore, mouch, mouse, williams, scott,and burgess and i am feeling very bloody nervous, i think the port boys might have to stay at least till their bye.


    1. I’m not good enough at giving the eye test to have noticed that. And I think I fell asleep partway through the Dogs match. But, thanks lots of the input; I can so believe that. I worry about Hayes too. I am also wondering about the port boys!


  5. Thanks FD.

    I wish I’d gone Balta last week. 🙁

    But….. then I wouldn’t have been able to afford ROB to lloyd ( in one trade) this week. With a double down planned for next week, I can’t leave that cash (ROB’s) lying around a few more weeks.

    Fingers crossed for selection.

    I know your praying for us all.


  6. I took Moore over Larkey, Corbett, had 15d, 5m scored 1.1 got dropped. Bit unlucky but few senior Hawks pushing, hope hasnt hurt me for byes.



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