Crystal Ball – Mid Season Results

Written by Motts on June 5 2018

Roo Bloke has been working overtime to deliver us the half time scores in our Crystal Ball competition. Thanks again for going to extra yards for us mate.

5 points (West Coast) – NO-ONE!!!!!

4 points (Richmond) – 1der, BOMBER2018 & Zac

3 points (Melbourne) – allsaints & Zim (Year of the Demons)

2 points (Sydney) – Cambeat10, DojoWarrior & Natopotato88

1 point (Geelong) – Arzi, Champ, Dermot, Duffer, ET, HaRRy, Huttabito & Kid81

0 points (Port Adelaide) – Cuzza2

0 points (Adelaide) – Chillo, Fred, Hedski, Mutley, Nateo & Oscar Jebseelan

0 points (GWS) – ATLfan, Ben, Big Hugo, Daniels_Riches, EatChickenNuggets, Gold Coast Loser’s Coach/Fan, Grinter, Lone Gold Coast Supporter, Pusherman, Roo Bloke, Schwarzwalder, ẞilvagni, tazspeech, The Salamander & Zim (Back to reality)

0 points (Essendon) – Adam Magennis, Blue lamb tang, Diesel & The Far Canal


We clearly missed the memo that West Coast was going to get out of the blocks so strong this season. Not one of the 42 entries included West Coast as the round 11 leader. Who would’ve thought the revolutionary strategy of selecting the reigning premier as the ladder leader would be a POD in this comp. In hindsight all things are 20/20 but it seems so obvious now!

Zim’s heart entry is currently trumping his head entry in the little experiment he’s running. Exactly half the coaches went with Adelaide or GWS as their current ladder leader but the injury plague running through both clubs has made wins few and far between.

Speaking of 20/20 hindsight, here’s some of the more unlikely selections. They seemed reasonably logical at the time but not so much now. There’s a lot I could feature but we can’t always predict injuries but a potato in Feb is still a potato in June, it’s just stinks more. I thought I’d focus on a few that we should’ve really seen coming.

Runner Up – Western Bulldogs (Adam Magennis)

I get the logic of a team bouncing back to their former glory but the writing was massively on the wall that this selection wasn’t going to happen. If Adam barracks for the Dogs then I get this as sheer delusion but if he doesn’t this is a horrid selection.

Wooden Spoon – North Melbourne (21)

It’s with great pleasure that I laugh in the face of the 50% of entries that got this one wrong. Regardless of where things go for North from here the spoon’s not ours. Take that SCT community!

Coleman – Daniher (12)

Not so much a mistake but just unlucky. He should’ve had a big year. Over ¼ of our entries expected Joey’s meteor to continue to rise but instead it’s crashed to earth in a hugely disappointing fashion a la Deep Impact.

Rising Star – Davies-Uniacke (7)

He’s been in and out of the North team and is currently on the outs and probably not the next in line. Unlikely to get a nomination let alone take home the award.

#1 SC Defender – Robertson (Blue lamb tang)

Ever ordered the lamb vindaloo when you wanted the lamb rogan josh? They were next to each other on the menu and you got mixed up didn’t you. Same happened to Blue lamb tang I think. Unless he had big expectations from Nick Robertson of the Lions I think he wanted Roberton as his tip. Either way Blue lamb tang is outta luck as Robertson is plodding along as expected and Roberton is out injured.

#1 SC Forward – Billings (7)

Oh dear, with guys like Gray, Heeney, Buddy, Menegola, etc.., to choose from 7 entries picked a break out from Billings. The reason I included this is after Jack’s 1st round 133 these 7 entries would have been thinking they were SC masters. Yeah, umm, his next highest is 85 and he’s had 6 sub 60 scores for the season. He’s STILL in 12% of teams btw!!

There was some mention of a mid-season Crystal Ball comp. Whilst I’m not going to run a parallel comp to my own comp I’d love to throw the floor open and provide a platform for the SCT community to do some additional crystal balling. Here’s the criteria: Big Prediction (for the remainder of the season – interpret it however you wish), Big Surprise (what’s happened so far that you didn’t see coming), Grand Final, Brownlow.

The next set of results will come out in the pre finals bye round.


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23 thoughts on “Crystal Ball – Mid Season Results”

  1. Here’s my mid season crystal balling

    Big Predictions
    * West Coast to get more wins than Carlton, Gold Coast, St Kilda and Brisbane for the season.
    * Final 8 to be locked in before the last round
    * One of the gun fwds will have a day out against a lesser team and bag a dozen.
    * A player will get a double hundred this season.

    Big Surprise
    * North’s success
    * Eagles dominance
    * That BT still has a job

    Grand Final
    West Coast vs Richmond

    Would love a Gawn win. It’d be great for the game. Gaff will go close. Cotch maybe? Hmmm…. I’ll go with the Hawthorn midfield, I mean, Mitchell.


    1. Great write-up and effort RB.
      Would love to see big Max bag the Brownlow.
      BT?!? Hilarious
      JJK to bag 13+ and pop the double-century


      1. JJK loves the bag against the weaker side. He came to mind but the Eagles run home isn’t the easiest so I can’t see it. Reckon Brown against the Saints in round 23 is probably the most likely.


        1. Biased at all? To be honest, when he’s on a roll he’s on a roll and can kick them from anywhere. Would love to see him do it. But not against the Saints!


        1. Not so sure it is. One thing I’ve learned in the 13 years I’ve been here is just how short-termist the media are on teams’ chances based on their last (few) performance(s). I find it bemusing.

          Like last year and that flog Mark McClure stating that Sydney’s season was over after round five. Of course it bloody wasn’t. You rarely go from being an awesome side to a sh!t one in six months.

          I reckon the sides who really fancy their chances go a bit lighter pre-season and start slower early in the season as they recognise what a hard slog it is. Particularly if you just played deep into September the previous season. It’s all about hitting your straps at the pointy end and in Aussie rules world that means finals. If GWS win 8-9 of their last 11 then they’ll likely make the four. If they make the 8, you can be certain no one will want to face them.

          Adelaide on the other hand seem cooked. Threw everything at winning it the last two years, Tex causes ructions within the group and you have to think they’ve probably missed their chance.

          Being a pom, I’m used to a much longer season. Growing up in the 80s no one would write off Arsenal or Liverpool if they didn’t win in the first few weeks of the season, or were mid-table at Christmas. It’s a long haul and it should be recognised as such.

          Melbourne and Collingwood started slowly this year and the same media ‘experts’ start writing them off. A few weeks later and they can win the flag. Realistically somewhere in between you’d think, but would love to see the Dees go deep.

          Thought GWS showed us glimpses last week in Adelaide and that last quarter effort where they simply overran Adelaide was the best footy I’ve seen this year; and suggests that there is more to come.

          Rant over. Cheers 🙂


          1. Well-said, especially about the media commentary of “this team is clearly top-4” and then two weeks later the story is “this team is hopeless, they could finish bottom of the ladder.”

            With GWS, they have had a lot of injuries and they still have a good list and a good game plan. I think they’re a solid chance for playing finals but a lot would have to go right from here for them to make the top-4 (including a few others dropping off considerably).


  2. Great write up Roo Bloke, appreciate the effort.

    You made me go back and look at my predictions and I’m happy to say that my “heart” picks are doing better than my “head” picks.

    Go the Dees!


  3. Thanks Roo Bloke.

    My Big Predictions are:

    Dusty to bounce back and be $600K by R16.
    Buddy to miss 3+ games by R23
    Rocky to pump out a big score next round, Tempting yet more folks into trading him in, before injury strikes yet again R19-20. 🙁

    Big Surprise.

    Billings to Ave 101+ from now to R23.
    Trelore to steam home (120+ av) and take Macrea’s spot as most expensive MID.

    Titch for the Brownlow.

    Sydney v Richmond GF
    Richmond By 14

    Ps I’m useless at tipping.
    So 9o+% of this will not occur.


    1. You had me til I read the PS! Quite fancy Treloar to storm home too, and if Billings downs a pint of confidence anything’s possible.
      Fancy the Tigers will go back to back but can’t pick the oppo. GWS?!?


  4. Good stuff RB.
    Don’t employ me as a fortune teller, as I had North and the Eagles in the bottom 5 and Essendon in the top 6!


    1. Same on Eagles and North (spoon), but worse than you, I had Saints at 6th. Bit one-eyed that call 😉


      1. Haha, yeah certainly didn’t predict such a great start from those teams. I had the Suns, Carlton and Brisbane rounding out the bottom 5. Can’t remember where I had the Sainters, possibly 10th? Don’t worry about the one-eyed call mate, I have the Lions pencilled in as premiers for 2022! 😉


  5. Big Predictions:

    – The minor premier to make the Grand Final.
    – The team that concedes the fewest points in the home and away season to make the Grand Final (and probably lose).
    – The team with the highest contested possession average to make the Grand Final.
    – One of last year’s Grand Finalists to make it again this year.
    – The winner of the Grand Final to have averaged over 100 points during the home and away season.
    – A team that missed the 8 last year to make the top 4.
    – Several teams that missed the 8 last year will make it this year.
    – The winner of the Brownlow Medal to be in the All-Australian team, and will have finished in the top-5 last year.
    – A team that is currently in or near the top 4 to fall away completely in the second half of the year.

    And some big predictions for 2019:

    – Essendon to have a great first two or three weeks, before immediately reverting back to mediocrity.
    – Another team to also have a great first few rounds, and be at or near the top of the ladder at the end of round three or four, before falling away completely.
    – Plus all of my 2018 predictions, again 😉

    Big surprises:

    – West Coast and North Melbourne being good.
    – Channel 7 thinking that James Brayshaw is a good commentator.

    Brownlow: Tom Mitchell (I haven’t done any modelling on this yet, so this is just a wild guess at this stage).

    Grand Final: Melbourne (winner), Richmond (runner-up).


    1. Your first two big predictions = West Coast vs Geelong if it were decided now. On the eve of retro round too! My first life lesson in disappointment was served up by the Wet Toast all those years ago, would be an amazing story of retribution to me.


    2. Those ‘big predictions’ are just statistical patterns that repeat nearly every year, by the way.

      I’d also like to add one more: the Grand Finalist who is not the minor premier will have finished 2nd or 3rd.


  6. Big Prediction: North to choke after round 14

    Big Surprise: Lions to win 6 of the last 10

    Grand Final, Swans v Tigers

    Brownlow: Grundy



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