Cyril – Not So Delicious?

Written by Motts on March 23 2011

Just received a heads-up on Rioli from Daniel:

“Clarkson said after a Hawks nab match that Cyril won’t play midfield. They already have Hodge, Sewell, Lewis, Bruce, Mitchell etc”

I asked if he had a link to back up his claims.

“It was on SEN 1116 radio station after they beat Melbourne. I think he had almost 30 possessions and Andrew Gaze (also a Hawks fan) questioned Clarko on it and he said great game but he won’t stay in the midfield, may get patches for ration purposes but not often.

If this is true, it changes my thoughts on him. Can anyone confirm?


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18 thoughts on “Cyril – Not So Delicious?”

  1. Some of Crawf’s selections from yesterday’s Pimp My Side:

    J Gibson
    A Everitt

    T Cotchin
    B Helbig
    D Swallow
    J Toy
    T McKenzie
    T Liberatore

    M Clark
    R Warnock

    N Riewoldt
    L Franklin
    A Goodes
    C Yarran
    C Knights
    A Marric
    B Smith
    B Matera
    C Richardson

    Van Berlo

    He said it wasn’t set in stone yet.


  2. I haven’t got Cyril ATM, but that wouldn’t concern me overly.

    I was under the impression he was being more looked at for the creative halfback role more than pure midfield. You put Hodge in the middle and you need someone else that can kick and run it off half back. That’s as potentially lucrative as any most midfield spots and Cyril looks as good a fit as any at Hawthorn.

    If we swaps with Hodge or Burgoyne occasionally, all the better.


  3. He just said he isn’t going to primarily be a midifielder, so he will probably play like he did in the 2nd half of last year as a forward with stints through midfield, when he scored very well.


  4. I tried looking for the podcast on sen and they cut off the last little bit of the interview where I think gaze says something like Cyril been good in the midfield ( they were talking about Kennedy leaving coz he couldn’t back into the midfield) and clarko quickly says something like yeah but he won’t play there. I imagine he will get some gamerime there as mentioned but not a whole lot


  5. I think it’s funny no one has mention Hodgey is in doubt this week, so Sizzle might be playing in center after all.


  6. As a Hawks I will offer a supporters opinion, I don’t reckon you’ll see as much of Cyril in the midfield as you would like. When we got beaten last year our tackle pressure in the forward half was awful so I think they will not only want to utilise Cyril’s defensive pressure skills but obviously his silky skill in the forward half will be more than useful.

    I for one would love to see Buddy and Cyril roaming the forward of the ground and pushing into the midfield as required, pretty scrumptious stuff if you ask me.

    Now I know he is no Cyril but there is a kid who apparently Clarko is a big fan who has impressed in the pre season, played a few games last year by the name of Liam Shiels so he’ll likely be given the chance. Hodgey gave him a pump up when interviewed last week as part of the captains day, it was about 4:15 and on either MMM or SEN. We also have a fit C. Young ready to run up and down the wing again this year.


  7. His use as an impact player when the game is up for grabs is what boosts his SC scoring so I’m more than happy to have him not playing in the midfield. I can see him kicking 40+ this year if he stays fit.


  8. Shhhhhh just quietly, I’m hearing that Tom Schnieder could get quite a few games at Hawthorn this year – M/F DPP and only $91k.



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