Written by Schwarzwalder on June 23 2017

Our resident numbers-man, Adam asked for a Bench Premiums/Loophole thread to thrash out some options for D7, M9 & F7.

For all the SC-Newbies out there………If things go well with team planning, injuries and trades then there is the possibility of trading in an extra Fallen Premium or Mid-Pricer on each line.  They can either be used  as bench cover or as part of an emergency loophole scheme.  That works similar to the Captains Loophole, although you’ll need a non-playing option on each line for that to work.

Adam listed a few examples that could be handy as bench cover if you have the trades to spare in the coming weeks:

DEF– J Johannisen, L Montagna, S Burgoyne
MID– R Gray, J Steven, M Priddis
FWD– J Waite, B Acres, T Walker, I Smith, C Petracca

For what it’s worth, I’m bringing in Jake Lloyd this week (as most of you) with an eye to using him as my DEF/MID bench cover over the last ten weeks.  I still have Greenwood (ADE) as F6 for the time being.  Depending on my trade situation, he might even become my cover for F7/M9 if things get desperate.

As always we’d love to hear from you on this one.  Have you factored in any emergency loopholes for the coming weeks?  Any Mid-Pricers that you have your eye on?




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7 thoughts on “D7/M9/F7”

  1. I was eyeing off robbie gray as m9 but he might have increased too much by the time finals arrive. Also looking at ports schedule they play four Sunday games in last four rounds so you wouldn’t be able to loophole him.


  2. This round I have Shaw as D7, Greenwood as F7 and Beams as M9, all based on when games are versus other loophole options and my non playing players etc. Will typically excpect D7 to be Shaw Hibberd or Lloyd. F7 to be Llynch Buddy Nank. M9 Greenwood until I find a cheap Premium. Got the flexibility to move lots of guys around to avoid getting too shut down by the fixture each round if that makes sense.


  3. Thinking Lloyd and Wallis loopholing where possible for Rance/Tuohy/Newman and Lynch respectively. Will rotate them through MIDs when I need cover depending on the loophole options for the week.

    Unlikely that I’ll end up with a dedicated MID loophole/cover so figure that this is next best scenario.

    Opinions welcome.


  4. The rising sea levels are lapping at the door of my harbour mansion so I have to make this quick….

    I’m going OK, full premo & inside the top 2000 but I’ll never be able to afford any of those luxury benchcovers mentioned! Lloyd at D7 indeed!!

    My plan for bench cover is –

    Def – Nik Robbo
    Mid – Bartlett/Greenwood
    Ruck – Nanker via Stadininika which equals Greenwood
    Fwd – Greenwood/Parsons




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