Dead Team League – Rd 1 Update

Written by Huttabito on March 29 2017

Kid81 with LynxKid81@SCTย has gotย his season off to a flier taking a commanding 80 point lead after Rd1.

Rank SCT User Name Team Name Score
1 Kid81 LynxKid81@SCT 2214
2 Bearded Burbler Bearded Burblers 2134
3 Champ Champ’s Champs 2064
4 SnoiL Snoil@SCT 2053
5 Chillo Chillo’s Dead Champs 2044
6 I’ve Just Crashed KB Kicking Behinds 2031
7 Thommo Thommo’s Extinct Tribe 2018
8 Roo Bloke RB’s Corpses 1997
9 Krispy Watsonia Warriors 1992
10 dotrat Chuck Berry Allstars 1973
11 THE DEATH ADDER Diamonds In The Rough 1960
12 Doolz Heavenly Creatures 1957
13 Shaggi The Buttslappers 1955
14 Shooter Shooter’s Legacy 1955
15 Huttabito Mumma’s Bois 1950
16 No Wins Tony No Wins Tony 1946
17 Sportivo Sportivo 1939
18 Peter C Sweetcheex 1934
19 Damon Trust the Process 1931
20 Adam Adam’s all stars 1927
21 teamcustard Teamcustard@SCT 1927
22 Gutters GameOfSloanes 1919
23 Father Dougal All Priests over 85 1918
24 Snoidz Thug Fyfe 1906
25 Tebs RIP Russell Crows 1899
26 sabluebagger sabluebagger 1887
27 The Salamander The Dead Salamander 1852
28 Slappa Slap DTL 1850
29 Motts The Dead Maulers@SCT 1841
30 Jamie C #TrustTheProcess 1828
31 Davo Team Davo 2017 1813
32 EatChickenNuggets EatChickenNuggets 1812
33 ned221 Ned Dead Redemption 1808
34 Cuzza2 MightyRoos@SCT 1787
35 scotty2hotty CoppinABrettEddy 1776
36 Scotty412 The Blue 22 Crew 1765
37 Yiorgakis The Dead Phat Side 1726

Some stats for you, because lets be honest, we all love stats!

  • – 126 individual players were selected.
  • – There are 35 players who are unique to a single team and 6 of them scored 100+ this week.
  • – Not one player was selected by every team, the most counts was 33.
  • – 31 donuts were eaten by 24 teams this weekend. One little piglet ate 3!

Updates will not be posted every week but remember, you are never too far behind in the Dead League.


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16 thoughts on “Dead Team League – Rd 1 Update”

  1. at least i can get something right ๐Ÿ˜‰ This team did 100 points better than my SC team!
    Thanks so much for doing this Huttabito.
    It is a pretty awesome concept!


    1. Have to remember there’s no captain either ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Assuming a reasonable captain choice from you team (not saying who, keep it all a mystery ๐Ÿ˜› ) the team you sent through would be sitting around 2,350 points, or rank 450 overall!


          1. I think in the DTL it will do well all year. Rookies that hit are way valuable, but aside from that mid pricers with an upside are good. I think I went for a few to many rookies to pay for a few too many premiums. We shall see though.


  2. Well done Hutta getting so many entries after only 11 people entered last year.

    No donuts for me this week luckily with the late in of Thurlow not that 36 helped much.

    However , i will be eating one for 5 to 8 weeks courtesy of a player thinking they were an Olympic hurdler jumping a chain and crashing to the concrete breaking an arm after failing in the execution.

    That’s an interesting unlucky way to end an 88 game unbroken playing streak. Doh!


    1. This!

      If Dave Swallow had played, my Dead team would have outscored my Classic team. I’m unsure if that’s a good thing or not…..


  3. Not sure who is in control of the Tech League this season, but there is still a team sitting in there who hasn’t followed the rules and needs to be removed from the group.


  4. Thanks Hutta, you are a champ.
    This league is a really interesting idea and I am keen to see how it pans out. You (and the other writers) put so much into this site which makes it invaluable and fun for readers like me. Cheers.


  5. Happy with 2053 considering I started with Nick Riewoldt – Dead team alright ๐Ÿ™
    hopefully back sooner rather then later



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