Dead Team League – Rd16 Update

Written by Huttabito on July 13 2017

Just not for the one that matters, Rank #1….

It’s looking like a one horse race with Bearded Burbler extending his lead a further 93 points over the last 3 weeks whilst Jack and his Salamanders have taken a beating dropping from 2nd with many of his premiums missing and now a couple on ice for the remainder of the season, ouch.

This has allowed Kid81 to jump back up into 2nd though which he has rightfully held for most of the season. What will it take for BB to fall from his throne over the last 7 weeks? Needing to make up an average of 116 points per week from here, Kid81 will have to back in his 9 PODs.

The battle between the two is the ‘Docherty vs Shaw’ Rd1 decision in motion – one which everyone has seen the effects in classic. BB is being prescribed weekly 120s from the Docter whilst Kid81 is putting up with Shaw’s mediocrity. Not finding the extra $15k at the start of the season has proven costly for many, with Docherty a full 524 points in front overall. 300 points in 7 weeks would be a much simpler task….

Rank SCT User Name Team Name Score Change
1 Bearded Burbler Bearded Burblers 27907
2 Kid81 LynxKid81@SCT 27094 +1
3 Gutters GameOfSloanes 26895 +4
4 Champ Champ’s Champs 26839 +4
5 Thommo Thommo’s Extinct Tribe 26774 +1
6 dotrat Chuck Berry Allstars 26656 +6
7 The Salamander The Dead Salamander 26601 -5
8 Tebs RIP Russell Crows 26575 -4
9 Davo Team Davo 2017 26483 +1
10 Peter C Sweetcheex 26467 -1
11 scotty2hotty CoppinABrettEddy 26466 -6
12 Huttabito Mumma’s Bois 26340 +6
13 Sportivo Sportivo 26196 -2
14 Scotty412 The Blue 22 Crew 26120 +3
15 Snoidz Thug Fyfe 25957
16 Jamie C #TrustTheProcess 25868 +3
17 No Wins Tony No Wins Tony 25814 -4
18 Shooter Shooter’s Legacy 25796 +4
19 Chillo Chillo’s Dead Champs 25793 -3
20 THE DEATH ADDER Diamonds In The Rough 25599 +5
21 Shaggi The Buttslappers 25540 -7
22 Slappa Slap DTL 25532 +2
23 Adam Adam’s all stars 25529 -3
24 Motts The Dead Maulers@SCT 25450 +6
25 Damon Trust the Process 25448 +2
26 Father Dougal All Priests over 85 25448 -5
27 Doolz Heavenly Creatures 25375 -4
28 sabluebagger sabluebagger 25113
29 SnoiL Snoil@SCT 24930
30 EatChickenNuggets EatChickenNuggets 24871 +4
31 Yiorgakis The Dead Phat Side 24656 +3
32 Krispy Watsonia Warriors 24196 +3
33 Cuzza2 MightyRoos@SCT 24154
34 teamcustard Teamcustard@SCT 24122 -3
35 Roo Bloke RB’s Corpses 24028 -3
36 ned221 Ned Dead Redemption 23420 +1
37 I’ve Just Crashed KB Kicking Behinds 23034 -1

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11 thoughts on “Dead Team League – Rd16 Update”

  1. Don’t think I don’t know what you’ve been doing over the past few weeks on your other posts Hutta…Trying to build up my angst with comments like “Shoey back in for my dead team” and “Rampe making the Dead team league interesting”, culminating in your first liner “Another three weeks, another changing in the ranks…..” but alas, the Burblers’ are still going strong, which is a bit of a surprise as I’ve had a few go down. Nether less, with my “top ups” back in Steele, Beams, Jones and co I’m feeling quietly confident on the home stretch…


  2. In addition to the Doc error, i can also blame JOM, Sandi, Hampton and beams for more doughnuts than Krispy Creame gives away on June 1st!!!

    thanks again for this comp though mate. really is a very cool idea and a lot of fun to be a part of!


    1. You’d be surprised at how popular the injured players were. I’ve certainly learnt a few things I’ll take into next year. I’ll throw up all the stats when the season is over. Good luck in the last 7 weeks!


    2. No Stress Kid – I’ve got those 4 players as well! As long as Doc doesn’t get tagged, I’m looking good


  3. I won it last year but the wheels have fallen off like Brisbane post 2004 and I’m third last this year. Can I get a priority pick or COLA or an academy or something next year??


  4. There seems to be a pattern with my teams this year: they start well, and then the wheels fall off. It happened with my tech team. Then in happened to my real team. And now, finally, it has happened to my dead team.

    Please don’t let it happen to my Fantasy and RDT teams!


  5. Nice to see the Chuck Berry Allstars coming home with a wet sail…
    Almost makes up for my wife’s horrible decisions with the Tech team. hahaha



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