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Written by Schwarzwalder on June 22 2017

Pete asked us to define ‘Premium’ in the Polling Station earlier in the week.  While it’s a little tricky to organise a poll for that, I thought we could open it up to the SCT Coaches in the Forum.

Going on current statistics, I’d define Premium as the following:

DEFENDERS – Currently four backmen averaging over 100+pts per game (Docherty, Laird, Adams, Roberton) so that seems to be the benchmark.  There are also five defenders averaging 95+ so you’d want your D5/D6 around that mark if possible.  OR you’d be looking for a Fallen Premium that (in your opinion) will average 95+ for the remainder of the season.


MIDFIELD – Dangerfield is ELITE and is simply a must-have in every team.  Apart from Danger, an average of 110+ seems to be the benchmark for the midfielders.  There are currently 14 MIDs averaging over 110+ with a further six that are averaging 105+.  Any of those choices should keep you competitive. Unless you see another Fallen Premium that you can see blitzing it from here on in………..


RUCK – Only two spots but is one of the trickiest lines to fill this year.  We have three Ruckmen averaging over 100+ pts (Kreuzer, Mumford & S.Martin) yet the top two have largely been avoided due to their injury history.  If you took the chance on Kreuzer & Mumford then you’d be laughing right now.  For the rest of us, any Ruckmen averaging over 95+ probably won’t lose us too many games in the run home.  Will be interesting to see how Max Gawn performs upon his return………


FORWARD – With only three players averaging over 100+ (Yeo, Heeney, Macrae), that has become the target for any new forward coming into our sides.  Hopefully you can snag another one or two that has a big run home over the next ten weeks.


How did I do?  Do you agree/disagree with my definition of ‘Premium’ on each line?  I went with pts ahead of price since overall price doesn’t win any games 😉


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13 thoughts on “Define Premium”

  1. Pretty much spot on Schwarzy. I generally want 100+ each from my def, ruck and fwd premos, and 110+ from mids.

    What I get is a different story though!


    1. From these numbers. So far this year. you can no longer call these guys premiums.

      T Lynch,
      J Cameron.

      This is just a few of the obvious ones.

      I guess what I’m trying to say is..

      Are you only at Full Premo if say all 6 defenders ave 95 between them?
      All 8 mids ave 110 ? Rucks 100, Forwards 95 etc.

      So if you have Dusty ave 115 and JPK ave 105 .Do they even each other out?

      Or in Defence do Doc and Shaw do the same thing?

      I guess we are all just looking to build the strongest team.


    2. We knew this year was going to see lower limits for def and fwd to be premo, with 95 or even 90 possibly the pass mark.
      I think 2017 has completely redefined supercoach expectations.


  2. Totally agree Schwarz.

    I have one mid spot left to fill. I had Bont locked in, but his and the Doggies current form isn’t great.

    My Mids are Danger, Jellwood, Sloane, Neale, Dusty, JPK, Fyfe, (SPP)

    Now I’m considering two cheap PODs

    P Cripps $520K , BE 122, 4.2% ownership, 5 round ave 106.4. Great run home.

    D Shiel. $490K , BE 61 ,2.5 % ownership. 3 round ave 108.3. GWS should get even stronger.

    I think both theses guys are improving and can ave 110+ from here on.

    I think the forwards are the hardest to pick. I have Greene and Ryder both have the potential to ave 100+ from here on, but who knows?


    1. I wouldn’t be put off by the Bont just yet. Personally I brought him in last week (should’ve waited another), and I hate making excuses but the Dogs have had some rough match-ups in the past few weeks. the Dogs last 4 games have come against the Cats (at skilled), the Saints (premos struggle agsinst them), Sydney (in Sydeny) and the Demons (bloody rough team).
      Given the dogs have the likes of North, WC (at etihad), Carlton and GC in their next 5, with the toughest game being against Adelaide in Adelaide, I’m still backing the Bont to average 110+ for the rest of the year. At his price he really is a steal for M8


      1. Thanks cambeat10

        You make some really good points. I really feel for me to improve my ranking I may need to jag a M8 POD.

        The Bont is owned by 33% of coaches.

        My current thinking is to go D.Shiel 2.5% at M8

        If Fyfe does nothing in the next 2/3 weeks he will become The Bont.

        I’m also trying to maximise funds to afford Gawn. R15.

        I will probably have bigger problems to deal with when teams are announced anyway .

        Lets hope the SC gods are smiling on us tonight.


  3. How many games with an ave over a hundred qualifies as a prem? Mitch Wallis just backed up another ton , although it was only his fourth game, he is second to Yeo.


    1. I’d say about a third of the season? That’s about the same time I gave up and traded Yeo in this year


  4. It really is a tricky one, that I don’t think can simply be defined by averages. Take for example Shaw vs Newman. Shaw’s form has been questionable this year, but Newman has the better average. Yet I’d still define Shaw as a premium and not Newman. I think job security and past averages both play a part along with current averages.


    1. I hear ya, Pete. At the moment though, looks like Shaw isn’t getting the numbers he used to. Williams has moved past him there at GWS. But he’d fall into that FP category if you want to give him a shot……


  5. Although I just look at guys and say alright; he’s a keeper, he’s a keeper, he’s a rookie, the actual process, which I fail to do myself, is a little more in depth.

    First of all you look at how the scoring is going on each line.

    In Defence, Docherty is averaging a whopping 13 points higher than anyone else. If you don’t have Docherty D1 you’re losing points to anyone who does, so since there’s no one that is on Docherty’s level so far, D1 is Docherty or Bust.

    Laird, Adams and Roberton are a little closer. Hopefully you’d have one or two of these, three would be best; so you’d hope that you’d have a 100-105 average from D2-D3.

    Then you’d probably want 95+ from D4, 92+ from D5, and 90+ from D6.

    In the midfield you’ve got a bit more choice.

    Danger is once again the standout at M1.

    But there are 14 players averaging 110+

    So hopefully you have 1-2 @114+

    Then 1-2 @112+

    Then 1-2 @110+

    Then hopefully anyone lower is either pushing 110, or someone like Selwood; You probably want only one player performing like Fyfe at most at the moment.

    Of course, it’s all very dependent on the overall structure, but if you say, have 110+ as your midfield cutoff, you would have a very solid baseline, but you could miss out on the absolute top gun in Dangerfield.


  6. I think that there is also a bit missing in that the decisions from here on should be more about what will they average for the rest of the season no good averaging 105-110 for the first half of the year if they average less than 100 for the rest of the season??

    Side note: if I haven’t adjusted those numbers in the “counts” on the bye planner, i will look to update them for next year!!

    Good poll!!



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