Does It Hurt When I Touch You There?

Written by Motts on May 3 2011

Ian Callinan (bicep) – indefinite
James Craig (hamstring) – 4-5 weeks
Phil Davis (shoulder) – indefinite
David Mackay (shoulder) – indefinite
Brad Moran (hamstring) – 1 week
Andy Otten (knee) – 1-3 weeks
Jason Porplyzia (shoulder) – indefinite
Sam Shaw (hamstring) – 1 week
Rory Sloane (thumb/jaw) – test
Scott Stevens (ill) – 1-2 weeks
Daniel Talia (achilles) – 2-3 weeks

Brisbane Lions
Callum Bartlett (knee) – indefinite
Rohan Bewick (hip) – test
Jonathan Brown (face) – 3 weeks
Jamie Charman (achilles) – indefinite
Ryan Lester (foot) – season
Brent Staker (knee) – 8 weeks

Mark Austin (arm) – 5 weeks
Paul Bower (thigh) – indefinite
Levi Casboult (knee) – 5-7 weeks
Andrew Collins (shoulder) – 4 weeks
Ryan Houlihan (calf) – 1 week
Matthew Kreuzer (knee) – 2-3 weeks
Luke Mitchell (shoulder) – 2-3 weeks
Marc Murphy (shoulder) – TBA
Chris Yarran (hamstring tightness) – test

Nathan Brown (knee) – season
Darren Jolly (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Ben Sinclair (leg) – 1-2 weeks
Josh Thomas (foot) – 1 week
Updated on 26 March, 2011

Courtenay Dempsey (knee) – indefinite
Scott Gumbleton (hamstring) – 1 week
Anthony Long (hamstring) – indefinite
Tayte Pears (foot) – ongoing assessment
Jason Winderlich (knee) – indefinite
Andrew Welsh (calf) – 2-3 weeks

Michael Barlow (broken leg) – TBC
Greg Broughton (hamstring) – test
Zac Clarke (groin) – 2 weeks
Peter Faulks (calf) – 1 week
Roger Hayden (foot) – 7-9 weeks
Clayton Hinkley (knee) – 1 week
Joel Houghton (broken arm) – 8 weeks
Anthony Morabito (knee) – season
Tendai Mzungu (knee) – 4-5 weeks
Gavin Roberts (quad) – 5-6 weeks
Tim Ruffles (knee) – TBC
Alex Silvagni (groin) – 2-4 weeks
Nick Suban (fibula fracture) – 8 weeks
Michael Walters (ankle) – 1 week

Shannon Byrnes (knee) -1 week
Marcus Drum (quad) – 1 week
Simon Hogan (depression) – indefinite
Taylor Hunt (knee) – 2-4 weeks

Gold Coast
Josh Caddy (foot) 5-7 weeks
Michael Coad (hamstring) – 10-12 weeks
Charlie Dixon (calf) – test
Jeremy Taylor (groin) – 3 weeks
Joel Wilkinson (knee) – available

Cameron Bruce (knee) – 4-6 weeks
Paul Johnson (foot) – TBC
Will Langford (groin) – 1-2 weeks
Sam Menegola (wrist) – TBC
Jarryd Morton (foot) – TBC
Michael Osborne (calf) – test
Cyril Rioli (hamstring) – 1-2 weeks
Ben Stratton (knee) – season


Robert Campbell (achilles) – 3 weeks
Jordie McKenzie (groin) – 2 weeks
Tom Scully (knee) – 4 weeks

North Melbourne
Ryan Bastinac (knee) – indefinite
Lachie Hansen (back) – TBA
Ayden Kennedy (knee) – season
Ed Lower (knee) – indefinite
Hamish McIntosh (Achilles) – indefinite
Marcus White (shoulder) – indefinite
Jack Ziebell (calf soreness) – test

Port Adelaide
Dom Cassisi (tibial fracture) – 3-4 weeks
Cameron O’Shea (shoulder) – test
Nick Salter (foot) – 3-4 weeks
Jay Schulz (knee) – test

Ben Griffiths (shoulder) – test
Ben Jakobi (foot) – 1-2 weeks
Kelvin Moore (hip) – TBA
Jamie O’Reilly (foot) – 1-2 weeks
Updated 27 April, 2011

St Kilda
Paul Cahill (quad) – TBA
Michael Gardiner (knee) -ongoing assessment
Jarryn Geary (fibula) – 3-4 weeks
Lenny Hayes (knee) – season
Justin Koschitzke (ankle) – test

Sydney Swans
Daniel Bradshaw (knee) – indefinite
Campbell Heath (knee) – 1-2 weeks
Kieren Jack (ankle) – 6 weeks
Alex Johnson (hamstring) – 1 week
Nick Malceski (knee) – 3-4 weeks

West Coast
Mitch Brown (thumb) – 7-9 weeks
Brett Jones (arm) – 2-3 weeks
Ryan Neates (abdomen) – 2 weeks
Beau Waters (elbow) – 9 weeks

Western Bulldogs
Daniel Giansiracusa (hamstring) – test
Barry Hall (ankle) – 2-3 weeks
Shaun Higgins (groin) – test
Ben Hudson (ankle) – test
Easton Wood (ankle) – 4-5 weeks
Patrick Veszpremi (hand) – 2 weeks


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67 thoughts on “Does It Hurt When I Touch You There?”

  1. There seems to be a lot of injuries. Don’t think this sub rule is working if it’s designed to reduce injuries.


  2. luke thompson in for otten still a good trade, and probably will do it.
    any thoughts on trading gilbert for anyone?


  3. Kinda happy that Cam Bruce is now injured. I like to stick by two rules:
    1 – If I pick a premium and I’ve made a bad call, I stick by the guy. Too few trades to be using them to change premiums.
    2 – I don’t use a trade on an injury unless it is reported to be at least 4 weeks.

    Rule 1 has forced me to stick by Bruce, rule 2 now gives me an out. If only he hadn’t lost all that cash…


  4. Heppell’s B/E is 55.
    If he gets his usual 70-90 he will probably only go up say another $10-20k. Is it worth waiting another week to upgrade/downgrade him. Or is he even a keeper?
    THUMBS UP- Stick with him. He’s averaging 91.
    THUMBS DOWN- Upgrade/Downgrade him this week.


  5. Looking through the premium forwards to upgrade and it is extremely slim pickings, lowest choice evr in SC:
    I have Goodes, Franklin, Nick Riewoldt and Pavlich.
    (Going for league)
    Chapman- Bye in finals
    Harvey- Bye in finals
    Steve Johnson- Bye in finals
    Cloke- Inconsistent
    Grundy- Inconsistent
    O’Keefe- Inconsistent
    Dawes- Inconsistent

    Fyfe is the only one that looks to be worth the money. However, how are we sure if he’s consistent enough? Is it just some hot form?
    Jack Riewoldt is another that looks good, but just because of his price. He too could be labelled inconsistent.
    Didak will be a bargain in weeks to come, but right now stay away.

    Because of the limited options, is it worth picking up a Chapman or Harvey and then trading them out come finals?


  6. Anybody have any news on when we can expect Ben Jacobs to play? He was highly regarded before his illness.


  7. Mundy as midfield keeper anyone? Only in 10,000 teams, surely with sandilands putting it down his throat like Nixon to duthie you can’t go wrong?


  8. okay, I want everyone to comment on this

    which cash cows are now keepers, which we should keep and then milk, and which to get rid of now??



  9. keepers

    calcium providers
    z smith
    gold coast rookies



  10. Have Rioli, Yarran & Higgins. Riolo & Yarran should b ok but am hearing groin problems for Higgins & given his past amd worried about him being out and also worried about him carrying an injury and not playing to his potential when he returns.
    Higgins to Fyfe (was going to go Chappy but dont want to have to trade out a premium during league finals)
    then next week upgrading Swallow to Swan / perhaps Mundy as a POD
    Have 471k in the bank at the moment

    Any thoughts?


  11. Looking to trade one of Higgins or Rioli this week to avoid a doughnut and to keep in the mix for my league.

    Thinking Rioli at the moment just because he will probably he out more.
    What do you guys think of
    Duigan -> Thompson
    Rioli -> Chapman?

    Thumbs up Yes
    Thumbs up No


  12. What’s everyone doing with Duigan?
    According to fanfooty his BE is 94…
    Should we trade him out now, or wait a week as he won’t go down to much and we’ll have more of an idea on rookies (Hibberd, Jacobs etc.)

    Thumbs up, trade him this round.

    Thumbs down, holding him for a week or so.


  13. hopefully jacobs or puopolo have a good first 2 weeks. will be a great downgrade target for toy and will bank a lazy 110,000 ๐Ÿ™‚



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