Dumb & Dumber – July 2017

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 20 2017

I was so impressed with Spoon De Wood‘s recent rant that I felt the time was right for another Group Rant Session ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  For those that missed it:

‘Iโ€™ve had it with this year!
Floundering in all leagues (and donโ€™t even ask about overall), Iโ€™m burning my last two trades this week on Pendles to Jelwood & Newman to Hurley in a desperate attempt to make finals in at least one league.
Although, Iโ€™m wondering whether I should ditch Rockliff instead of Newman.
P.S. Rockliff is fast becoming my most despised SC player ever. Destroys me when I donโ€™t have him, and destroys me when I do. For the last 3 seasons. FU Rocky.’ – Spoon De Wood


This is the thread specifically designed for getting everything off your chest.ย  Which moves have thrown your season into freefall?ย  Which manouevres haven’t paid dividends as you would’ve liked?ย  Which trades were just plain dumb?

The trades that really killed off my season have been bringing in Sloane & Rocky 5/6 weeks ago.ย  They haven’t scored a single ton between them and cost me a fortune (around $590k each) to bring in.ย  If I’d gone with Dusty & Mitchell, I’d be nearly 500 pts better off (about 5k higher in the rankings) and much more competitive.ย  Worried about this week since I have all of Danger, Pendles, Sloane & Rocky in my MIDs.ย  I must’ve angered the SC-Gods ๐Ÿ˜‰

Who doesn’t like a good vent?ย  Let it all out, Coaches………


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24 thoughts on “Dumb & Dumber – July 2017”

  1. It’s easier if I talk about what I’ve done right this year: Started with Dangerfield, Docherty and Laird. Avoided Heater, JOM and Dave Swallow.
    That is all.
    Dumb moves? *deep breath*
    – Swapped Grundy and Witts for Gawn and Strnadica 5 minutes before the opening bounce
    – Thought Nick Riewoldt could play close to a complete season.
    – Thought Roughy would be a top 10 forward.
    – Managed to pick just about every spud rookie you can think of, spent five trades just fixing them.
    – Rd 7, traded Roughead to Balic. Roughy tonned up, Balic scored 40 and hasn’t been sighted since.
    – Rd 8, traded Newman to Bontempelli. Newman was a late in and scored 151! Bont has tonned up twice in nine games since I brought him in.
    – Bought Rocky straight after he did his shoulder. Can’t remember why.

    I could go on, but it gets kind of mean. Still ranked around 30K which is some sort of miracle. New year’s resolution for 2018: be less dumb.


  2. I would love to give a shoutout to JJ and Gunston for being such embarrassingly shit PODs this year, absolutely loving your sensational 80 averages. I love even more how I’ve had them the whole year, and still can’t get rid of them due to the fact I have stuff all trades. Bring on SC18!


  3. I have done a lot of stupid things this year but the one that stands out most was trading Newman for McNiece, without double checking he was in the Sunday-squad, which he wasn’t.

    Newman scored 151 that week. McNiece is still in my side as my defensive loophole :/


  4. Righto, let’s have a look:

    -Starting with Treloar, JPK, Hanners, O’meara and Fyfe in my mids.

    -Trading in Billings instead of Macrae a few weeks ago

    -Trading in Dusty at 600k only for him to then have 4 weeks in a row under 100

    -Holding Rocky through his injury

    -Thinking Roughy could be a keeper (I’ll blame this one on my Hawks mad mate brainwashing me)

    -Starting with both Roo and JPK, both of whom I’ve had to give the flick due to injury

    -Not getting uber-premiums in Merrett, Zorko, and Neale (I had both Zorko and Neale in my mids at one point.)

    Overall, not too bad but a few costly mistakes have cost me a truly good standing. Here’s to next year!


  5. Starting with J Roughead, N Riewoldt and J O’Meara.

    Staring S Burgoyne and H Shaw over S Docherty and T Adams.

    Starting M Hibberd, B Eddy, O Florent, J Pickett.

    Having to trade out M Hibberd, B Eddy, O Florent, J Pickett, M Hannan, H Balic, Z Fisher and D Myers who all didn’t increase 100,000 before being traded.

    Bringing J Steele for M Hannan in rd5 and will eventually trade out Steele in the next fortnight to E Yeo/I Heeney.

    Trading in M Bontempelli instead of S Docherty in RD9 as I wanted to keep C Hampton for another fortnight due to his easy upcoming games but he suffered an injury in the same round.

    Whilst I don’t consider it a bad decision I am very annoyed with my starting quartet of durable premium midfielders ( M Priddis, J Selwood, S Pendlebury, J Kennedy) as they have all currently missed a game compared to missing 35 from 691 games before RD1 2017 in their premium scoring history.


  6. Thinking O’Meara and Roughead would score well on the way to being stepping stones to premiums, or maybe even keepers.

    Bringing Harbrow and Lynch in for round 11 because they had already had their byes only to see one cop a club suspension and the other score like Zac Dawson.

    Choosing Rockliff to fill my final mid spot ahead of Zorko or Neale.

    Am currently 1398 when clearly I should nearly have it sewn up.


  7. Preseason – Talking up Titch to my mates all preseason and then dropping him for Treloar an hour before lockout. Even worse, I dropped WHE out of my lineup for Bowes to be able to afford it. Seeing Titch’s regular 120+ scores hurts each week while WHE was a good cash cow and rookie scorer.

    Preseason – too many bad rookie choices meaning I burnt early trades trying to fix them.

    Inseason – buying Pendles, Sloane and Rocky for $590-600k only for all of them to struggle to tonne up since. Even had a number of 50-60s from them.

    Inseason – not recognising that this is a transitional year for superpremiums and that I should have brought in the new guard of Titch/Zerrett/Dusty/Kelly instead of the old school of Pendles/Sloane/Rocky.


  8. Trading out Fyfe for Cripps the weak Fyfe seemed to find form and Cripps broke his leg.

    Trading in Sloane the week before he started coping tags.

    Trading in Bont after all his good form and only getting 2-3 tonnes since trading him in.

    Getting in Mumford instead of Kreuzer when Sandi became injured.

    Trading in Treloar when he was ‘fallen premium’

    Im salty.


  9. Three names – Roughead, Swallow and JOM.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. The year of the mid-pricer seemed to finally be here – how wrong i was!!!!

    Thinking Rocky would bounce back after his injury seemed like the right thing, but should have gone that way of Beams.

    No Zerret – silly.


  10. My more idiotic decisions were made before the season.
    None worse than the old ‘Shaw and Howe over Docherty and Adams’ to begin the season.

    Still travelling okay now, but what could have been…


  11. Dumb decisions:

    – Bringing in Hannebery instead of Zorko or Dustin Martin a month or so ago was a stupid decision.
    – Trusting Scott Selwood’s body to hold up.
    – Burning unnecessary trades in round 13, in a vain attempt to save what was supposed to be my ‘good’ bye round.
    – Reversing one of those unnecessary trades a couple of weeks later.
    – Not doing any bye planning earlier in the year. I was of the opinion that bye planning was something that would matter if you were at the top end of the ladder, where every last point counts, but I was never going to be anywhere near that level, so why bother? Fast forward to the start of round 11, and I was ranked 276th. Oops! Needless to say, the wheels fell off after that point.

    My membership of the prestigious Zero Trades Clubยฎ can be traced back directly to those reckless round 13 trades (and their subsequent reversal), and to Scott Selwood.


    1. Oh and bringing in Zac Williams instead of Dylan Roberton in round 12 has proved to be a really bad decision.


    2. Sam Jacobs hasn’t done much since I brought him in, either. And the extra cash I would have saved by bringing in Darcy instead could have been very useful when I had to replace Cripps.


  12. Starting with Beams and Ryder now looks like a good call, so why did they leave my team too soon? Because I suck at this game!


  13. Bringing in Hibberd (Roos) last week… I needed the money and was bullish about him playing the rest of the year.

    Nroo, JOM & Swallow I let myself get talked into and was talked out of Docherty. I still haven’t been able to afford to bring him in.

    Rockcliff after the bye, ouch!


    Bringing in McNeice, Brown and Cousins, but to be honest, it’s a lack of rooky options more than anything.


  14. Too many to detail but this little sequence sums it up.
    – I trade J. Rough to Tom Lynch(GC).
    – Lynch proceeds to rack up successive scores of 30’s.
    – I trade Lynch to Toby Greene.
    – Toby Greene pulls out at the last minute and misses several weeks.
    – Lynch plays a blinder scoring 100+


  15. So glad to have brought the spotlight back onto failure & poor decision making. It is, after all, at least 50% of what SC is all about.
    Like many people here, many of my biggest mistakes were made in the initial team selection. JJ over Hurley, Treloar, and the ace up my sleeve of stupidity, Bernie Vince (honestly, can anyone tell me what was I thinking?!).
    Not content with only half ruining my season before it even started, I traded out Ryder after an indifferent start, brought in Heath Shaw for what I thought would be a bargain $490K, and for my annual speculative picks went with Jacks Martin & Billings (panning for SC gold makes the season more exciting….but less successful). Only Billings remains.
    To top it off, I too fell for the fools gold that was Tom Rockliff.
    So I’ll just sit back for the next 5 weeks, tradeless, & watch how the smouldering wreckage of my 2017 fares.
    And make the feeble promise to learn from my mistakes for next year.



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