Eagling’s LoEC2 Preview – R5

Written by Motts on April 30 2015

It was one of the most devastating weekends in living memory for my Supercoach team, as boom recruits Rory Sloane and Brodie Smith failed to fire. I lost 90% of league matches and scraped to a below 2000 point finish. Is the only way up?   Only time will tell.

Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Culmative Predictions
teamcustard 1941 1940 Bring Back Ratts 1 A 0 from 1
Jetz 2040 1961 Small Victories 79 H 1 from 2
Mack Attack 2281 2214 2 Boyds, 1 Cup 67 A 1 from 3
500 Miles 2039 2349 Sean’s Mob 310 A 2 from 4
Tankers 2133 2111 RELIEABLES 22 A 2 from 5
wobblesbegone 1902 2192 LI’L SEBASTIAN 290 H 2 from 6
Armchair Sportsman 2050 2189 The Brown Shorts 139 A 3 from 7
The Convict 1917 1968 Holyhead Harpies 51 A 4 from 8
Demons of Darch 2051 2225 MaxPowerExperience 174 H 4 from 9
15 from 27

Round 5 Preview

teamcustard (9) v Jetz (2)

PODS: Goodes, Johnson, Kelly, Newton, Neale, Kennedy, Gibbs, Read, Lamb, McGrath v Brown, Smith, Hodge, Fyfe, Pendlebury, van Berlo, Cox, Lonie, Gray, Krakouer

Jetz to continue its good form and go 4-0 to begin the season.

Mack Attack (16) v Bring Back Ratts (13)

PODS: Gibson, van Berlo, Newton, Watson, Kennedy, Boak, Maric, Naitanui, Lonie, Goddard v Smith, Miller, Pendlebury, Anderson, Sloane, Cockatoo, Goldstein, Bellchambers, Minson, Bontempelli

I’m going for a home win here – under 50 points the margin.

500Miles (18) v Small Victories (14)

PODS: Newnes, Lumumba, Goodes, Lewis, Kennedy, Cockatoo, Rich, Goldstein, Maric, Bontempelli, Lonie, McGrath, Saad v Brown, Smith, Ibbotson, Miller, Pendlebury, Selwood, Beams, Newton, Naitanui, Bellchambers, Hogan, Lamb, Franklin

Small Victories should get a pretty big one this weekend.

Tankers (7) v 2 Boyds, 1 Cup (4)

PODS: Lumumba, Gibson, Brown, Murphy, van Berlo, Dangerfield, Wines, Swallow, Naitanui, Swan, Lamb, Franklin v Shaw, Hibberd, Simpson, Docherty, Selwood, Anderson, Sloane, Rich, Maric, Hogan, Gray, Krakouer

I reckon the away side has just that little bit extra and should come away with the 4 points.

wobblesbegone (8) v Sean’s Mob (11)

PODS: Smith, Kelly, Sheppard, Selwood, van Berlo, Griffen, Sloane, Bellchambers, O’Brien, Bontempelli, Gray, Krakouer v Gibson, Hibberd, Murphy, Beams, Newton, Sheed, Parker, Read, Goldstein, Lonie, Bartel, Riewoldt

I’m predicting a win to the home side, even if Gray doesn’t play. It should be a close game in any case.

Armchair Sportsman (17) v RELIEABLES (10)

PODS: Brown, Goodes, Pearce, Newton, Griffen, Lewis, Maric, Cox, Gray, Lamb v Oxley, Goddard, Langdon, Pendlebury, Lambert, Steven, Read, Jacobs, Zorko, Lycett

On the overall points ladder, RELIEABLES are sitting pretty at 2nd, whilst the Armchair Sportsman languishes in 17th place. I’m relying on the RELIEABLES TO cruise to victory here.

The Convict (15) v LI’L Sebastian (3)

PODS: Gibson, Johnson, Goddard, Yarran, Newton, Griffen, Neale, Lewis, Jong, Steele, Coniglio, Cox, Bontempelli, Goddard, Walker v Newnes, Shaw, Hibberd, McKenzie, Cripps, Heeney, Selwood, Beams, Anderson, Dangerfield, Watson, Read, Goldstein, Gray, Krakouer

The home side sits on the bottom of the points ladder, however I think the game will be closer than the positions of the teams might suggest. The away side by under 100 points.

Demons of Darch (12) v The Brown Shorts (1)

PODS: Hibberd, Simpson, van Berlo, Sloane, Sheed, Goldstein, Lamb, Bennell v Johnson, Docherty, Anderson, Griffen, Hannebery, Maric, Salem, Gray

I’m going to go for the home side to halt TBH’s unbeaten run at 3.

MaxPowerExperience (5) v Holyhead Harpies (6)

PODS: Shaw, Johnson, Selwood, Anderson, Griffen, Dangerfield, Read, Lonie, McGrath, Goddard v Smith, Birchall, van Berlo, Sloane, Wines, Nelson, Cox, Gray, Lamb, Higgins

The home side sits 8 places above the away side on the points ladder. I reckon it should have enough to win here.

Loec Round 5


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5 thoughts on “Eagling’s LoEC2 Preview – R5”

  1. Good write up again Eagling, don’t like dropping players but Lycett is gone out of the RELIEABLES side. Watched him closely last week and he might be dropped from the real stuff.



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