Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap

Written by Motts on June 13 2015

Apologies for getting this up a little late this week. Things got a little hectic for Ol Mottsy yesterday. 

The Round 10 Review

The Byes are upon us. The doom that had been looming ever closer has now crested and is about to crash down and wash those of us who have not battened down the hatches away. It will be a time for opportunity over the next few weeks, as those that prove able to weather the storm will have the best chance of navigating the bye rounds successfully.

With a score of 2152 and no trades, I managed a clean sweep of all 10 leagues, meaning that I’m at my most successful when I don’t trade. Rory Sloane and Brodie Smith returned, and collectively, they were ‘meh’, but at least they played. Since I’m out of the running for overall, I will have to assess my opponent in LoeC 2 to decide how to utilise my trades.




The Round 11 Preview

teamcustard (14) v The Convict (12)

PODS: Newnes, Miller, Selwood, Kennedy, Heeney, Read, Naitanui, Gray, Krakouer v Goddard, McKenzie, Griffen, Parker, Coniglio, Cox, Franklin, Goddard, Steele

Hopefully Mav Weller’s return equals a boon to Newnes owners. I’m going for a home win here.

Demons of Darch (9) v Armchair Sportsman (16)

PODS: Hibberd, Brown, Yeo, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Vandenberg, Heeney, Read, Naitanui, Krakouer, Clark, Franklin, Lonie v Shaw, Lumumba, Pearce, Miller, Griffen, Neale, Glenn, Johnson, Cox, Tarrant, Goddard, Lamb, Motlop

The DoD pulled off a superb upset of top of the table Tankers last weekend, however I fear the team will stumble this weekend. A win to the away team.

MaxPowerExperience (5) v wobblesbegone (6)

PODS: Hibberd, Johnson, Miller, Wines, Goldstein, Read, Naitanui, Goddard v Oxley, Brown, Sheppard, McDonald, Glenn, Amon, Blicavs, Franklin, Hogan

The away side to win the points in this encounter.

Holyhead Harpies (13) v Tankers (2)

PODS: Hibberd, Higgins, Wines, Cox, Krakouer, Clark, Mitchell, McGovern v Shaw, Brown, Yeo, Kennedy, Dumont, Read, Franklin, Lonie

The Harpies aim to make it 3 wins on the bounce, whilst the Tankers look to put away a team that is placed 11 places below them on the ladder. The Tankers should get over the line in this encounter.

The Brown Shorts (8) v 500Miles (18)

PODS: Newnes, Lumumba, Johnson, Pendlebury, Miller, Griffen, Barlow, Hannebery, Naitanui, Mitchell, Franklin v Shaw, Oxley, Yeo, Pittard, Kennedy, Amon, Cockatoo, Barlow, Shiel, Goldstein, Salem, Smith

I reckon The Brown Shorts have that little bit extra, and should get the result here.

LI’L SEBASTIAN (4) v Mack Attack (15)

PODS: Shaw, Hibberd, Yeo, Pendlebury, Dumont, Amon, Adamson, Goldstein, Clark, Franklin, Bellchambers v Newnes, Oxley, Kennedy, Boak, Naitanui, Krakouer, Goddard, Salem

The Home Side should have enough quality to win this one.

RELIEABLES (3) v Jetz (1)

PODS: Lumumba, Goddard, Langdon, Neale, Amon, Priddis, Treloar, Steven, Read, McGovern v Selwood, Kennedy, Naitanui, Cox, Clark, Goddard, Lonie

Jetz returned to the top of the table despite managing the second lowest score in LoeC 2 last week; whilst the RELIEABLES were just that; they sit atop the overall ladder and should wallop the Jetz here.

Sean’s Mob (7) v Bring Back Ratts (17)

PODS: Newnes, Shaw, Hibberd, Brown, McKenzie, Dumont, Parker, Glenn, Priddis, Sheed, Krakouer, Clark, Franklin v Oxley, Lumumba, Goddard, Miller, Selwood, Cockatoo, Boston, Tarrant, Bellchambers, McGovern, Hogan

I’m thinking the home team here.

2 Boyds, 1 Cup (10) v Small Victories (11)

PODS: Newnes, Treloar, Goldstein, Tarrant, Krakouer, Goddard, Lonie v Brown, Ibbotson, Naitanui, Swan, Clark, Franklin, Bellchambers, Karnezis

Both aren’t too dissimilar, however I believe that the home side should edge this one.


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  1. Hoping to recover from the worst round of the year
    Well done last week Eagling but this will not be your week



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