Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap

Written by Motts on July 9 2015

Round 14 Review

Terminology I would normally feel at ease using for the Holyhead Harpie’s hopes in LoEC 2 just doesn’t seem appropriate now. Last weekend threw the game of Supercoach into stark contrast with the canvas it is painted on; after Friday morning, it didn’t really matter which points went to which player; success was not met delightful inner cheering, but rather a small, positive acknowledgement. Failure did not end in internal self-flagellation, but an acceptance that really, it wasn’t so bad after all. Paradoxically, although the game of Supercoach was the most high stakes it’s been all year, the burning fire of internal passion was muted; cooled by the terrible events of Friday Morning.

Yet time goes on, and Supercoach, although it took a back seat, still has its part to play. The Holyhead Harpies are probably out of finals contention, sitting at 4-9, it may very well be mathematically impossible for them to play finals; but no matter, I believe (although I am not completely sure) that I won the LoeC Minor Premiership a couple of seasons back. I agree that it’s not a very prestigious award; but I’m going to aim for it anyway. The league is extremely competitive; so there’s not much shame in sitting so low on the ladder, at least in my view.

Personally, my decisions were just either side of middling. My only trade was my main dilemma through the week. Adam Oxley was to be moved on for a midfield premium. JPK and Hannebery were the targets; against the majority who wanted me to pick Hannebery, I decided to opt for JPK. First impressions are good.

My opponent in LoeC2, teamcustard, opted for Robbie Gray as Vice Captain. As most probably did, both of us used Nathan Fyfe as our Captain if our Vice failed. teamcustard seemed to decide that Gray’s score wasn’t going to be enough, so I had a choice of Vices to pick from.

In my mind, there were three options.

The ever reliable Scott Pendlebury, the mercurial Dustin Martin, or Todd Goldstein.

Pendlebury would have been the safer pick, but I had Nat Fyfe backing me up, and Pendlebury, it was rumoured, was having ankle trouble. Best not put too much pressure on the man. Martin was somewhat of a POD pick over Goldy; I felt he’d want to come out firing against GWS; although his score was good, it wasn’t really good enough to warrant keeping over Fyfe, although, in the end, it turned out to be.

I should have known that the great man’s return at Gold Coast would spark his heir apparent in such a massive way; still, what’s done is done, and the game is decided on narrow margins.

When Sunday rolled along, I was still confident that I could win; with best 18 scoring, I could even risk playing Alex Pearce over Joel Hamling if Newnes and Hibberd reached a certain threshold, which they did. But my opponent got the greater Sunday delight; trade in David Armitage went and wrested the match in favour of teamcustard, before Lachie Neale and Dayne Beams sealed the victory, which means my 100% record of predicting the results of my own team is over.

In other developments, the wooden spoon race is back on after 500Miles defeated Bring Back Ratts. [Ed.- GRRRRRR!]

Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Culmative Predictions
teamcustard 2085 2064 Holyhead Harpies 21 A 0/1
The Brown Shorts 2116 2033 MaxPowerExperience 83 A 0/2
LI’L SEBASTIAN 1980 2037 Demons of Darch 57 A 1/3
RELIEABLES 2174 1869 The Convict 205 H 2/4
Sean’s Mob 2138 2141 Armchair Sportsman 3 H 2/5
2 Boyds, 1 Cup 2057 1933 wobblesbegone 124 H 3/6
Small Victories 2108 2095 Tankers 13 H 4/7
Bring Back Ratts 2048 2091 500Miles 43 H 4/8
Jetz 2233 2020 Mack Attack 213 H 5/9

LoeC 15

Round 15 Preview

teamcustard (11) v The Brown Shorts (9)

PODS: Shaw, Simpson, Pittard, Cripps, Neale, Dumont, Armitage, Goldstein, Lambert, Dahlhaus, McGovern v Newnes, McKenzie, Yeo, Docherty, Lumumba, Griffen, Hannebery, Barlow, Maric, Franklin, Clark

A few issues here; Cripps might miss for teamcustard, whilst there are injury concerns for Docherty and Lumumba in TBS’s camp, and Maric will miss, but there is cover in the form of McKernan. Griffen has started to play better; can he keep up that form? Meanwhile McGovern will look to improve on last week. I think the home side just has a little bit extra and will win here.

LI’L SEBASTIAN (10) v Holyhead Harpies (15)

PODS: Shaw, Houli, Yeo, Edwards, Laird, Selwood, Beams, Boston, Dangerfield, Kavanagh, Amon, Watson, Adamson, Read, Maric, Franklin, McKernan, Deledio v Hamling, Newnes, McKenzie, Saad, Hodge, Birchall, Higgins, Cripps, Wines, Sloane, Rockliff,    Edwards, Naitanui, Cox, Lambert, Krakouer, McGovern, Gawn

Watson is out for the season, and Maric is suspended, but there is cover in the form of McKernan. On the other side, Sloane is missing, but Rockliff will return. There is a shadow over Cripps and Saad, and Birchall and McGovern need to improve. I reckon the home side has the slight edge here, and will win here.         

RELIEABLES (1) v MaxPowerExperience (5)

PODS: Smith, Simpson, Goddard, Langdon, Neale, Priddis, Treloar, Adamson, Steven, Jacobs, Steele, Lambert, McGovern, Zorko v McKenzie, Lever, Hibberd, Pearce, Docherty, Selwood, Beams, Griffen, Kavanagh, Naitanui, Mitchell, Krakouer, Dahlhaus, Dale

RELIEABLES are going strong, and will look to continue that with a win here.

Sean’s Mob (4) v Demons of Darch (8)

PODS: Shaw, Gibson, Murphy, Cripps, Priddis, Sheed, Maric, Lambert, Dale, Harvey, Riewoldt v Smith, McKenzie, Yeo, Dangerfield, Heeney, Mundy, Naitanui, Bontempelli, Dahlhaus, McGovern, Lonie

I reckon the good form of the Demons of Darch will continue with a win here.

2 Boyds, 1 Cup (12) v The Convict (14)

PODS: Smith, Newnes, Shaw, Simpson, Hibberd, Docherty, Birchall, Pendlebury, Selwood, Kennedy, Ellis-Yolmen, Treloar, Neal-Bullen, Sidebottom, Read, Gray, Lambert, Krakouer, Dahlhaus v Gibson, Oxley, Goddard, Pittard, Edwards, Picken, Colquhoun, Laird, Beams, Boston, Dangerfield, Griffen, Parker, Neale, Dumont, Lewis, Biggs, Cox, Swan, Franklin

I reckon the home side will win this one.

Small Victories (6) v Armchair Sportman (13)

PODS: Smith, Simpson, Hibberd, Pearce, Gibson, Ibbotson, Kennedy, Beams, Dumont, Hannebery, Sloane, Stretch, Read, Naitanui, Jacobs, Lambert, Mitchell, Franklin, Dahlhaus v Newnes, McKenzie, Lever, Hodge, Picken, Colquhoun, Pearce, Dangerfield, Griffen, Neale, Ellis-Yolmen, Lewis, Glenn, Maric, Cox, Bontempelli, Goddard, Lamb, Motlop

I reckon the home side has the edge in this one, and should win.

Bring Back Ratts (17) v wobblesbegone (7)

PODS: Simpson, Houli, Oxley, Goddard, Rance, Kennedy, Boston, Wines, Cockatoo, Goldstein, Read, Jacobs, McGovern, Dale, Zorko, Adams v Newnes, Shaw, Saad, McIntosh, Sheppard, McDonald, Cripps, Griffen, Priddis, Amon, Maric, O’Brien, Blicavs, Mitchell, Franklin, Krakouer, McLean

I reckon the away side should take this one.

Jetz (2) v Tankers (3)

PODS: Houli, Hodge, Saad, Edwards, Beams, Boston, Hannebery, Wallis, Ward, Cox, Steele, Mitchell, Goddard, Krakouer, Dale v Lever, Gibson, Yeo, Oxley, Murphy, Dangerfield, Cripps, Dumont, Priddis, Read, Lambert, Franklin, Zorko, Lonie, Tarrant

Based on league positions, this is the match of the round. I reckon the home side will just squeeze through here.

Mack Attack (16) v 500Miles (18)

PODS: Hamling, Smith, Newnes, Simpson, Oxley, Lumumba, Rance, Selwood, Boston, Ellis-Yolmen, Watson, Wallis, Boak, Naitanui, Franklin, Goddard, Krakouer, Zorko v Shaw, McKenzie, Lever, Houli, Yeo, Pittard, Kavanagh, Lewis, Amon, Cockatoo, Barlow, Shiel, Maric, Hannath, Steele, Bontempelli, Dahlhaus, Smith

I reckon the home side by whisker in this one.



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