Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R12

Written by Motts on June 18 2015

Round 11 Review

Some people meticulously plan their team structures to allow them to have at least 18 players on field over every week of the bye period. Others decide to take a hit in one week to allow them to focus their attention on the other two weeks. And a few, like myself, do absolutely neither one and instead get hit by a barrage of injuries meaning there are doughnuts aplenty over the period.

For myself, Lever and Birchall and Clark have been confirmed to be out. McGovern is highly doubtful; Rockliff is weeks away. After trading, the best case scenario is having 16 playing in total.

Sitting at 4-6 in LoeC 2, with a high probability of going 4-7, I need to use my trades wisely if I am to mount a second half of the season surge towards the finals.

Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Culmative Predictions
teamcustard 1905 1775 The Convict 130 H 1/1
Demons of Darch 1952 1916 Armchair Sportsman 26 A 1/2
MaxPowerExperience 1930 2012 wobblesbegone 82 A 2/3
Holyhead Harpies 1815 1966 Tankers 149 A 3/4
The Brown Shorts 1816 1661 500Miles 155 H 4/5
LI’L SEBASTIAN 1830 1798 Mack Attack 32 H 5/6
RELIEABLES 1937 1903 Jetz 34 H 6/7
Sean’s Mob 1875 1734 Bring Back Ratts 141 H 7/8
2 Boyds, 1 Cup 1865 1977 Small Victories 112 H 7/9

Round 12 Preview

LoeC 12

teamcustard (11) v Demons of Darch (9)

PODS: Shaw, McIntosh, Pittard, Hamling, Dumont, Cripps, Tarrant v Simpson, Yeo, Dangerfield, Krakouer, Clark

The home team should easily win this one.

MaxPowerExperience (8) v The Convict (13)

PODS: Lever, Shaw, McIntosh, Goodes, Selwood, Dangerfield, Read, Naitanui, Gray, Krakouer, Clark, Dale, Dahlhaus v Gibson, Pittard, Picken, Dumont, Lewis, Rockliff, Coniglio, Biggs, Maric, Bontempelli, Steele

The home team has less available players, but the players they have seem to be of better calibre. I’m going to go for a close home win.

Holyhead Harpies (14) v Armchair Sportsman (16)

PODS: Smith, Birchall, Higgins, Cripps, Wines, Rockliff, Sloane, Naitanui, Krakouer, Clark, McGovern v Shaw, Lumumba, Selwood, Dangerfield, Griffen, Lewis, Johnson, Maric, Bontempelli, Lamb, Motlop

Both teams have equal amounts of PODS, but the away side has a massive advantage in healthy bodies, with the home side having just over half of the PODS available; whilst the away side probably has about one missing. The away side should take this one.

The Brown Shorts (7) v wobblesbegone (5)

PODS: Lever, Lumumba, Yeo, Docherty, Hamling, Beams, Read, Naitanui, Clark v Shaw, McIntosh, Sheppard, McDonald, Dangerfield, Amon, Priddis, O’Brien, Blicavs, Hogan

I reckon the away side should win this one; Dangerfield and Priddis and the advantage in manpower should be enough for victory.

LI’L SEBASTIAN (3) v Tankers (1)

PODS: Lumumba, Smith, Yeo, Beams, Amon, Adamson, Maric, Clark, Deledio v Gibson, Yeo, Murphy, Ellis-Yolmen, Cripps, Naitanui, Bontempelli, Salem

I reckon the away side should triumph by a few dozen points here.

RELIEABLES (2) v 500Miles (18)

PODS: Lumumba, Simpson, Dangerfield, Wines, Priddis, Treloar, Jacobs, McGovern, Zorko, Lambert v Gibson, Yeo, Cripps, Lewis, Cockatoo, Rich, Shiel, Maric, Clark, Smith

With a massive difference in the table, form suggests that the home side should take this one in a canter; however although I believe that they will be triumphant, I reckon that it would be a close run thing.

Sean’s Mob (6) v Mack Attack (15)

PODS: Shaw, Murphy, Dumont, Beams, Priddis, Sheed, Goldstein, Clark, Dale, Harvey, Riewoldt v Lumumba, Simpson, Ellis-Yolmen, Wallis, van Berlo, Boak, Naitanui, Tarrant, Krakouer, Zorko

A win to the home team; Goldstein should monster GWS without Mumford; and Mack Attack probably doesn’t have enough firepower to overturn this.

2 Boyds, 1 Cup (12) v Jetz (4)

PODS: Simpson, Docherty, Ellis-Yolmen, Dumont, Wines, Treloar, Neal-Bullen, Read, Maric, Kelly v McIntosh, Smith, Hodge, Beams, Wallis, Ward, Naitanui, Dale

Finally a chance for an upset. The Jetz have stumbled recently, going at 2-3 from the past 5. I reckon that 2 Boyds, 1 Cup will win this one.

Small Victories (10) v Bring Back Ratts (17)

PODS: Shaw, Gibson, Ellis-Yolmen, Dumont, Beams, Stretch, Naitanui, Clark, Dahlhaus v Lumumba, Rance, Dangerfield, Wines, Cockatoo, Sloane, Anderson, Tarrant, Bontempelli, McGovern, Dale, Hogan

Small Victories has the strongest ruck lineup in the competition; but even with best 18 scoring, only 2/3rds of that lineup can be used; what is the plan there. I reckon that the away side will win this one.


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4 thoughts on “Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R12”

  1. Nice work again Eagling.

    Enjoying the weekly read and competitive competition offered in LOEC2. Byes are doing my head in just trying to field 18 players but I am not the only one.

    Best of luck (in fielding 18)



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