Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R13

Written by Motts on June 25 2015

There’s a lot of third person referral here by Eagling. Mottsy loved it!

Round 12 Preview.

Eagling’s position as coach of the Holyhead Harpies is uncertain after a disastrous error during the clash against the Armchair Sportsman. The Harpies ended up going down by 93 points, but it could have been far more embarrassing.

With a plethora of injuries to contend with, the Harpies went into the game as outsiders; but the return of Nathan Krakouer gave them hope. Eagling injected Joel Hamling and Shane Edwards for Jake Lever and Touk Miller; and whilst Edwards didn’t impress on his debut, Eagling had pulled off what looked to be a masterstroke with the VC placed on Nic Naitanui.

Friday night ended with the Harpies behind but not yet beaten.

Eagling checked out his team before the Carlton v Port game. Satisfied with Nic Nat’s score; he ensure that the C was safely on Nat Fyfe before settling down to listen to the match unfold. The Sportsmen had changed their C from Robbie Gray to Todd Goldstein overnight; Goldstein would have been the Harpies’ captain had Nic Nat been an unsuccessful Vice Captain pick.

Midway through the match, with Patrick Cripps doing very well, Eagling noticed that Nathan Krakouer had never made it onto the field; he was sitting at F8 without even an emergency. The Harpies were playing with 17 players. This error looked to be disastrous; but as the day wore on and Goldstein overturned Nic Nat’s VC score and Griffen smashed out a century; it looked like it wouldn’t matter; Holyhead would lose even with Krakouer’s score.

Early on Sunday afternoon, Eagling made his last trade. There was no expectation of victory, but the team needed to be strengthened. Mitch Clark departed; and Max Gawn entered the team. He had to face Joel Selwood, Steve Johnson, Steven Motlop and Heritier Lumumba with only a 100 point barrier.

Against all expectations, Gawn dominated. Although Eagling was absent, he racked up the points; Eagling desperately calculated when he returned midway through the match – could Gawn win it singlehandedly? Once it became clear that he wouldn’t be able to, it was a nail biting race to see if it would have been a close enough match for Krakouer to have made the difference.

When the siren sounded to end the last match of the round, Eagling was down by 82 points. Nathan Krakouer had scored 88. With him on the field, the Harpies would have won by 6 points.   The standing ovation for Max Gawn died out instantly when the scores were revealed. The Harpies were in numb disbelief.

Adjustment would save Eagling from everything but his blushes; there was an eleven point swing to the Sportsman meaning that even with Krakouer, the Harpies would have lost by 5 points.

For the must win game against the Demons of Darch, Eagling needs to regain the support of his club by eliminating the disastrous errors that could very well have been season defining. The trade targets are under heavy scrutiny, and just quietly, rumours that the saviour may return are building in far off, exotic Queensland…

No, Tom Rockliff is still probably at least a week away…


LoEC 13

A small query for the readers; how often do you use the Excel spreadsheet attached?

The Round 13 Preview

teamcustard (10) v MaxPowerExperience (7)

PODS: Simpson, Saad, Sloane, Ellis-Yolmen, Kennedy, Cripps, Neale, Heeney, Kavanagh, Bontempelli v Newnes, Hibberd, Pearce, Houli, Pendlebury, McKenzie, Boston, Dangerfield, Wines, Griffen, Goddard, Dale

Heeney will probably return through the NEAFL; but even he won’t be enough to overcome MPE. The away side to take the points here.

Holyhead Harpies (15) v Demons of Darch (11)

PODS: McIntosh, Pearce, Saad, Oxley, Birchall, Ellis-Yolmen, Cripps, Rockliff, Cox, Mitchell, Edwards v Lever, Simpson, Beams, Boston, Dangerfield, Kennedy, Parker, Heeney, Bontempelli, Franklin, Dahlhaus, Lonie

The Harpies hope for Birchall’s return; but the main danger is represented by the DoD engine room of Beams, Dangerfield, Kennedy and Parker. This clash is probably a must win for both sides; especially the Harpies; but the Demons should have enough to win this one.

The Brown Shorts (8) v The Convict (14)

PODS: Hamling, Newnes, Lever, Smith, Saad, Docherty, Pendlebury, Sloane, Barlow, Hannebery v McIntosh, Gibson, Oxley, Goddard, Picken, Boston, Dangerfield, Neale, Parker, Lewis, Biggs, Cox, Goddard

From heady beginnings, TBS has fallen into the mire at the bottom end of the top 8. The Convict is one of the 5 teams with a must win clash on the weekend; and I feel that it will get that win. The away side to get the points

LI’L SEBASTIAN (6) v Armchair Sportsman (12)

PODS: Smith, Hibberd, Pearce, Laird, Pendlebury, Beams, Sloane, Boston, Amon, Watson, Mitchell, Franklin, Deledio v Hamling, Newnes, Lever, McIntosh, Hodge, Pearce, McKenzie, Ellis-Yolmen, Neale, Parker, Lewis, Glenn, Cox, Bontempelli, Goddard

Both sides have deep lineups. I reckon the home side, with Pendlebury, Beams, Sloane and Watson has the edge in the middle over Neale, Parker and Lewis. The home side to win this one.

Sean’s Mob (5) v Tankers (1)

PODS: Simpson, Hibberd, Beams, Boston, Parker, Glenn, Sheed, Maric, Dale, Riewoldt v Oxley, Brown, McKenzie, Sloane, Ellis-Yolmen, Dangerfield, Kennedy, Bontempelli, Lonie, Zorko

The clash between these two was worthy of a full round encounter; but we have to deal with both sides going into the match with weakened lineups. Nevertheless, it looks like a cracking encounter. I’m going to tip the home side in a nailbiter.

2 Boyds, 1 Cup (13) v 500Miles (18)

PODS: Newnes, Simpson, Hibberd, Birchall, Docherty, Pendlebury, Ellis-Yolmen, Mitchell, Goddard v Pearce, Gibson, Houli, Sloane, Cripps, Lewis, Barlow, Kavanagh, Rich, Swan, Hannath

Quality v Quantity here, but with Birchall under a cloud, I’m going to tip a win to the away side.

Small Victories (9) v Mack Attack (16)

PODS: Hibberd, Saad, Ibbotson, Pendlebury, McKenzie, Beams, Jacobs, Mitchell, Dahlhaus v Newnes, Oxley, Boston, Cripps, Watson, Wallis, van Berlo, Maric, Goddard, Zorko

A win to the away side; I reckon the extra manpower will get them over the line.

Bring Back Ratts (17) v Jetz (3)

PODS: Simpson, Pearce, Oxley, Goddard, Rance, Sloane, Dangerfield, Anderson, Jacobs, Adams v Newnes, McIntosh, Saad, Houli, Hodge, McKenzie, Kennedy, Wallis, Miller, Cox, Goddard, Lonie

A heartbreaking 2 point loss was probably the final nail in the coffin for the finals hopes of Bring Back Ratts; now the race to avoid the Wooden Spoon is on. Sadly, I think they will fall short this week and drop to bottom of the ladder.


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6 thoughts on “Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R13”

  1. I’ll be keeping a look out to see if the Harpies set up an expert panel to review your performance eagling – carlton could do with a talent like yours

    I also use the spreadsheet – helps to keep the angry villagers away from my ivory tower


  2. I am a fan of the spreadsheet Eagling and also anticipate your weekly post with great pleasure but wonder why you don’t mention the 4v2 clash? Or do you think it is a foregone conclusion ?


  3. Thanks to Rusty for bringing this to my attention. Matteo must be quaking in his boots right about now.

    RELIEABLES (2) v wobblesbegone (4)

    PODS: Lever, Simpson, Houli, Goddard, Langdon, Boston, Neale, Steven, Jacobs, Zorko, Lambert v Smith, McIntosh, Saad, McKenzie, Ellis-Yolmen, Maric, O’Brien, Mitchell, Franklin

    This looks like it would be a very close encounter, but I’m going to tip the home side in a nailbiter.


  4. I wish you were in LoEC 3 so i could see such detailed analysis of my struggles to get off the bottom!!



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