Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R17

Written by Motts on July 23 2015

The LoEC2 Round 16 Review

The Holyhead Harpies are hanging on by a thread to finals hopes in LoEC2, after a 13 point win that leaves them 2 games outside the 8 with 2 games remaining. To get into the 8, they have to win both their remaining games, hope that the teams sitting eighth and ninth lose both their games, hope the teams sitting 10th to 12th win one game each at most, and hope to outperform the teams sitting 13th, 14th and 16th, and make up the difference in percentage. A tall order, to say the least.

I’m going to pretentiously quote this statement I made in last week’s preview:

“Despite having never scored over 100 against Essendon, it would not be a surprise if Goldstein pushes 200 on Friday…”

I reckon that counts as at least ¾ of a prediction, if I do self-importantly say so myself.

I must congratulate the performance of my benevolent benefactor, who has had an upturn in performance and defied my expectations to record another victory on the weekend. The Major League finals are out of reach; a place in the minor league finals require both good management and good luck in spades.

But it is a testament that, based on a cursory glance without checking the fixtures, that it appears that 16 teams are still contesting a position in the LoEC2 Major League Finals; and 12 teams are still contending for a top 4 spot.   We’re not the best league in the world, but we’re up there.

Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Culmative Predictions
teamcustard 2379 2330 LI’L SEBASTIAN 49 A 0/1
RELIEABLES 2479 2182 The Brown Shorts 297 H 1/2
Sean’s Mob 2392 2405 Holyhead Harpies 13 A 2/3
2 Boyds, 1 Cup 2519 2552 MaxPowerExperience 33 A 3/4
Small Victories 2432 2504 Demons of Darch 72 A 4/5
Bring Back Ratts 2349 2224 The Convict 125 A 4/6
Jetz 2456 2479 Armchair Sportsman 23 H 4/7
Mack Attack 2292 2068 wobblesbegone 224 A 4/8
500Miles 2508 2530 Tankers 22 A 5/9

Loec 17

Round 17 Preview

teamcustard (7) v RELIEABLES (1)

PODS: Hamling, Lever, Maynard, Saad, McDonald, Kennedy, Beams, Selwood, Rockliff, Kavanagh, Armitage, Naitanui, McKernan, Mitchell, Dahlhaus v Newnes, Houli, Goddard, Langdon, Fields, Dangerfield, Wines, Priddis, Treloar, Adamson, Steven, Jacobs, Goddard, Zorko, Ryder

Selwood returns for the home side, while Saad is still at least a week away.   The away side however, is sitting pretty atop the ladder, and should win this one.

Sean’s Mob (8) v LI’L SEBASTIAN (11)

PODS: Newnes, Hamling, Lever, Simpson, Gibson, Murphy, Cripps, Parker, Priddis, Sheed, Lambert, Dale, Harvey, Riewoldt v Smith, Pearce, Houli, Yeo, Edwards, Laird, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Kavanagh, Amon, Adamson, Mitchell, Daniel, Deledio

I reckon the home side will prevail here.

2 Boyds, 1 Cup (13) v The Brown Shorts (10)

PODS: Shaw, Simpson, Hibberd, Birchall, Wines, Treloar, Neal-Bullen, Sidebottom, Goldstein, Downie, Lambert, Goddard, Krakouer, Dahlhaus v Smith, Hamling, Yeo, Saad, Lumumba, Beams, Selwood, Griffen, Hannebery, Barlow, Naitanui, McKernan, Swan, Franklin

I reckon the home side has this one easily.

Small Victories (6) v Holyhead Harpies (15)

PODS: Shaw, Hamling, Simpson, Gibson, Ibbotson, Beams, Selwood, Parker, Stretch, Read, Jacobs, Franklin, Dahlhaus v Newnes, McKenzie, Saad, Birchall, Rockliff, Ablett, Wines, Cripps, Cox, Krakouer, McGovern, Gawn, Higgins

A close game, but the away side by a whisker.

Bring Back Ratts (17) v MaxPowerExperience (3)

PODS: Smith, Hamling, Simpson, Goddard, Burgoyne, Kennedy, Rockliff, Boston, Cockatoo, Jacobs, Lambert, McGovern, Zorko, Adams v Shaw, Newnes, Lever, Hibberd, Maynard, Docherty, Ablett, Griffen, Kavanagh, Naitanui, Mitchell, Goddard, Krakouer, Dahlhaus

Our benevolent, yet misguided Carlton supporting website master has been putting out scores and getting results befitting a man of his standing, but he comes up against GAJ this week. Jeremy McGovern is almost certain to miss; Taylor Adams is still suspended, and I’m seeing an away win here. [Ed.: don’t discount Ol Mottsy bringing GAJ into the squad this week!]

Jetz (5) v Demons of Darch (4)

PODS: Shaw, Houli, Hodge, Edwards, Ibbotson, Selwood, Rockliff, Hannebery, Ward, Cox, Mitchell, Goddard, Krakouer, Dale v Lever, Simpson, Hibberd, Yeo, Dangerfield, Ablett, Parker, Boston, Heeney, Mundy, Read, Franklin, Dahlhaus, McGovern

This should be an absolute cracker of a game. The early season pacesetters host one of the form teams in the competition, who has an interesting quirk; with McGovern most likely out, will Lance Franklin find it easier to score. I’m sure the coach would not want that to happen at the cost of the West Coast team, but it is interesting to consider. I just reckon the home side will win though.

Mack Attack (14) v The Convict (16)

PODS: Smith, Newnes, Hamling, Simpson, Pearce, Rance, Lumumba, Pendlebury, Kennedy, Selwood, Rockliff, Ablett, Ellis-Yolmen, Wallis, Boak, Naitanui, Maric, Gray, Lambert, Krakouer, Zorko v Shaw, McKenzie, Goddard, Edwards, Pittard, Picken, Colquhoun, Laird, Beams, Dangerfield, Wines, Griffen, Neale, Boston, Lewis, Dumont, Biggs, Goldstein, Cox, Bontempelli, Mitchell

POD galore with an astonishing 21 PODS here. The home side has Pendlebury, Rockliff, Ablett and Gray, while the away side boasts Beams, Dangerfield and Goldstein.   I’m going to back the home side here.

500Miles (18) v Armchair Sportsman (12)

PODS: Pearce, Gibson, Houli, Yeo, Maynard, Pittard, Kennedy, Ablett, Cripps, Kavanagh, Barlow, Shiel, Read, Maric, Lambert, Dahlhaus, Smith v Newnes, Hamling, Simpson, McKenzie, Hodge, Picken, Colquhoun, Dangerfield, Rockliff, Griffen, Parker, Neale, Ellis-Yolmen, Glenn, Cox, Goddard, Lamb, Motlop

I’m going to tip the home side here.

Tankers (2) v wobblesbegone (9)

PODS: Lever, McKenzie, Gibson, Yeo, Murphy, Kennedy, Rockliff, Ablett, Dumont, Goldstein, Read, Naitanui, Daniel, Zorko v Saad, McDonald, McIntosh, Sheppard, Beams, Selwood, Griffen, Amon, Maric, Downie, O’Brien, Blicavs, Mitchell, Krakouer

I reckon the home side should have an easy win here.


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1 thought on “Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap – R17”

  1. I predicted it as well Eagling!!

    In the North Melbourne vs Essendon game chat thread last week i said

    “Carn Goldy, a lazy 200pts tonight please. :)”

    Go us!!!!



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