Eagling’s LoEC2 Wrap

Written by Motts on June 5 2015

Round 9 Review.

There was finally some joy as Nic Naitanui, Ollie Wines and Jack Newnes combined to help guide me to a narrow win, arresting my run of losses and giving me hope for a top 8 finish. But once again, fate has been unkind to me, with a string of departures leaving me with a threadbare side leading into round 10.

Home Team Home Score Away Score Away Team Margin Prediction Culmative Predictions
teamcustard 2240 2196 wobblesbegone 44 H 1/1
Armchair Sportsman 2410 2470 Tankers 60 A 2/2
The Convict 2136 2244 500Miles 108 H 2/3
Demons of Darch 2426 2294 Mack Attack 132 A 2/4
MaxPowerExperience 2416 2373 Jetz 43 H 3/5
Holyhead Harpies 2292 2263 Bring Back Ratts 29 H 4/6
The Brown Shorts 2296 2438 Small Victories 142 A 5/7
LI’L SEBASTIAN 2386 2270 2 Boyds, 1 Cup 116 A 6/8
RELIEABLES 2352 2386 Sean’s Mob 34 A 7/9

Round 10 Preview

loec 10

The big name departure is Tom Rockliff, but coaches’ benches will be hurt with the omission of Mitch Clark, Daniel McKenzie and Nathan Krakouer. I personally have all four and with the byes nearly upon us, moving around these inconveniences is a testing proposition.

teamcustard (13) v Armchair Sportsman (16)

PODS: Oxley, Goodes, Johnson, Pittard, Hamling, Selwood, Kennedy, Cripps, Beams, Heeney, Read, Naitanui, Clark, Mitchell v Shaw, Lumumba, Pearce, McKenzie, Dangerfield, Griffen, Parker, Lewis, Glenn, Johnson, Maric, Cox, Goddard, Lamb

Despite a monstrous score, the Sportsman was cut short of victory by the rampaging Tankers, whilst teamcustard had a solid showing against wobblesbegone. This week, I’m predicting that the Sportsman will make the breakthrough, led by good scores by Ryan Griffen and Luke Parker.

The Convict (11) v wobblesbegone (7)

PODS: Gibson, Johnson, Goddard, Pittard, Picken, Neale, Parker, Lewis, Coniglio, Dumont, Biggs, Goldstein, Cox, Goddard, Steele v Newnes, Shaw, Brown, Sheppard, McDonald, Pendlebury, Miller, Selwood, Glenn, Amon,           O’Brien, Blicavs, Gray, Krakouer, Hogan

This looks like a close game to me; Pendlebury and Gray are big names on the away teamsheet, and I think they will tip the balance in favour of the away side.

Demons of Darch (14) v Tankers (1)

PODS: McIntosh, Hibberd, Simpson, Yeo, Beams, Parker, Vandenberg, Heeney, Bennell v Oxley, Shaw, Gibson, Murphy, Ellis-Yolmen, Miller, Tarrant, Salem, Franklin

Evil Tankers are in ripping form, the kind of form that would make Georgy Zhukov shed a proud tear; but this round, they enter the lair of the Demons, and I fear that all their good work will come to screeching halt. The home side to win the points.

MaxPowerExperience (6) v 500Miles (18)

PODS: Newnes, McIntosh, Hibberd, Johnson, Pendlebury, Miller, Selwood, Dangerfield, Griffen, Naitanui, Mitchell, Goddard, Dale v Oxley, Gibson, Pittard, Goddard, Kennedy, Cripps, Lewis, Amon, Cockatoo, Rich, Barlow, Shiel, Maric, Bontempelli.

500Miles broke the duck last weekend, alas I fear the joy will be short lived. The Home side to get the points in this one.

Holyhead Harpies (15) v Mack Attack (12)

PODS: McIntosh, Hibberd, Smith, Birchall, Higgins, Pendlebury, Miller, Sloane, Wines, Goldstein, Cox, Mitchell, McGovern v Lumumba, Gibson, Simpson, Goodes, Selwood, Kennedy, Vandenberg, Watson, van Berlo, Boak, Read, Maric, Goddard

IN: Sloane, Smith

OUT: Rockliff, Lever, McKenzie, Clark

Unavailable: Birchall, Salem

This is my team availability changes from last week. Rockliff out is a disaster, but one that a lot of other coaches share, so the blow isn’t as bad as it might be. I’m batting perfectly predicting my games so far, and I hope to continue that this week, as I’m predicting that the home side will squeeze out a narrow victory

The Brown Shorts (5) v Jetz (2)

PODS: Lumumba, Brown, Johnson, Docherty, Griffen, Barlow, Hannebery, Read, Maric, Mitchell, Salem v McIntosh, Smith, Birchall, Hodge, Selwood, Kennedy, Goldstein, Cox, Goddard, Lonie, Dale

Jetz were the early pacesetters, but two losses in two games have sent them back into the pack. Although they are still on track for a top 4 finish, they’d want to arrest to slide before the lottery of the MBRs, whilst TBS is in a group contesting the finals. With only 2 games separating 2nd from 15th, any slip-ups could have big repercussions down the line, and TBS has lost 3 matches on the trot. I just see the home side getting the points here, which would be boon for the rest of us.

LI’L SEBASTIAN (4) v Bring Back Ratts (17)

PODS: Lever, Shaw, Hibberd, Yeo, McKenzie, Beams, Vandenberg, Amon, Watson, Adamson, Maric, Clark, Karnezis v McIntosh, Simpson, Goddard, Rance, Rockliff, Miller, Anderson, Cockatoo, Jacobs, Krakouer, Bontempelli, Dale, Hogan, McGovern.

So the week after Patrick Dangerfield smashes out 188 and you still lose, you get to face the only team in the league without Tom Rockliff, and you have Marcus Bontempelli as a POD, although that is mitigated by the other side having Jobe Watson; you still have 2 injuries to deal with. The home side to win here.

RELIEABLES (3) v Small Victories (10)

PODS: Lever, Oxley, Newnes, Lumumba, Goddard, Langdon, Dangerfield, Neale, Amon, Priddis, Treloar, Steven, Goldstein, Tarrant, Bontempelli, Zorko, Lambert v McIntosh, Hibberd, Brown, Gibson, Smith, Simpson, Ibbotson, Ellis-Yolmen, Selwood, Kennedy, Beams, Naitanui, Clark, Mitchell, Franklin, Bellchambers, Karnezis

Lots of PODS here; and this obviously makes predicting these games harder; I’m going to tip the away side.

Sean’s Mob (8) v 2 Boyds, 1 Cup (9)

PODS: Oxley, Brown, Gibson, Murphy, Cripps, Beams, Parker, Glenn, Priddis, Sheed, Swan, Dale, Franklin, Riewoldt v Shaw, Simpson, Birchall, Docherty, Miller, Selwood, Kennedy, Anderson, Rich, Treloar, Tarrant, Bontempelli, Mitchell, Lonie

Sean’s Mob is in good scoring form, and I feel that they will get the points in this encounter.



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