Eagling’s SCT Writers League Wrap – R3

Written by Motts on April 15 2016

I will begin this with the caveat that whilst I attempt to record all data accurately, I have made a few mistakes.  I’ve mentioned these mistakes in comments in the spreadsheet, and from now on, though the errors have not been fully corrected, there shouldn’t be any ongoing issues with this particular situation.

Onto Supercoach itself, and I noticed something interesting.

This the comparison between my overall standing after Round 3 last year, and after Round 3 this year.

Total Score Average Per Round Overall Rank
2015 6300 2100 15697
2016 6615 2205 22152

And in a similar vein, the comparison between LoEC 2 last year, and the SCT Writers League this year.

Total Score Average Per Round Overall Rank
2015 112515 2084 163 of 28829
2016 119209 2208 440 of 25268

Before looking at these statistics, I had the impression that my start this season was much better than last season, and it looks like that impression had merit.  I’m over a hundred PPR better off, yet I’m down 6.5k places in the rankings.  Similarly, the league average is over hundred PPR better, whilst the overall rank is nearly 300 places lower.

And now, onto local matters.

Teams in the SCT Writers League made a total of 30 trades, with seven of them doubtlessly unimpressed in the short term by the scoring of Jason Johannisen.   Tom Rockliff was the main departure, with twelve sides saying goodbye to Brisbane skipper.   Daniel Wells entered, or was correctly shown to be, in the 100% ownership standings in the SCT Writers League.

On a personal level, I was once again stung by the lack of Patrick Dangerfield in my side, as he put three goals past the Lions on the way to another massive score.  I’ll have to ride the punches and hope he strings a few poor games together.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 7.13.15 AM


Partial League Table (Full Table + Overall Table here: SCT Writers 3)

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 7.17.26 AM

Home Team Away Team
2 Boyds, 1 Cup Don Cottagers
The Maulers @ SCT Dirty Kelsos SCT
Meandering Journey All Priests @SCT
GarryWhyULyon?@SCT MJ @ SCT
The Mighty Blues Maccas Maulers@SCT
Harbour Heroes@SCT Thommo’s Tribe@SCT
Roo Bloke’s Mob Golden Delicio@SCT
Schwarzwalder@SCT Curnow Inferno
Small Victories The Big Sexy SCT

2 Boyds, 1 Cup (5) v (9) Don Cottagers

PODS:  Lonergan, McDonald, Birchall, Liberatore, Gresham, Oliver, Read, McCarthy, S. Gray, Dahlhaus v Dea, Weitering, Johannisen, Hewett, Rockliff, Selwood, Grimley, Wyatt, D. Martin, Simpkin

Pogues Mahone opened the season with a 48 point win over Brods, whilst Don Cottagers was at the right end of the narrowest margin on the weekend, a 29 point triumph against Father Dougal.  While both sides are closely matched, I’m going to back the home side in this one.

The Maulers @ SCT (1) v (14) Dirty Kelsos SCT

PODS:  Houli, Docherty, Ablett, Fyfe, Hewett, Dunkley, Crouch, Parker, Wines, Petracca, Goldstein, D. Martin, McGovern, Zorko v Shaw, McDonald, Rich, Mills, Menadue, Gresham, Rockliff, Priddis, Mundy, Ward, Gawn, Barlow, McCarthy, Robinson

Brods missed David Mundy as the Fremantle Skipper was withdrawn from the Western Derby, as Dirty Kelsos SCT fell to 2 Boyds, 1 Cup.  On the other side of the coin, Motts not only didn’t miss a beat, but picked that beat up and pounded it into submission as he swept aside fellow SCT heavyweight MJ on the way to nineteenth on the overall ladder. 

Unfortunately for Brods, despite Brad Crouch’s absence for the Maulers [Ed: He’s already out], I cannot see Motts slowing down.  Brods, of course, has Tom Rockliff balancing that out, but with Ablett, Fyfe and Goldstein against a Sandilands-less Fremantle – not even mentioning Dayne Zorko the Magnificent, Motts simply looks like he has far too much firepower.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say it:  Motts to score over 2500 and win by over 200 points.

Meandering Journey (18) v (10) All Priests @SCT

PODS:  Bartel, Hartley, Uebergang, Ablett, Fyfe, Menadue, Dunkley, Rockliff, Selwood, S.Martin, Goldstein, Wyatt, Zorko, Sinclair v Dea, McKenzie, Dangerfield, B. Crouch, Hannebery, R. Gray, Duncan, Ah Chee, Gawn, Naitanui, Max King, Kennedy, S. Gray, Steele

The old adage goes Form is Temporary, but Class is Permanent.   Eagling fell to the occasion, showing all the unbelievers that he should be considered firm favourite for the Wooden Spoon in a 148 point loss to Macca.   The absence of Patrick Dangerfield continues to hurt Meandering Journey, and Trent McKenzie’s injury hurt Father Dougal in his narrow loss against Don Cottagers.

Both sides have injury concerns, and though I’m certainly not confident, I reckon the home side has the slightly better PODS and slightly healthier list, and so I’m going to tip Meandering Journey by a whisker.

GarryWhyULyon@SCT (6) v (16) MJ @ SCT

PODS:  Shaw, Laird, Ablett, Mills, Menadue, Dunkley, Gresham, Priddis, S. Martin, Grimley v Sheridan, Rich, Hewett, B. Crouch, Wines, Shiel, Goldstein, Loersch, Barlow, McGovern

MJ once again features in the match of the round.  He suffered the second biggest losing margin, but still managed to score the third highest SCT Writers score of the round, and currently sits fourth in the total score ladder.

His opponent, the brainchild of SCT, also broke the 2300 barrier in its debut victory over Thommo, and it current sits just above MJ in the points ladder.   With Brad Crouch out for 2-3 weeks, MJ will doubtlessly have a plan to deal with this, and he’ll need to boost his team, as though it is solid, Todd Goldstein is probably the only match winning POD he has against The TEAM, whereas The TEAM has Shaw, Ablett and Priddis.  The TEAM starts as slight favourites in my book, though MJ has the better flexibility.

The TEAM with a narrow victory.

The Mighty Blues (11) v (1) Maccas Maulers

PODS:  Laird, Bartel, Smith, Hewett, Parish, Sloane, Wyatt, Jacobs, Papley, Barlow, McCarthy, Milera v Lonergan, Shaw, Hartley, Ablett, Menadue, Dunkley, B. Crouch, Parker, Keays, Grimley, Naitanui, Hall

Team Still Needs Work opened the season with a thirty point loss to statistical guru Nath in the lowest scoring match of the round, which reflected their start as the lowest averaging sides in the league, while Macca rose to the top of the ladder by not even being challenged by cellar dwellers Eagling.  Critics will point out that Macca hasn’t faced serious opposition yet, and even if he wins this weekend, the doubters may point out the overall position of The Mighty Blues. 

I’m going to back the away side; despite the loss of Brad Crouch, their PODS have been firing so far, whereas the home side’s have been less impressive.

Harbour Heroes@SCT (15) v (13) Thommo’s Tribe@SCT

PODS:   Johannisen, Gibson, Parker, S. Mitchell, Graham, Zaharakis, Gawn, Max King, Robinson v Dea, Ablett, Fyfe, Wines, Wyatt, Naitanui, Barlow, D. Martin, S. Gray

The second lowest score of the round in the fourth biggest defeat bodes ill for the home side, whereas the away side had a narrower loss to the TEAM.   This week, I’m predicting the away side to get their first points of the campaign, Gary Ablett and Nat Fyfe simply too much firepower for Harbour Heroes to deal with.

Roo Bloke’s Mob (7) v (8) Golden Delicio@SCT

PODS:  McDonald, Houli, Mills, Menadue, Hewett, Treloar, M. Crouch, Gawn, Loersch, Kennedy, Hall, Papley, Barlow, Sinclair v Shaw, Bartel, Brand, Dunkley, Gresham, R. Gray, Oliver, Goldstein, Jacobs, Currie, McGovern, Milera, Lamb, D. Rioli

Roo Bloke opened the season with a victory over Big Sexy, whilst Nath triumphed in the battle of the bottom of the overall ladder with a thirty point win over The Mighty Blues.  Despite sitting in the bottom half of the overall ladder, one of these sides will hope to go 2-0 to start the season, and winning games whilst having a poorer average is invaluable.

The depth of both sides will be tested by the absence of Tom Rockliff, but that just adds to the intrigue surrounding this clash.  Nath has the crème de la crème in Todd Goldstein, whilst Roo Bloke relies on the less impressive Callum Sinclair to support Max Gawn.  However, Roo Bloke probably has the depth that Nath lacks, so the game will come down to whether Nath can get enough points out of his match-winners.  With Goldstein up against a Fremantle side in free-fall and without Sandilands, I believe he can, so I’m going to tip the away side here.

Schwarzwalder @SCT (17) v (4) Curnow Inferno

PODS:  Lonergan, Bartel, Sheridan, Birchall, Fyfe, B. Crouch, R. Gray, S. Martin, Goldstein, Mitchell King, Barlow, Greene, Simpkin v Shaw, Laird, Houli, Dangerfield, Menadue, Hewett, Parker, Wines, Pendlebury, Hannebery, Grimley, Jacobs, Lobbe

Schwarzwalder had the distinction of the lowest score of the round in his thumping loss to Chips Ahoy!, while Juddlow overcame the burden of a Jacobs/Lobbe ruck tandem to post a massive upset over Harbour Heroes, who scored the second lowest total of the round.  This week, Juddlow’s ruck tandem face up to another titanic challenge, but backed up by Dangerfield, Hannebery and Parker, Juddlow is every chance to knock out a second victory.

But he won’t get it all his own way; Todd Goldstein is a gigantic obstacle, with Robbie Gray, Nathan Fyfe and supported by the mercurial Toby Greene, Schwarzwalder carries plenty of firepower of his own – Brad Crouch is a loss, and I’m going to tip the away side here.

Small Victories (2) v (12) The Big Sexy SCT

PODS:  Weitering, Johannisen, Bartel, Smith, Hewett, B. Crouch, Parker, Hannebery, Goldstein, McCarthy, Milera v Shaw, McDonald, Houli, Simpson, Menadue, Dunkley, Pendlebury, Parish, Jacobs, D. Martin, McGovern

Chips Ahoy begins at second on the ladder after beating Schwarzwalder by a healthy margin.  This weekend, the opponent in Big Sexy will look to atone for the loss against Roo Bloke, but with Pendlebury probably playing sore, and Goldstein’s aforementioned fixture, Big Sexy is up against it. 

But there is hope:  Brad Crouch is out, and Jason Johannisen may yet receive tougher attention after the injury suffered by Bob Murphy.   I’m going to tip the home side in this one.



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4 thoughts on “Eagling’s SCT Writers League Wrap – R3”

  1. My big fail was not reshuffling my dpp’s to keep both Adams and Weitering on the park.

    Lesson learnt – 100 point difference between Menadue on the field and Weitering off it.

    Gibson’s out this week sees a tough matchup get a lot tougher, as I will be forced to field AMT, Mills, or Menadue again.

    Those dpp will cop yet another reshuffle…

    But, fear not, there is a traded in premo up my sleeve in an attempt to wrest back glory from my humiliating defeat last week.


  2. Well just like my Lions I appear to be getting slaughtered by the fixture here! Still, l managed to trade a couple of guns in to try and arrest the apparent slide but 200 points?

    The Kelsos don’t tank!



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